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  1. UPDATE: I ended up emailing the General Counsel guy (who I shared a mutual friend with and the one who had emailed me back the day after the interview) on the Wednesday after Labor Day. I asked him what the status was and he said they were just busy with hiring field personnel and time was flying by. He would follow up with the owner and hopefully 'have some positive news for me soon.' Good sign. Earlier this week, I received an email from the owner to set up a time to talk about salary and benefits. We talked yesterday and he extended an offer. Good chance I end up taking it unless my current employer pulls something better out of their ###. Anyway, the takeaway from this is that this board knows what it's talking about. Never doubt it's advice. Thanks, FBG!
  2. Trump knows more about anything than anyone. advisors, schmadvisors, Trump is the only one who can fix this!! with Trump as dictator, the American economy will grow so fast, it'll make your head spin, believe me!!
  3. do you mean that previous POTUS' did not make economic decisions on their own? our current POTUS is so great that he doesn't need economic advisors, he has his gut and that's all he needs. MAGA!
  4. yes, they do...…..from what I hear of course. Us FBGs wouldn't be caught dead up there
  5. buddy of mine got 4 lower bowl at LCA at @$175 per. the only way you're getting in for your price range is the nosebleeds
  6. it's my right to bear arms. if I choose an air missile to do that, why should the government be able to tell me I can't? liberals like you want to infringe upon my rights and then you think its common sense?
  7. Now I'll have that ####### 10cc song in my head all day ### #### it
  8. I listen to The Bridge a lot and is it by chance a band named 10cc? I'm Not In Love is maybe the song you're thinking about 10cc what do I win?
  9. yeah, that must be it. she saw her old classmate rising up in the ranks and decided to make up a sexual assault story to stop it. it's so obvious. and so devious to not spring the plan until he was up for SCOTUS!! brilliant!
  10. because look at all of the libs going crazy!!!!
  11. when you say 'beginning', you mean in 2005 or whatever year it was where Ford discussed this with her husband and therapist? damn, this state is deep!
  12. such a perfect encapsulation of the people who still support this man
  13. so this was last night. absolutely incredible show. highly, highly recommend anyone to catch these guys in action. can't stress this enough, these guys were incredible
  14. why was it funny? a Presidential candidate asked a hostile foreign country to hack his political opponent, how is that a joke?