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  1. That has been the case the last couple of years but there have been Week 13 byes prior to that
  2. Thanks for the kind words Joe. Looking forward to seeing you again this September in Vegas!
  3. Ok, so we do that and the next year the NFL puts teams on bye again in Week 13. Then what?
  4. $250K, to be precise ? Thanks for the compliment. It will continue to get better as we work on the improvements.
  5. Haha! Not the first time I’ve been called dead weight and won’t be the last. ?
  6. One thing I have learned in my years of doing this is, there will always be people who don't like what you're doing or how you're doing it, no matter how much you try to please everyone. So I'm going to let the FFPC's 11-year track record speak for me and bow out of this pointless convo. Good luck and I hope you keep having fun playing in the Footballguys Players Championship and the Main Event.
  7. All draft commissioners are instructed to call a player that's not in the draft room at the start of the draft. So yes, all commissioners act that way.
  8. Obviously we have fairly opposing views on how the FFPC should be running drafts, and that's perfectly fine.
  9. If a player is late and the commissioner calls the player on the phone and gets no response, his job is to start the draft unless he is aware of another reason to keep waiting. A five minute delay can turn into ten. Ten can turn into twenty. And then what? Our goal is the create a pleasant draft experience for all 12 owners. If one is late and not responding, waiting for him hurts that draft experience for the other 11 owners who are there on time. We do it sometimes, but we have to know that the late owner is on his way into the draft room.
  10. We spoke to Justin yesterday after receiving your email and from his perceptive, based on the draft from and communication with you during the draft, this was a user error in using the QUEUE functionality. Commissioning a live draft is not an exact science and each commissioner uses his own discretion to make a decision on the spot based in the situation. In this case, he felt that rewinding the draft at that point was not warranted as the drafted player was taken from your personal QUEUE. Rewinding the draft is typically only reserved for connection issues or technical issues, like users being frozen out of the draft, as an example. We are sorry you didn't have a great draft experience, as your first and only draft of the 2018 season so far, but contrary to the post above, there are no issues with the QUEUE button as none were reported during that or any other draft yesterday or any other day recently.
  11. Sounds like it. Please email and we will make sure your account is correct.
  12. Hey everyone, I know it's still March but the 2018 Footballguys Players Championship is already launched for this season and registrations are open! Due to popular demand, we're starting the drafts earlier than ever this year. First draft is scheduled on Saturday, May 5th with daily drafts all the way thru opening Thursday's game September. The other bit of great news is the new Early Bird Promo we are rolling out this year: a FREE $35 FFPC League Credit (up to 3 maximum per person). Here's all you need to do to take advantage: Register for the FPC before June 30, 2018 and draft your team no later than July 15, 2018 to receive a FREE $35 team credit toward any $35-entry FFPC league. Maximum of three (3) $35 team credits are given per person or account regardless of teams purchased or drafted by Early Bird deadline. To be eligible for $35 credit, FPC teams must be purchased with cash funds. FPC credits are not eligible for the promotion. So, take a look at the draft schedule, pick out your draft, register and your free $35 league credit will be automatically added to your MyTeams page. Use it anytime to enter any of FFPC's $35 Best Ball or Classic drafts as practice for your future FPC draft. Good luck!
  13. 90% of the withdrawals have been processed and checks mailed. Yours was mailed Tuesday.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread and I assume it has not been. Aside the debate whether this is a D/ST play or not, the reason why Yahoo and CBS does not score this as a D/ST touchdown is because this play does not come thru the scoring feed as a D/ST touchdown. All league management platforms use services like SportRadar, STATS and others for official scoring and when a play like this come thru, it is not tagged as a D/ST play but simply an offensive play. This is exactly how the FFPC receives the scoring data from SportRadar. So technically we can manually override the SportRadar feed to assign this as a D/ST play if we wanted to, but there is no way to automate this as it's not tagged as a D/ST play when it comes over. FYI, the FFPC does not score this as a D/ST touchdown as per our official rules.