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  1. There's an AmEx also that I use for when I'm working places without a Hyatt.
  2. If you like hard cider, I have a lot of Seattle thoughts. Food changes often enough relative to the time I spend there that I use Eater's list for whatever is most recent. It has never steered me wrong.
  3. This is literally my metric for when I need to quit this job. Any time I am not excited enough to text my wife that I got upgraded, I've become too jaded and need to re-evaluate my happiness and attitude on life. That statement would scare the living #### out of me if I ever made it. And I probably will. And I hope I can keep to my plan and take a real hard look inward when it happens.
  4. Both people suck. And I'm super disappointed if AA truly did fire the flight attendant. If the person in front of you reclining actually makes it physically uncomfortable for you, it is almost impossible not to make it uncomfortable for them. If you recline on me in a normal coach seat (not economy plus or whatever) it pins my knees to your seat. So now every time I move at all, I'm jostling your seat. Twice in the last 5 years I've had someone get mad and turn around to be self-righteous. Both times I calmly said, "Sir, before you continue, why don't you look at how my knees are now pinned to your seat, then help me problem solve how I can move without bothering you. I've been searching for a solution for years." Each time the guy looked, turned red, and moved his seat back up.
  5. I like this! Right now we set up a search with basic parameters and have just been favoriting things off the daily list of what turns up with a plan to run through them later. There's a few we have both marked, which is nice (I did marry someone with similar views on a lot of things, so hopefully won't have too many surprises here).
  6. Not sure if this is right thread or if Mortgage thread is, so feel free to tell me I picked wrong: Any advice as someone beginning the search for their first home purchase? Things you wished you'd known?
  7. Have you seen anyone be so snobby as to look down on UChicago > HLS? I think it's a total truth when you get to larger gaps (e.g. Duke vs SLS or something) but not so much on schools close to each other (e.g. Northwestern vs UChicago vs Columbia). Asking - not telling. I am still interested in these things because I advise undergrads from my alma mater every year.
  8. Sounds like a smart kid Yeah there is (or was, recently, at least) a TON of money out there to pull people in. Bottom line is rankings are largely based on clerkships + incoming GPA and LSAT for schools, so they pay for the latter two, which tend to predict the first one anyway. I actually met with an admissions consultant who was formerly at HLS, and he basically said "4.0 and 180? You don't need me, let's just grab a beer." He was in my town and I had seen him post somewhere and had reached out to see if I could hire him LOL. Had a great chat and wished each other luck.
  9. Here is the method I used to LSAT prep. I did not think the LSAT was hard. But I did work hard at it. I improved from a cold diagnostic of 169 to a perfect 180 consistently in my last few practice tests. Websites to answer all your likelihood of admissions questions: Law School Numbers and Top-Law-Schools. The first is basically a bunch of info, including plots of LSAT/GPA combos and admissions results by school. The second is a forum for your son that I was extremely glad I spent a lot of time on. Your intuition is right regarding LSAT/GPA - i think the r-squared is above 0.9 on their predictiveness of admission. All of that should provide anything you need. Now for my own two cents... I really enjoyed law school. The practice of law seemed (and seems) like an absolutely torturous hellhole that I decided I want no part of. Some of my classmates now (a few years out) would disagree, but far fewer of them than did so when we were, say, 3Ls. I went right out of college and wish I hadn't. I suggest applying ot beyond the top 6, because $$$ > school at the top. By that I mean, every school from Chicago on down offers a number of full ride (some + a stipend) option (or did when I applied like 6 years ago). Chicago for free > Harvard for $$$. I considered Yale an exception to this general rule. ETA: So I applied to YHS, Chicago, Columbia, Virginia, Duke, Texas (a nice mix of places to be and to get $$$), and was offered a full ride or more at everything other than YHS. I was admitted everywhere. If your son has a similar LSAT, I would expect the same. I had no special qualities about me beyond academics (e.g. no Olympics, no founded a nonprofit, no college sports, etc).
  10. I did one of those at Claremont on the weekend of like the biggest Harvey Mudd party of the year and it was nuts. For me, pretty much a goody-two-shoes all of high school who was there for a scholarship interview and to talk with the basketball coach about playing. My first experience of the smell of weed and a bunch of insane engineers on the one day they cut loose and I was suddenly all about a school with a big campus and a good football team and some easier academics.
  11. I coached basketball at the D1 level (G.A. role). It is late in the game, but it is also less rare than you'd think to utilize this type of stuff you describe for a preferred walk-on spot (and lots of scholarships end up handed out at this stage as well, depending on school and the way things have gone). It's when we basically have our scholarships filled, or don't have a ton on you, but like what we see and you want to be there and work at it. So in a case like where he's already got merit $$ for non-athletics, he could totally play and should hit up the coach kind of as soon as he can.
  12. I'm a big fan of rye for manhattans, go back and forth on an old fashioned (really not my favorite drink anyway)...but for many whiskey cocktails that use bourbon, I find Old Grand-dad 114 to be great for standing up to flavors and not overly sweet. Love the Bulleit rye rec also - if I'm making a lot of a cocktail and not doing one craft one, I often use Bulleit Frontier bourbon as well for bourbon ones. It also has a very high rye mash for bourbons.
  13. This is what my school did. And your numerical grade got multiplied by 1.1 or something if you were in an AP course.
  14. Find the prestigious extracurriculars, schmooze the right people and get the best grades to get into them, work a job or two along the way that you like, and focus on figuring out what you want out of life. Take advantage of the dating pool. Get/stay in shape. If you can be at the top of your class and you are a hard worker, your major doesn't matter.
  15. If you include travel (which is often spent working on the plane anyway) I'm at ~65/week on average. Restaurant business, according to everyone I have ever met who might know, seems like the worst lifestyle I can think of. And a ton of my friends are big law attorneys and i-bankers. And I'm a consultant. I live with what i perceive to be heavy hours because I can work for 80% pay and take an extra 10 and a half weeks off every year on top of PTO. And I'm ok with heavy work followed by no work.