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  1. I saw both matches today and BVB yesterday. Warms my heart for the future of US Soccer to see three USMNT players on the field. And I can’t wait to build a Green Wall in Austin.
  2. Yeah, taco snobbery is the worst. I agree. Celebrate your taco as flour or corn or a blend or masa. Soft, fried or hard. With chicken or beef or pork or tongue or picadillo or carnitas or cabrito. With or without cheese. And with onions and peppers or not. Along with whatever veggies inspire you. How can such a beautiful food divide us?
  3. In for this. Really expected this to be a post about Charlie Hough when I got the board notification.
  4. I’m sure that this has been said, but ranking of post-Beatles work mostly makes me appreciate how great they were together and how they made each other better. I can’t think of a single post-Fab Four work that rates above “a pretty good Beatles song.”
  5. If you need spoken word content, I’ve always loved this one.
  6. Yes, yes it is. Perhaps you haven’t studied previous pandemics.
  7. And then there’s the ghost of Richard Dawson, just kissing ladies and spraying COVID all over the place.
  8. Bloody Mary at the Cool River Cafe in Love Field is pretty good. Not sure that I can survive on it alone for 14 days, but I'd be willing to try.
  9. I feel like a third kid would cost me way more than that.
  10. It’s on a sliding scale that starts phasing out at $150k and isn’t explained very well. If you are making $225k and have two kids, you get nothing.
  11. It reads to me like he’s trying to claim a political victory of being the first to open the state back up without actually doing anything that makes much of a difference in practice. Wondering if someone has another read. Everyone on my Facebook feed is either “HAR HAR HAR GO TEXAS OWN THE LIBS” or “THE GOVERNOR IS TRYING TO KILL EVERYONE”
  12. We get extra exercise zig zagging and also have our heads on a swivel the whole time for sounds of other people. It’s rather absurd. Did y’all talk about the Texas plan yesterday? I can’t tell what it actually does yet other than close schools for the year. Reopening state parks that were closed a week ago doesn’t seem like much, and there are already retailers around here open with curbside service.
  13. Gotcha. We're walking/jogging through the neighborhood and head across the street if we see anyone coming the other way.