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  1. Method: Traeger 225*F for 90 minutes Wood: Oak Meat: Trip Tip 3.5 pounds we marinated this in Bourbon, tomato juice, 2 red onions, head of garlic, rosemary, salt, balsamic, soy sauce. Three days in the marinade in the fridge. 6:30 cant get here soon enough
  2. @tipsy mcstagger do you have any rub or sauces that you can ship out? Im in the market for some as I am low on current stock. let us know... thanks
  3. I've been playing World of Warships on PS4. Fun game, time killer for sure. Easy to get on, play a couple of games and get out. Anyone else?
  4. I actually did a pivot table! and it worked. Took me a bit longer than it should have but i got it and a cursory understanding of how the work. thanks @acarey50 @Ned and @Thorpe for the help and suggestions. i did the table and it took me a bit to figure out where the fields and data went and how it flowed into the table
  5. Im putting together a worksheet of some Tshirts we are pre-ordering and I have all the info Customer Name, Phone, Address, Men/Women shirt, Color, Size and Number. Off to the side i want the info Men or Womens shirt, Color, Size and number to populate a summary table. Does that make sense? that way i can just take a quick look and make sure that what I order from the manufacturer has at least what I have presold. When the order comes in a have all the other data in place and can mail out orders. any help? I am not an excel person at all... thanks in advance
  6. @Ron Swanson and others who have done pulled pork. I will wrapped up the pork butt at the specified temp (160-ish) and then it gets finished off for another 2-3 hours. Any thoughts on finishing it off in the oven as opposed to using pellets on the Traeger? To me it seems like if it is wrapped then the smoke is no longer useful. I have one going on Sunday morning thanks for any thoughts on the subject...
  7. I like this guy quite a bit. Malcolm Reed I do his pork belly burnt ends as appetizers and they are always the first to go. All the dads gather around the plate of the bites like its the office water cooler. I had to stop telling people i was bringing them, or if the host wants everyone there early and not to stagger their arrivals they will blast out that I am bringing the burnt ends and everyone shows up on time....
  8. 14 year old daughter wants a Nintendo Switch for her birthday. I'm going to search for the difference between the Switch and Switch Lite. What is your experience between the two? any recommendations? thanks
  9. Good on ya Tipsy. I hope these places, employees etc remember who stepped up to help out and visit all who are feeding these people.
  10. Black Circle Tribute band. 5pm PST 3/28 delay and buffering problems occasionally. Damn good stuff!!! ETA: And crashed.. too many problems. over 1,000 people tuning in.. bummer twas good what i saw and heard
  11. Black Circle, a PJ cover band from Brazil, is doing a Gigaton release show. March 28th 7pm EST live on youtube...
  12. I like Take the Long Way, having a hard time with Buckle Up... and i don't know why..
  13. that was discussed at length when it came out as a single... Not a bad song though
  14. Who Ever Said: Words: Eddie Vedder Music: Eddie Vedder Superblood Wolfmoon: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Eddie Vedder Dance of the Clairvoyants: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder Quick Escape: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Jeff Ament Alright: Words: Jeff Ament, Music: Jeff Ament Seven O’clock: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder Never Destination: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Eddie Vedder Take The Long Way: Words: Matt Cameron, Music: Matt Cameron Buckle Up: Words: Stone Gossard, Music: Stone Gossard Comes Then Goes: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Eddie Vedder Retrograde: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Mike McCready River Cross: Words: Eddie Vedder, Music: Eddie Vedder I had not paid attention to the writing credits on Gigaton but tried to guess who wrote what. I must say that I was way off on some of my guesses. Comes Then Goes i thought was a music by McCredy. Nice guitar playing by Ed right there... I knew Buckle Up was a Gossard song through and though. Its also my least favorite on the first few listens. I don't skip it but can't wait for it to be over. 7 O Clock sounds like a full band composition and I was right.. I really dig retrograde a lot, seems like they got back to using Eds voice in different ways we havent heard in a long time... Any guesses on what song(s) from Gigaton will be openers for concerts? I see Allright, or Retrograde filling that role...