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  1. Just had mine done on Thursday. Shots were definitely the worst part of the actual procedure. Had to get a second local on the left side though. The sensation during the procedure was weird. Wife was in the room with me and said after that she started to get light headed lol. Recovery hasn't been too bad, just that kicked in the balls feeling every so often. Took two days off from work but back at it tomorrow. I'm a loan officer so shouldn't have any issues. Hoping the "in use" sensation isn't still a thing when we go to Vegas in mid December 🤞🤞
  2. That is very true and the length of time depends on the lender. You should be able to beat 3.29% with a 1% origination fee. Make sure you're comparing both the rate and lender fees when shopping.
  3. I think you can do better with a VA loan. Shop around and make the lenders compete. It's much higher than that and depends on the loan product as well. Loan officer comp alone is higher than that and you know mortgage companies aren't losing money originating loans.
  4. That was the city room package right? If so, try to upgrade to a fountain view when checking in. There's so much to do in Vegas that it's hard to give recommendations without knowing interests or what you've already done. That being said, the neon museum, downtown, strip club and top golf are always fun. Pinball hall of fame if you're into that.
  5. Oh the good old days of arguing about who was going have the better career between Marcus and Jameis. Who would have thought we were arguing about who was going to be 31st vs 32nd?
  6. For the most part you're going to get the best rates on jumbo loans with banks. They have the biggest pockets and portfolios. Your best bet is if you can get a relationship discount with WF, Chase, etc. by having enough assets on deposit or under management to get a break on the rate.
  7. Like everyone else, USDA is getting backed up. We used to have 24-48 turn times and now it's 3-5 days. Another variable is the package put together by the lender. If it's sloppy or incomplete, it might be going back and forth between the lender and USDA. USDA (along with every other program) also tightened up their automated approvals over the last month. We've had several files that got approval suddenly switch to a manual underwrite when nothing in the file changed. It's made for an interesting month lol.
  8. USDA is very strict and updated a lot of their guidelines last December. If the loan officer doesn't do a lot of them they can take awhile, especially considering they have to actually be reviewed by USDA before closing.
  9. Saw one recently through PenFed (I think?) that was 6.5% and they go up to 80% IIRC.
  10. Real estate typically does well during recessions because of low rates so I wouldn't expect major price drops but the low rates will certainly help cash flow.
  11. I'm a big Barry fan. Had the chance to chat with him at Mastermind in Vegas a couple months ago and he really made an impact on our team's production. Hopefully with some of his advice we'll cross the $100m mark this year.
  12. Pretty much this. Another 1% drop over the next year or two wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Where did you hear this regarding the 120 day rate lock? Also I'm assuming at no additional cost given their experience from 3 years ago?
  14. Please don't pay points to lower your rate right now. It is highly likely rates are going to drop to all time lows when we hit the next recession. Try a no fee refi if at all possible so you can take advantage if/when they drop another 1%.
  15. #### this. Ban them all.