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  1. You forgot the part about how he is poised to "crash" onto the scene, but kudos all the same.
  2. Faust doing what Faust does. Being an asset to this board. Putting relevant content for a player in an easily searchable location. Just so happens the content isn't within the last few days, but still useful. Thanks Faust!
  3. It may just be because it's the first time a rhetorical question was used in a poll. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Same here. Can’t believe 85 people actually voted. This thing might reach Christine Michael status soon.
  5. I was going to vote yes but then I read this and went with no. Jk. I love Palmer. Great QB and a great guy. Not a Hall of famer. The day Vinny Testaverde gets voted in, is the day Carson can start hoping.
  6. I’m rooting for this kid. May see him on the field sooner than we think too.
  7. Give me guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady etc. who are motivated not only by short term money, but also by image and pride. Those guys are playing the long game and give more consistent quality production.
  8. If I knew I was DEFINITELY going to blow my Achilles, I wouldn’t go either. But if you told me “there is a CHANCE you blow your Achilles again”, I would have to man up and take the chance. Because it’s my job and I would feel awful knowing that most, if not all of my coworkers were present taking the same risk. Sure they can. And they can get just as injured doing these things. They can also show up when there is a voluntary mini camp being held and show their teammates that they don’t consider themselves more important than the rest of the team. My point is the very large salary that these guys make is not just for what they do from September to February. I can understand avoiding highly dangerous activities in order to protect your livelihood. But avoiding your livelihood to protect your livelihood just seems silly to me.
  9. You can second guess every move you make in hindsight. These guys get paid to be in shape, learn playbooks, practice plays, build rapport with team, then execute during games. It’s all part of their job, not just playing on sundays from September to February. They know they risk injury every day. It’s no worse getting injured in a light voluntary workout, than in a game that counted. The risk is always there and it’s all part of their “job”. I respect Crowell for being there and as much as it sucks, he’d probably be there again if you asked him. You can’t live scared.
  10. Planning for life after Brady. Lotsa running in the future.
  11. I knew someone would bring him up and rightly so. I hate to say there are exceptions but there are. I personally would show up just because it’s who I am but I can not judge a man with 6 rings who 100% has the trust of his coach to be prepared when it’s time. Plus he’s not new to the team. But still good call
  12. This is a very popular argument and i get it. But these guys aren’t wrapping themselves in bubble wrap and laying in bed until the season starts. They are out creating their own risks by doing their own workouts, playing pickup basketball at local gyms, shooting rap videos whatever their choice. I just feel it creates a very poor me first attitude when you have a chance to bond with your team. OBJ claims he wants to win so bad, but seems to make the news for being absent from team activities quite a bit. I just think these guys are squandering good opportunities here. No one says they have to go crazy at these things. Just show up and let your new teammates know that you are one of them.
  13. I agree with you 100% that it is dumb to make it voluntary to begin with. Like Chuck said as well, why not just skip the whole thing altogether.
  14. I work in the gas pipeline industry. As a matter of fact there are times that we end up being asked to things that don't give direct compensation, like attend meetings and training to further our education and increase our qualifications. These aren't always "required attendance", but your response to it certainly reflects your dedication. And many of us know that receiving this education affords us more opportunities. Compensation isn't always monetary. Would you attend an unpaid orientation at a new job, even if they said it was optional? I certainly would. I think most people would want their new employer to see how much they care. Especially if you were brought on as one the highest paid employees and someone who will be looked to as a leader to others. I think how you stated your question is the exact issue with these guys. They only look at the immediate cost and reward rather than viewing the overall picture. Guys want to be compensated for every little thing they do, but there has to be some give and take.
  15. Ok so it's voluntary. I get it. But come on Le' Veon Bell and OBJ, can you please at least pretend that the job that supports your livelihood is important to you? I know these guys have crazy schedules and other interests, but are you telling me that you really couldn't shift things around to make it to a 3 day camp and show your new team that you really care? It's so frustrating to see this trend with younger people in the workforce. I see it all the time in my industry with young kids who would rather be anywhere but at work. They put in the bare minimum at best. I guess it doesn't matter if you make $10 an hour or $20 million a year, you can't teach people to care. Does this frustrate anyone else, or am I just being a crabby old guy?