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  1. you're giving those talk show hosts way too much credit. they spent years railing on the debt too, but now you don't hear a word about it. not to mention clips like we saw of Fox railing on Obama and just ignoring worse with Trump. they just act like it didn't happen and their listeners don't care to bring it up. so if there's a switch on this issue, they just ignore everything they previously said and it didn't happen. easy
  2. second best thing to come out of this thread for me so far is I went and bought a Chuck Berry greatest hits compilation The Great Twenty Eight
  3. he'll be railing against socialism for the next year and a half and him and his followers will ignore things like this like they never happened
  4. 'that's the way its always been' is not a convincing argument to me
  5. agreed. I saw them towards the end of 2018 and was disappointed. they took all of their 4 minute songs and turned them into 8 minute songs with a bunch of boring filler in them. I love their studio work but was by far the most disappointing show I saw last year
  6. might I suggest stepping away from Twitter? a whole lot of, whats the acceptable term around here nowadays, people who are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I imagine if someone were to go looking for somewhere where people say dumb things, twitter would be the best place to start
  7. he talks about it again here: 'Trump said on Twitter Friday that the US will use its money from the tariffs to buy American agricultural products.....'
  8. mainly due to this thread, I just dropped about $50 on ITunes filling out my Stones collection with whatever I was missing of the '64-'68 stuff
  9. 2 upcoming shows for me: Whiskey Myers at The Machine Shop in Flint in July Social Distortion with Flogging Molly in September - never thought I'd see these two paired together, two of my favorites
  10. you made the claim that Trump won because of one reason. my point is that it was more than that. you said that anyone claiming it was anything other than SC composition is obtuse. that's obviously incorrect too. no idea what you're talking about with 'tone', I asked a question. have a good meeting
  11. you didn't answer my question: if SC composition is the reason Trump won the general and to suggest anything else is obtuse, how did Trump win the primary? I'm thinking there was another draw to him that had nothing to do with the SC and to ignore that would be obtuse
  12. so Rubio, Kasich or Cruz wouldn't have nominated conservative SC judges? how did Trump beat those guys?
  13. I've come to realize that any time someone says 'basically' or 'obviously' nowadays, that its the exact opposite of basic or obvious. Trump told the WH Counsel to fire the SC who was investigating him and its nothing because it only took a page to describe the incident. makes sense I guess