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  1. Since they were so lucky I'll do the same numbers please. Sending venmo now 😀
  2. After I sucked last week I reigned in the degen a little. No parlays for the first time this year 😢 SEA -4 BUF -10 Teaser KC/BUF/LAC (I know the BUF leg isn't traditional but seems like free juice to me)
  3. No you're the bad guy for doing a victory lap when the stock you pimped in here is down. A lot.
  4. Do you find that it's harder to breathe or functions any differently? If you wear glasses, any issues with fogging after the fix?
  5. Well ####. I guess we'll get some large cloth masks to wear over them. Not going anywhere without an n95 mask since maybe 50% of people in our area wear theirs properly (if they even wear them at all).
  6. You're going to take a victory lap? Really?
  7. I agree with the term limits and highly regulating the lobbying industry. I think for real change though we need to get past this is vs them. I think most of us really want the same thing at the end of the day though we may agree on how to get there. But the MSM and social media has turned politics into something that is somehow tied very closely to a lot of people's identities. I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican (registered independent) but before that and before even being an American, I'm a human. I want safety, security and prosperity for everyone. I think most of us do. How do we unite around that?
  8. Who knows though...
  9. I feel like I remember reading something about how they have a ton of debt compared to their competition though?