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  1. Did you see where the NYRB guy on the Supporters Shield tweeted out something about Precourt being right after they walked back the decision? The Columbus folks were in quite a tizzy about it.
  2. I liked it, but didn’t love it. Some really fun nostalgic moments but there wasn’t a real story arc. My favorite parts were the three guys who were cabinet hackers along with the Kirbey lawyer.
  3. That seems big. Hopefully we can find a decent (not Flo Sports) media partner.
  4. It starts around 27 mins here if you want to listen. My internet was wonky as #### that night, so it’s pretty much all Landon doing the interview. Talking to Tom Marshall about potential Mexican National team players for Austin FC, and the general appeal of MLS to members of El Tri, next week.
  5. I think that because they are living at the academy, they optimize the school and athletic schedule. I can only speak for Austin FC, where the kids are going to regular school and then going to the academy after. I just relistened and he also comments on both ends of the athletic spectrum. By the time the club gets kids, they’ve spent years learning bad habits. So there is a re-education process. Also, because of how big the US is and how spread out the academies are, there are a lot of games against bad competition, which impedes technical development. He also commented on the NCAA, where at 18, players have to make a choice. Apparently he both played in a professional academy and went to university in Spain.
  6. 1.5 to 2 hours per day Monday through Thursday plus games on weekends. In Spain, they’re living at the academy.
  7. We interviewed the Austin FC academy technical director, who is Spanish and spent time at the Villarreal Academy, among other places. He seemed really excited about the potential for academies across the league. He was also shocked by how little time they got with the boys compared to Europe.
  8. We have this old lady who comes a couple times a year with boxing gloves on and plays the theme from Rocky on a jam box while punching the air for three minutes. She doesn’t say a word the whole time.
  9. 20,500. They held 5K back. There are also still a ton of people on the waiting list.
  10. Just got an email from Austin FC announcing that season tickets are sold out. Looks like they are holding back about 25% of tix for single game sales.
  11. Have y’all heard of The Plastics? We just became their first affiliate. Selling a summer scarf with the proceeds going to a local charity that supports LGBT youth.
  12. That's the thing about all these signings, right? It's hard to tell when you only have two players on your roster. We'll be breaking the signing down, along with interviewing Austin FC Academy Technical Director Juan Delgado (who pointed out that the state of Texas is as big as the entire country of Spain where he grew up) on the Capital City Soccer Show, coming to all your favorite podcasting platforms tomorrow morning.
  13. Oh great. Now we’ve reached whatever level of hell it is where the shrieking grown men play video games with SirenHead in them.
  14. My kids have some kind of Minecraft mod with Siren Head. It’s way less disturbing than the stupid #### they watch with grown men playing video games and screaming on YouTube.