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  1. Sorry - no, the prior one about a local PD working with her if needed was sufficient to keep her from worrying. Thanks for the follow up!
  2. First go has a lot of late byes, not sure how much I like that: QB - Jameis Winston - TB/7 - $13 QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 QB - Josh Allen - BUF/6 - $11 RB - Josh Jacobs - OAK/6 - $20 RB - Miles Sanders - PHI/10 - $15 RB - Kalen Ballage - MIA/5 - $12 RB - Justice Hill - BAL/8 - $9 RB - Gus Edwards - BAL/8 - $7 RB - Darwin Thompson - KC/12 - $5 RB - Tony Pollard - DAL/8 - $4 WR - Corey Davis - TEN/11 - $15 WR - Curtis Samuel - CAR/7 - $12 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 WR - Donte Moncrief - PIT/7 - $10 WR - Ted Ginn - NO/9 - $6 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 TE - George Kittle - SF/4 - $25 TE - Dallas Goedert - PHI/10 - $12 TE - Jack Doyle - IND/6 - $10 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 PK - Adam Vinatieri - IND/6 - $5 PK - Brandon McManus - DEN/10 - $4 PK - Randy Bullock - CIN/9 - $3 TD - Dallas Cowboys - DAL/8 - $5 TD - Carolina Panthers - CAR/7 - $4 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3
  3. Have y'all ever had a DA subpoena someone from a vacation trip who witnessed an assault? Wife's friend asked advice, and I don't feel like I can give a good answer. Basically, a guy hit a store clerk and she was in the store. Cop says she may be subpoenaed as the only other state resident who saw, though she was with a couple friends who are from other states. Catch is, she's a student in a different state as well as not living in the actual city where the crime happened. So: assuming she can be subpoenaed at her in-state residence, which is currently sublet to someone else who gets her mail for her and sends it to grad school address, can she just respond that she's a student and has no plans to be back in the state for ## days? And even if in the state, what would a resident of another city (like a 4 hour drive away) actually do? This is not something we really discussed much beyond the most basic FRCP stuff in law school and I have not practiced since becoming a member of the bar and going inactive.
  4. Yeah our ceilings are like 11 ft I think, and there are light fixtures in the places I'd want to hang something. Looks great though.
  5. Neat almost exclusively, but I suppose we do have ice.
  6. I have a $300 budget to get a few bottles of whiskey for an ongoing monthly happy hour. I'm thinking a rye, a bourbon, a scotch...and then probably a couple more bourbons because I'm in charge and that's what I want. Part of the idea is to educate people on what these things are and how you can drink them. Any advice from y'all? Will probably be like local liquor store or Total Wine or something where I make the purchases.
  7. 1 allergy. 2 won't eats. 5 wouldn't order but would eat it if that's what was served
  8. We honeymooned in Porto and Lisbon last summer. We did things pretty nice, so not all of this is particularly cost effective: Porto Stayed at the Yeatman, and had dinner there once - it was a fantastic hotel, beautiful porch for us, nice pool to relax by (only once did we actually do that, but still). The restaurant is Michelin starred (only one in Porto I think) and was absolutely fantastic. We hit all, or nearly all, port lodges that were available for tours and/or tastings. In 5 days I think we hit 18 or 19 of them. That would be all the famous ones and a bunch of others. I imagine we missed some small ones. It was really cool if only for the reason that we could walk to literally all of them from our hotel. We also did a walking food tour of downtown, which was really neat. It was us and like 6 strangers with a local guy who was just thrilled to share hsi city and some cool traditions with us. PM me if you're interested and I'll dig up the exact name. I have less for Lisbon Alma is a wonderful restaurant, requires reservations, and was an amazing choice for lunch - it is a nice place with fantastic dinners, but at lunch staff is a little more relaxed and we got more attention, and the same menu for less. It was great Beco is a "cabaret gourmet" with a really well done cabaret show while you sit at couple's tables and are served an incredible meal with like a course for every scene of the show. lots of singing, very fun. It's also like behind a bookcase in a food market where you use the password speakeasy style to get in. But you make a reservation ahead of time and they give you all the info. A neat little touch. It is a creation of one of the best chefs in Portugal.
  9. I hate Mint for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is, "Intuit spends more than anyone else on a single issue that affects everyone, and that issue is to make the tax code more complicated and block agencies like the IRS from helping pre-fill or simplify filing taxes." So I refuse outright to support their products (they are TurboTax also) whenever possible. We use Personal Capital. I get a minor annoyance of an alert every few weeks that I've got my free consultation with one of their experts, but I just ignore it and they haven't repeatedly called or anything to bother me. I use it to track spending, and we have it set up to show a dashboard of all our accounts as well. I combine that with my own google Sheet spreadsheet for analysis that I update each month and track for a few other things because I like to mess with the data.
  10. This sounds like great advice. We have this. We do cook a lot. I think the small pan and the medium pot can probably go away though. Yeah makes sense on the visualizing.
  11. We are moving in to our new apartment. We need a place for pots and pans - anything hanging from ceiling is a no go. We have an island-esque sink + counter space (one end against wall, so more like a peninsula I guess). There are a few options we are considering: Chrome/Stainless steel pegboard affixed to wall vertically, aznd then we can add hooks and such for pots and pans and lids, and some "tool" holder pieces for some of the cooking implements (e.g. spatula). I think this is kind of cool, but will be heavy and potentially tough to affix to wall if there are steel studs. Towel bar affixed to wall, allows you to slot in lids and can add hooks for pots and pans Just put pots and pans on a shelf - we have a "bar"-esque overhang on the outside of this peninsula counter thing but it is not enough to sit there and use as a bar. It's about 8 inches overhang, and its about 40 inches high, so we are thinking about a shelf there and we can just place pots and pans on the shelf. This is our first real home alone (we have lived with another couple, and we have lived in tiny on-campus housing) so while it is exciting, we have not made any mistakes to learn from yet and would love to learn those lessons from others!
  12. My wife and I paid for business class on our honeymoon, an extra $5k total going to EU and back. I'm not sure what my threshold is, but I was unwilling to pay the cost for business class over "upper cabin premium economy" or whatever on the 16.5 hour flight back from Sydney I had over spring break last year. Given how much we travel for work, I am blessed for two things: Almost all personal international travel is now on points. And all business-related international travel from North America is an auto-upgrade by our policy. That said...Qantas upper deck was pretty nice. I had like a couple extra inches...but the temperature and noise and service and bathrooms were all WAY better in the cabin with far fewer people.