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  1. Lonestar is the philosopher of fantasy football. I think these are all his famous quotes. "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." "I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing." "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." "Can the commissioner be commissioned?"
  2. Me neither. And I had another 2-3 years of “I’m gonna watch an AAF game one of these days” in me. I feel robbed of that privilege.
  3. Just happened to see Harris is now a Patriot. He played pretty well with Alex Smith at QB. I'd imagine Brady would be good for him. May be worth monitoring him through the summer. Odds are he is cut before the season starts, but you never know.
  4. I agree with both points. At 40 years old and 4 kids I don’t have time to waste on fantasy negotiations. If I want a player, I send my best offer up front. I’ll consider a small counter from the other owner, but anything more and I reject and move along. If someone sends me a lowball offer or asks what I want for a player, I just send an offer of what I actually want. If they try to beat my price down, I just move on. I can’t be bothered trying to reason with those guys.
  5. I do agree with the old adage of "never make the first offer". But I also think you hold the power knowing that the guy approached you and not vice versa. Especially if it's a player you really had no intentions of moving. Gives you the opportunity to ask for more than you normally would and see if he bites. If not, then no harm and you keep the player.
  6. I just respond by saying, "you're the third guy who asked about him this week. Let me see what the other guys offer me and I'll get back to you." Usually causes them to send a fair offer pretty quickly. And I agree with @SayWhat? that the guy inquiring has put himself at a disadvantage by showing his hand.
  7. I agree with this assessment. I think there are other ways to defy your coach that don't hurt your ego in the process. But let's assume it is his plan to fumble so he can say, "See that, your stupid play call almost cost us the game!" I think the fumble would have looked more staged, and landed in an area where Ben could quickly recover it. I don't think he would risk losing a game that he fought so hard to win, just to spite his coach. This fumble looks like he just got too close to the fullback's arm while going to hand off to the RB. And despite what George Wrighster thinks, that goal post angle doesn't confirm anything. That's a terrible angle.
  8. Not a defense of that at all. In fact I agreed with you that he has lost a step. I was trying to make a case that he is still useful despite his decline. I do however think "can't run" is a bit overstated. He's not burning any young corners these days, but he can still outrun a LB which works in the slot.
  9. I thought he did a good job of "not running" in this game: He may have lost a step and battled some "old man" injuries last year, but he has the work ethic, knows how to use his body, and knows how to get open for his QB. I see him at a minimum being an asset in the red zone for a team. Possibly also could serve as slot receiver somewhere. He's not done yet. Unless he retires. Then he's done.
  10. Seems like a perfect guy to fill a void in Pittsburgh for a year. Assuming he still has something left in the tank.
  11. AB: "You're not one of those QBs with that "owner mentality" who likes to direct things and call the shots, are you?" DC: "No way man, that's not me" AB: "Good man. I'll be calling the shots around here" DC: "Thank God. Coach and I were hoping somebody would"
  12. Is OBJ ok with playing second fiddle once Gordon gets reinstated and resigns?
  13. Multiple sources: Bell's agent, Bell's Mother, Bell's friends, Bell's burner twitter accounts...
  14. While his friends were sneaking porn videos, he was smuggling Golden Girls DVDs into the house.
  15. Nothing like a season with Colt McCoy or half a season with Blaine Gabbert to cure the "I hate my QB" blues.