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  1. So I am 100% hoping for good news on vaccines, but didn’t really see any positive news in the Moderna release. They don’t even know if it prevents infection in the people they’re testing it on, just that there aren’t any major side effects. Ok???
  2. Reading this article on the Moderna vaccine and saw this towards the middle "The participants will be followed for two years after receiving their second dose." How do we get a vaccine this year if they're going to study them for two years?
  3. The fact that it's after closing makes me think it's not good lol
  4. Trump is having a press conference after closing that apparently is related to China...
  5. Well I'm not that smart either apparently because United is green again lol. Travel stocks in general are doing well today which makes zero sense to me. Oh well, good thing most of my puts expire in August or September.
  6. That's exactly why I bought puts lol
  7. This should be good for my Delta and United puts-
  8. I’m seeing 2.90/3.70 on thinkorswim.
  9. Maybe this?
  10. MGM, WYNN and LVS were up today on news that Macau was easing travel restrictions from China.
  11. Not quite. They were the only major hotspot in the country and had to pay travel nurses 2-4x the normal rate. With outbreaks all over the country now hospitals will be competing for the same travel nurses and at a time where their revenues have been crushed due to the decline in elective surgeries.
  12. Oh yeah that's right. I also forgot that we can just create more doctors and nurses to staff the surge capacity beds too.
  13. "On Friday, Los Angeles County public health officials reported that, outside of surge beds that could be converted, the county of 10 million had just 113 ICU beds remaining." Wow.
  14. Why are outbreaks occurring at daycare facilities and summer camps then? Over 30 students here -
  15. How often does the asking for more information thing happen? Never followed the regulatory process of a new drug this closely lol.