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  1. RIP FBG King_Kelly. The lights that shine the brightest sometimes forget their password and recovery email.
  2. I know that the Taco Casa in Gainesville, Texas tastes the same now as it did then. That’s pretty much the only direct frame of reference I have.
  3. Fast food is probably the same. Like, I loved a quarter pounder back then, but also I was living in a small town in Texas without a ton of other options. Didn’t know what a good burger tasted like.
  4. It’s a ton of money, but also blood money. Happy it’s not us. I’d expect the Independent Supporters Council to put out a statement against it.
  5. I've been following the Nashville stuff super closely, because I love local political intrigue. They got hosed when the leading opponent of the deal was elected mayor. I can't imagine what life would be like here if Leslie Pool, the city council member who flew to Columbus to hang out with SaveTheCrew while this thing was going on, suddenly became mayor It would be SO VERY VERY BAD.
  6. Got some pretty sweet Yeti swag at the kit sponsor announcement today.
  7. It’s an amazing time to be a fan. I want to say that Becker’s save % is 90 and the next closest is in the high 70s.
  8. Having Allisson and VVD able to shut down everything goes a long way toward enabling free wheeling play. Loved how Liverpool was just trying #### like it was an all star game the last 10 minutes or so.
  9. This. I haven’t eaten lunch/dinner there in more than a decade but I take the boys for breakfast a couple times a month.
  10. Really enjoyed taunting the Columbus people about it online while it lasted.
  11. We had Alexi Lalas on the podcast this week. He really will talk to anybody.
  12. Well, I was going to drop back in to say I ran a 1:47:12 half without a lot of training, but I caught the running bug again and hope to show up more. But you guys are so kicking ### all over the place.
  13. We also lost a guy during the celebration. Found him taking a nap in the alley. “Mike Alert” is now the official term for when someone goes missing.
  14. One year since Lalas and Garber came to town and I got super drunk and woke up in an Austin FC shirt that I didn’t own when the day began. Still not sure where or how I got it. We are interviewing Lalas on our podcast today. He really will talk to anyone.