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  1. I found it on sopcast pm for channel
  2. Anyone have a decent stream? All of my old ones are dead.
  3. He is awesome. Feel like they're missing a potential legendary feud in Punk vs Bryan because they don't have "the look" Vince and Triple H drool over. Let's be honest, who would deliver better matches right now, Punk-Bryan or Cena-Orton....and I like Orton. Daniel Brian is so over it's sickening. ETA in a good way!
  4. FYI it looks like Yahoo leagues are open again.
  5. I'm still rooting for Walt. Kinda wanna see "Flynn" get offed right now. It took me almost the entire series, but I'm on board with the Flynn hate. That phone call was the final straw. Your dad tells you he's sending you $100k you say "Thanks, Dad". I am hoping Junior get's the ricin by mistake.
  6. Another reason why this show will go down as one of the best ever.
  7. He's claiming SYG- (or the "Castle" law, which is the Louisiana version- you have a right to defend yourself in your castle.) The story made the New York Daily News: According to that story, the kid, who was black (the shooter was white) had been charged previously with two robberies (both unarmed.) He wandered onto the dude's property, dude yells at him to "freeze!", the kid appears to reach for something, the shooter shoots him in the head with one bullet. That's all according to the shooter; there are no witnesses, apparently. Sounds like a easy black and white case. Heck of a shot to the head. At 30'. Now that is gun control.
  8. So I wonder if any time has passed since the mid season finale? I don't remember Jesse having that when we last saw him.
  9. Top to bottom, it was the best non Mania/Royal Rumble PPV I've seen in quite some time. I NEVER order PPV's other than the 2 mentioned, but I couldn't pass up Punk returning in Chicago. Chris Jericho is also a god. Couldn't have had a better opponent for this scenario. Classic "old school" rasslin' match for about 40 minutes. Just awesome. Some random thoughts: -Ambrose is a stud & The Shield gimmick is quickly winning me over. -Daniel Bryan needs to be pushed big time. -Ziggler could be this generation's 'Ric Flair'. He's got it all. -LOVED the Goldberg chants at Ryback My rasslin "insider" was over for the PPV as well. Don't quote me, but Sting is on his way to WWE and at Wrestlemania 30 will face.....The Undertaker. 15 years ago that might have been epic. Undertaker still can put on a show but not sure about an aged Sting. Which one is Ambrose? The big one or the one with the two tone hair? He's the one that looks like Squiggy from Lavern and Shirley. He seems to have a lot of potential. I love the Daniel Bryan push. He's fun to watch. Jericho is easily my favorite. He's equally good as a heal and a face. I wish he wasn't the one they always fed to guys like Punk and Ryback...and ugh...Fandango. Faaaaan. Daaaang. Gooooooo! Fixed.
  10. I saw a picture couple of weeks ago of a fire tornado.I commented that the only thing that could be worse was if it were made of sharks. Sounds like that is happening.
  11. hahah drop ur hands again fool.
  12. Winklevoss Twins File for $20M Bitcoin Public Offering
  13. I liked it.