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  1. I find that as long as I can be excited every time I'm in business or first for how cool and how much easier it makes the experience, I can still do coach (exit row) just fine. Domestically. I pretty strongly try to avoid non-biz/first internationally, but there are ways to do it better too, like fly in the upper deck and, again, find exit rows.
  2. I root for the Cowboys lol (eta I'm from Dallas). I haven't looked closely at who we're playing yet (I tend to break from football and go all NBA from super bowl until end of NBA playoffs and draft and then catch up). God I hope so.
  3. 44k on AA, not gonna check United and SW, which probably have a couple k each. Surprisingly a lot. But that's what happens SFO to BOS a few times I guess.
  4. No. The fact that there are other dynamics, which make different states subsidize or receive, does not change that, fundamentally, that is the effect which SALT had, and no longer has. I agree with you that we should find more ways to eliminate those effects in the other manners you describe. I said NOTHING about being net subsidies state to state across all aspects of taxes and government services.
  5. As a fellow person paying CA taxes this year, it's mostly CA's fault. From a national policy perspective, eliminating SALT and therefore deciding to reduce the amount by which some states are forced to subsidize the ability of other states to charge higher taxes is clearly the more efficient policy. Now states can make their own taxes with less influence by the federal government. And that's why I am now moved back to Texas, among many other things.
  6. I got a "two stays gets you 2 free nights" promo on the app last Friday and signed up. By chance (actually, not on purpose) I have stayed at 3 different hotels in 3 different places the last 3 nights, with one more new one tonight. LOL. So I instantly earned the 2 free nights. Part of why I hotel hopped is the hotel we wanted as a team MTW was booked full MT nights. My platinum status was not enough to get me in, but my teammate used his ambassador to override someone or something and get a room. Kinda cool. So that's a value at least. Also the double points thing starts with your 2nd or 3rd stay, so it is critical to sign up asap.
  7. Any suggestions for 2-player co-op games? (edit: I mostly see ones that are like 4+)
  8. Why did people like her? Or Aubry? I do really kind of like David after missing his season.
  9. Came to post same thing. Hope it's helping, bit by bit.
  10. How do we feel about naming a daughter Artemis? What about, generally speaking, the nickname of Jack for a boy named John. Like, just name him Jack?
  11. You'd get the $10,000 back. A non-refundable credit means it is credited up to your tax liability. A refundable credit essentially means you can have negative taxes, and the government owes you money (for instance, the earned income tax credit is like this). Refundable or not doesn't depend on your witholdings in any way, truly. Totally depends on the credit whether it carries over.
  12. Get someone without status to check a bag and cover it for them?
  13. Preface: Don't have kids yet. Wife and I discussing, but this is all super far off for me. That said: When I see all y'all mentioning the stress or how your kids (who seem to be well-raised as a whole, btw, just saying something about this crowd as parents!) are pushing themselves on the grades, a question comes to mind based on my experience. I'm still young (10 yr HS reunion next year), and I took literally every AP course available at my TX public HS. Never felt super pressured or like there wasn't enough time, and also played sports on travel teams and the like. I think the difference is something my Dad taught me. Both my parents are CPAs, and he used to mention "appropriate preparation" for things. My dad has had by all means an incredibly successful career, and he is quick to point out that he also studied the perfect amount for things, namely the CPA exam - 75/75/76/76 - for which he says he overstudied a bit based on the result. (For those not in accounting, 75 is passing on each section). I spent all of HS and college expending enough effort to get 90% averages on things, and anything above that (maybe because it came naturally to me, or w/e) was just gravy. Part of that is obviously that I was in a system were 90+ = A and there weren't A+ grades at OU. But the point remains - how do y'all handle work hard vs work smarter?