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  1. I got to take a few rides in an autonomous vehicle in Las Vegas. Can't remember the company or class of autonomous vehicle it was though. The engineer sitting in the passenger seat said that the lights on the strip had been upgraded so that they could communicate with the car. He seemed to think fully autonomous vehicles were a bit off due to the infrastructure upgrades needed like you mentioned. I'm looking forward to that day though. Human drivers are the worst.
  2. Just found out that I'm going with my boss to the Mortgage Mastermind conference June 4th-9th. So that'll be 10 nights in Vegas in less than four weeks. Pretty sure I'm going to need a live transplant after that.
  3. I've never been in Vegas over labor day but I know it's a busy weekend. Not sure is it's SB/MM busy though so maybe it won't be quite as bad at the tables. Cromwell is usually pretty good about offering lower limits which is where we tend to play since they have some of our favorite dealers and the drink service is almost always great. If you're not worried about comps you can always try hitting up the mid strip CET properties (Bally's/Cromwell/Flamingo) to get some table game action.
  4. I felt the same when I went for the Super Bowl this year. Loved the atmosphere but wasn't comfortable with the table game limits. Probably won't do that again. Nice job on the tourney run!
  5. I think it depends on what kind of trip you want. If you want to relax then Delano (or Vdara) might be the way to go. If you want to be in the middle of the action then Cosmo. Cosmo is by far our favorite property due to the balconies with fountain views, slot selection, food options, customer service and location.
  6. So I've been at it for a few months now. She replaced the batteries in her mouse, got a new mouse and calls IT every couple of weeks. I almost feel bad at this point. Almost.
  7. I had to ask jeeves what half of the things in this thread are.
  8. Our five year old got the flu a couple weeks ago and had some pretty rough symptoms so for the first time in her life we got a prescription for Tamiflu. She didn't know what she was in for and chugged the whole dose. She immediately threw up and yelled "You f*cker!" I felt bad but couldn't help laughing. I was also impressed with her correct usage of the word. She was obviously not a fan so we resorted to bribing her with popsicles or ice cream to get her to take it. After I got home from work one night it was my turn to start negotiations and by this point (day 3) she was over it. I told her it was time to take her medicine and she lost it. I asked if she would rather have an ice cream sandwich or a popsicle between sips of her medicine and she screamed "Those are both sh*tty options!" Couldn't really argue with her, that stuff is gross.
  9. Golden Gate is kinda known for having some of the best craps dealers in Vegas. Limits are usually $5-10. I really enjoying gambling at GG and the D, looking forward to when Circa is complete. We'll probably stay downtown for the first time once it is.
  10. That has been reserved. We've stayed at Cosmo a few times and it's easily our favorite property on the strip. All five nights are comped. First two we'll be in a terrace studio most likely with a city view and then final three will be in a one bedroom with the fountain view.
  11. Taking the wife for mother's day this year. The kiddo is staying home with grandma lol. Staying five nights at Cosmo. Will be my third trip in about 6 months. I'm such a degen.
  12. I have threatened to do this at work when it's 100 degrees outside and I have to wear a collared long sleeve shirt with slacks while the women in our office get to wear little dresses or shirts with short sleeved shirts.
  13. Me too! Usually after everyone else in our office says bless you haha. Everyone at work knows I'm an atheist while everyone else is very religious.
  14. Edelman looked like he had lost his footing and was already falling on his back. It wasn't that hard of a hit either. Refs missed a ton of calls for both teams in both games. Can't point to any one call in either game and say it affected the outcome imo.
  15. I switched because to Apple because they have shown they value the privacy of their customers more than any other company I'm aware of.