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  1. Was going to say the same. My wife loves Rye and Pikesville is one of her faves.
  2. That's what I've been doing. I'm out of grapefruits now. We get this weekly box of produce from a local guy who is a restaurant supplier and needed to shift his business somehow. As someone who never knows what drink I'll want in 4 days or so, I don't have much consistently stocked, so now I just make drinks based on what came in the box!
  3. Had a little blood and sand tonight, delicious. Equal parts: Orange Juice Scotch (blended, not too peaty, I used Johnnie Walker Black) Sweet Vermouth Cherry Liqueur (recommend Heering) Then drop a maraschino cherry or two in there.
  4. Smashes or mojitos in your future I think
  5. Been a long-### week. So my wife had a vodka-white claw-raspberry slushie and I had a glencairn of Yamazaki 12, neat. Bring on Friday.
  6. I am so glad Tony won. For weeks now I've just been thinking "how the hell is Michelle there" and "i hate the stupid edge twist." I still don't think Michelle "should" have won her season and she definitely didn't deserve to win this one, but I see her as a much stronger/better player now than I did before. Like she really did manage to save herself every time it mattered and as obnoxious as I find her, clearly the other contestants seem to enjoy her company. She's never been voted out. 2nd most days ever without being voted out, I think?
  7. My wife and I just bought our first home. One of my "priority 1" purchases for things we don't currently own (we have a whole system, but things in the 1 bucket right now are a king bed and mattress, chairs for our kitchen table, a wine fridge, and an office desk) is a Weber Smokey Joe, aka the first grill I will own. Very excited to spend a LOT more time in this thread in the future.
  8. Looking at the google sheet (and obviously this thread), pretty proud of the group of people here accomplishing some goals and supporting each other in meaningful ways. This community has been more helpful than ever during COVID, and I am grateful for that. Thanks all for being a part of it.
  9. So. It's May 1. I made 30 minutes a day, on average, without having to cheat and do like a 3 workout day at the end or something to get there. So that's pretty sweet.
  10. 'Are you sure? You know you're only safe tonight, right?" This season has had some of the best lines of all seasons by a wide margin.
  11. I can only assume all these extensions won't impact lifetime progression - like it truly is a bonus year of that status, right? I say this as someone who wants to wrap up the Marriott Platinum and continue shifting more and more of my spend to Hyatt whenever I can.
  12. From the area (grew up in suburbs, spent 2-5 days a month in Dallas for work last 2 years) and my wife and I just bought a house in Dallas for our move when she wraps up school. Any advice on things to look for in the house (we're in option period still) that are specific to homes in Dallas/Texas? It's a new build, just completed. Appreciate any advice (our first home purchase!).
  13. They were delicious, if simple: 1.5 oz silver Patron tequila Juice from half a grapefruit, freshly squeezed, reserve a little bit .75 oz lime juice .75 oz simple syrup Shake all these things vigorously with ice, double strain over rocks (I only have so much glassware, so used a pint glass Added 3 fresh jalapeno slices, stirred, and topped with 4 oz club soda and the last bit of grapefruit juice.
  14. I do not have those things 😕 what about adding a slice of jalapeno?