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  1. I got the one from Disney. Never bought this before so I'm not 100% sure what I should be looking for to make sure it's covered. The link to the policy is below, how do I know if that would be covered?
  2. I just got back from a work trip to Disneyland and Cars Land was a big surprise for me. I didn't expect it to be so well done, it was impressive. Make sure you get a fast pass early for the Radiator Springs ride, that line can get over two hours on busy days.
  3. I did make that reservation already. Hefty price tag but I figure the memories are worth it, right?
  4. I booked four nights at the Grand Californian hotel with four day park passes (hopper & MP) for $4,200. Also got the insurance in case of coronavirus lol. Going to splurge since it's our daughters first trip so I also did the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with the Princess Breakfast right after. We're not much for fancy eating (especially with a 7 year old) so that's the only dining reservation I'm making other than Oga's Cantina. Anything else anyone would suggest for a splurge trip?
  5. Just went to Disneyland with our team to celebrate a great 2019. We flew in on Saturday afternoon and left on Monday night. Hadn't been in almost 25 years so I went with the flow on Saturday because we allegedly had some Disneyland pros in the group. It became obvious that I knew more about maximizing our time there just from reading this thread so I kind of took over on Saturday. Appreciate all of the advice from everyone in here. We were planning on taking our daughter next year for her birthday but now I'm trying to swing it for this April instead. Going to splurge on staying at the Grand Californian to make it as memorable and stress free as possible. Costco is currently running a 25% off rack rate deal along with some other perks, anyone know of a better deal before I book it?
  6. I should have added that I live in an area where the median income is about $67k and you can find a decent house to live in for $250-300k. I understand people in expensive cities like NYC, SF, etc living paycheck to paycheck when they’re making $200k
  7. It is crazy, but I see it every day. Just yesterday I got some pre-approved to buy a house. They make $200k a year and are having to get a gift for their $25k down payment...
  8. Well thanks for that nightmare! 😂
  9. Incorrect. Any Shakira > J-Lo in her prime.
  10. Not really my kind of music but I'll take your word for it and stand corrected.
  11. Same here. My wife and I have been discussing how there's not really any generational talents at the peak of their careers right now that you can see live. Sure you have people making decent music or legends from 20+ years ago but nothing like The Beatles, U2 or Prince touring in their prime.
  12. It's really not money well spent though. A couple hours of your time now and about 15 minutes a year will literally save you thousands of dollars.
  13. Some of you guys are paying FAs for stuff your CPA, insurance agent and loan officer should be doing. If the top hedge fund guys in the world can't beat the S&P in the long run (Buffet bet) why do you think some guy at Schwab in your hometown is worth the money? 1% is a lot in the long run and nobody is worth that. Well, except maybe Buffet himself.
  14. If you finance it, does it report as an installment loan or revolving account?