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  1. Although I deeply hate the Bold for reasons of local politics, they are on a good run and currently in 4th in the western conference of the USL.
  2. PVA founder, who wrote the letter, is an Austin guy. He’s really well regarded around here. I’ve met him at a few Austin FC events.
  3. This. It’s beyond time to play the kids. Would have been a perfect time to get some minutes before them before WCQ.
  4. I’m also fine with this. We have almost as many MEX fans among Anthem leadership as USA. Which makes for a ton of fun when there are games like tonight. Also means plenty of fans of both MLS and Liga MX. More soccer for everyone!
  5. I know somebody has already said this, but Zardes makes me want to take back anything I’ve ever said about Jozy that was negative.
  6. This guy. Matches my roller bag. 40+ exec who likes having both hands free and the balance a backpack provides.
  7. I have an Indochino tux that fit great. Needed a few minor alterations that were covered with the alteration credit they included with the suit. Other than that, I’ve got about 10 suits that came from either Nordstrom Rack or J Crew. Agree on the importance of getting them tailored. Mostly posting to say that I hate charcoal suits. They’re soooo boring.
  8. Neat little play from the Irish guy.
  9. Motor has declined. Completes a ton of backward passes. Seems to go for the home run ball a lot going forward and never connects.
  10. Developing some faith in the young guys. Bradley needs to be launched into the sun.
  11. We’ve been their workers’ comp carrier for the last 15 years and they have a giant facility in southeast Austin. They’re manufacturing something. My wife’s cousin, who was her college roommate, dated Tito when he was making bathtub vodka and giving it away to friends for holidays. It’s a good thing that he found someone else’s recipe.
  12. What’s the word here? Profligate?
  13. This afternoon I was excited about the USMNT and the presidential debate being on tv tonight. After watching both of them for more than an hour, I have no idea what I was thinking on either front.
  14. Everyone in Austin is hoping this means that our homegrown Tito’s Vodka will be the kit sponsor. Also read speculation on Reddit that my company would be the sponsor, which would be super cool, but unlikely since it would come out of my budget.