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  1. Love this band since Dragline came out. Saw them twice with Monster Magnet, they were label mates on A&M records. Have you heard of Mark's new band Godzillionaire?
  2. Background? I have owned and operated a brewery for 7 years now. A space opened up in town that is too good to pass up. Reasonable rent, Main St visibility (an upgrade from the sidestreet I am currently on). Our customers keep asking if we do food and I know from travels that food is almost essential. We are looking at offering up about 12-15 items. Rotating some in and out. Every other week we will be offering up Sushi and Ramen as a special. No sushi or ramen in our town currently. Other than running a taproom I have no experience in the restaurant field. My chef worked as the head chef at the SF Marriot catering divison doing 300+ events a year. He will run the kitchen...
  3. I have not followed this thread at all but it caught my eye since I am consolidating my brewery and taproom under one roof and adding a small kitchen. I have ZERO restaurant experience, except for what I want on a menu. I have someone that is willing to come over from his current chef position to work for me and work quite inexpensively at first. His menu is fantastic, and he has cooked some of the items for me already and they are quite delicious. I'm sure that I have some questions for you so those might come through as a PM if you don't mind...
  4. Help!... I have a report that I can export from square into Excel that shows every transaction we have done. Our current list last year is about 10K transactions. How can i have Excel count all the transactions on 1/1/2018, 1/2/2018 etc etc so we can then take that info into a daily summary sheet we have that compares dollars per day. I now want to track transaction per day as well. I do not care for all the other data that is given, just a count of each days transactions. Here is a sample from the Excel sheet: 12/31/2018 12:59:00 12/31/2018 12:57:49 12/31/2018 12:55:19 12/31/2018 12:51:04 12/31/2018 12:35:22 12/30/2018 18:17:29 12/30/2018 18:16:24 12/30/2018 18:07:05 12/30/2018 18:03:14 12/30/2018 17:56:35 12/30/2018 17:43:58 i want to have an output that shows: 12/31/2018 5 transactions 12/30/2018 6 transactions etc etc for each day of the year thanks Inhiding
  5. Looks interesting. If you need another player I would be in for a game. I've never played so if there is someone who has experience, i will yield to them.
  6. Indie band out of Los Angeles... USC music students.. pretty solid album. Many times I wake up with tibits of their songs in my head.. I like crashing my car into yours
  7. The commish isn't letting this fly as I posted it to our message board and people are speaking out against it. The commish is like whatever.. but the Team A owner is pitching a fit.
  8. Slight shift in topic from the OP, but a guy in our small stakes ($25) Yahoo league. I qualified for the playoffs in the 3 spot. The 6th spot Team A, wants to give his spot to Team B, in the 7th spot. Team A is not fielding a squad this week, ensuring me a path to victory. Team A & B have the same record, and about 40 points difference. Team A lost J Conner and E Sanders this week. I picked up Samuels when Conner exited the game last week, blocking Team A from picking him up and I ended up playing Team A in 1st round of playoffs!! Makes this even better. Team A is calling it the spirit of competition and I am an a$$ for not having any of it. I can't even believe the commish let it get that far into the conversation, but he did. He claims why should my team get to play against a squad with Conner/Sanders out and not at full strength. he doens't like the fact that injuries and bye weeks occur. Maybe he needs to find a different hobby if injuries and bye weeks affect the games...
  9. You named your kid ABCDe, or is it spelled Abcde. Click the link for prounciation. Next time won't you sing with me
  10. i agree it is an interesting premise. If they take the Lost route it could be interesting, but it probably wont make it past season 2.
  11. They are not alcohol related. There is no trademark law distinction between beer, wine and spirits. Eventually a cease and desist will be issued and the 2 companies will have plenty of money to throw around and hopefully change the law, but it is what we have for now.
  12. No i did not, it is the 927 Beer Company. 927 was the only phone number prefix in town when my wife was growning up. Everyone just said the last 4 digits when asked their phone number. We did call our saison release at that time Cease and D'Saison
  13. yup. Crazy trademark laws... someone somewhere will C&D and it will be challenged and the law will be changed. hopefully.. and besides we got a lot of great publicity from it and they looked bad.. They wanted me to license the name from them, have a say in where we could distribute, who we could sell our brewery to if we wanted to sell and how much we could produce in a year. yea right.
  14. I assume the 8 in Rockstars case was the space between her eyes..??