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  1. What's going on with Preston Williams? Been kind of a non factor post-injury. Thinking Tua maybe Herbertize the offense here, could be good for him.
  2. Depending on your record and format, I'm in playoff-stash mode for a few guys: 49ers DST and any other players get WAS-DAL-ARI in 14-15-16 If Burrow is out there somehow, he's got Dallas in 14 and Houston in 16 (gotta find someone else for 15) (Jimmy G a good pairing maybe) Gus Edwards starts week 13 with a great run if Ingram/Dobbins get hurt - Dallas, Cle, Jac, NYG Logan Thomas and/or some other secondary WAS receiver gets Seattle during playoff time
  3. I tried a riff on a blood and sand tonight. 1 oz blended scotch .75 oz sweet vermouth .5 oz blood orange juice .75 oz ginger syrup So basically replaced cherry Heering with ginger syrup, upped the scotch a bit, and both dropped the OJ a bit and switched it to the slightly more bitter blood orange style. Turned out pretty good.
  4. I'm not sure I want my tri tip that much more tender than it as after 6 hours at 129. It doesn't end up bein a bit mushy? I mean, I've done roasts and like a pork shoulder for 24+ hours before but the tri tip at 6 is so damn good. Convince me I need to try?
  5. The crazy part is I feel like he's open a lot. Thank God I have Andrews (not that he's much better) but I feel like I've seen more open guys not get thrown to this year across all teams than ever before, and Gesicki is one of them.
  6. That's the frustrating thing. If DB doesn't pin his arms DJ Moore gets the TD...instead Davis gets the easy vulture.
  7. My plan is mostly "is the place nice, or would you rather save the points and just pay for a different resort?" Will always have plenty of chances for good point value redemption. And if we ever get back to normal, my generation is super easy as well.
  8. Anyone here ever use points at the Hyatt Zilara Cancun? Trying to decide if worth it. Or if one of their other MX properties (like the Andaz) and adding the all inclusive rate after doing points for the room is reasonable.
  9. I read this and was like "yeah I know" then I read my post and hit myself in the head LOL. Thanks. Going to go correct it.
  10. To dial it in even more precisely: Your advice is *generally* not the value prop for me. Your knowledge is. Too many leagues are too different, and I have a portfolio of teams and players that no site is going to be able to optimize with canned articles. But the analysis of games and matchups with deep explanations (e.g., the top 5 and bottom 5 matchups articles (would be super nice to have writeups for all of them and not just the top/bottom, but I get that there's only so much time to write things), Waldman's long-form analysis articles, the "what you need to know from each game" article (Bloom I think?), the thoughts on trendspotting, etc...things that give me knowledge, not just "hey Taylor's ranked 13th and Gallup's ranked 15th this week, separated by .21 of a point in our projections", that's what separates this place. Distinguishing between knowledge and information, by the way, are articles like trendspotting and the regression one that don't just say "Moore's got 300 air yards and 20 targets through 3 games," but instead add in all the context of how the games flowed, how it compares to other players on the team, why it is likely to continue or not...knowledge is what I pay for. The best possible example are the articles above - the Bloom what you need to know and the Waldman 10 things - are perfect examples of taking information and turning it into knowledge that I wouldn't necessarily have on my own.
  11. Similarly struggling between Mostert, Gallup, and Josh Kelley. Trying to divine the true health. Our bay area hot sauce friend is extremely positive, but the news I read doesn't seem quite so (e.g., Shanahan quote yesterday). Mostert is so damn good that I bounce back and forth between tea leaves and my 15 year old rule "if the guy plays, he's healthy."
  12. It's my standard mixing bourbon, and would be a fine drinking one also. Bottled in Bond is, IMO a pretty good sign of quality. Or maybe I've been lucky. But every BiB I've ever had has been good.
  13. I'm 90% sure I first had this at the Wicked Rabbit (a speakeasy) in Omaha back in 2016. Although it may have been equal parts bourbon and amaretto. Love it either way.
  14. Isn't it just as plausible they want to give him a certain amount of touches, and the other RBs are variable? I don't really give a #### if its half the touches or not if he gets 18 every week.