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  1. I would guess you finish in about 9th place. Not a lot of upside and a lot of question marks. A solid group of Rb's but they don't make up for the issues at all the other positions.
  2. Everything has its critics. You should check it out and then see what you think.
  3. There is a really good parenting class called Love and Logic. It has helped us and we are still in the early learning stages. We have 4 strong willed boys so I understand some of what you are going through.
  4. I think it is close and position scarcity at Rb makes it closer. But when I did my projections I favored the Benjamin side. If you don't mind sharing what are your projections for Miller and benjamin? Thanks
  5. 12 team PPR Dynasty Team A trades Theo Riddick, Buck Allen and the 1.3 pick Team B trades Lamar Miller Team A then trades Miller Team C trades Kelvin Benjamin
  6. Just got this one. Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 1.3 rookie pick. 12 team ppr dynasty. Start one QB. I was looking for a note that said what do you want for the 1.3. But this was actually the offer.
  7. Which side in 12 team dynasty, 1/2 ppr. Team 1 gives Gurley, 2017 3rd round pick and 2018 2nd round pick Team 2 gives Lamar Miller, Josh Gordon, Sammie Coates, 2017 1st and 2018 1st. (Both mid to late)
  8. Those are both good trades. The first one is at worse even for you even if Watkins plays good this year. Robinson will be good still. The 2nd trade is really good for you. Having 2 extra 1sts in 17 will be huge for trades or rebuilding. Thomas is a top 15 Wr even with the Qb changes but probably not a huge game changer like in the past. Martin and Charles are a wash. Martin being younger helps. Smallwood has the potential to make this a huge win for you.
  9. Then one of my auctions greatly raised that avg. He went for 49 in a $400 auction. His trade value also seemed high to me. Thanks for looking up those stats.
  10. 12 team Dynasty- half ppr. Team 1 gave Keenan Allen and a 17 4th round pick and 18 4th round pick. Team 2 gave Moncrief, ASJ, 17 2nd round pick and 18 1st round pick. (Picks are middle of the road)
  11. That is a good point about Hurns ADP. I only do auctions and was basing it off what he was going in dynasty auctions and trades. Obviously dynastys are a little different, but he has been valued well more than wr 30. If that is where he is going then he is a good pick.
  12. What player or players are you down on more than others and why? The Allen Hurns thread got me thinking about this. I will start- 1. Hurns- I don't think he will continue to avg 16.1 per catch.He was one of only a few guys with 100 targets to hit that mark and his talent level does not seem on par with them. Also, if the Jags can keep games closer they will pass less and they have more options now. They brought in another rb to pound it out more. For these reasons I see Hurns falling back into the 25-30 Wr spot. 2. Hopkins- His target numbers were insane. If they drop to a reasonable rate then that drops his overall stats. The running game will help them stay closer so he doesn't need insane 2nd halfs to bring the Texans back. I see Hopkins as bareley inside the top 10 of Wr's this year. Share yours and why.
  13. Which side in PPR- Alshon Jeffery and Kelce or Moncrief and 2 17 1sts. (Probably picks 4 and 8ish)
  14. Yes a kidney injury is unusual. However, even in college he has always had something. Obviously I don't think he will have another kidney injury but some people's bodies are not made to take the pounding of football. I traded for him in the league where his value was low so I don't think he is a scrub. I just am scared by players that seem to always have something wrong. He did have a great first 8 games and he also had a bad season his 2nd year. I see him somewhere in between those 2 which project to about 88 for 1100 and 6 which make him Wr 17 or so. He is one of the Wr's that has potential to move up higher. I would much rather have an excellent talent in a great spot at a position that it is hard to find a top player.
  15. Thanks for your answer and projections. I don't do drafts I only do auctions. But in a ppr dynasty league I am in Allen won't get more than the 1.6 rookie pick. In the startup dynasty auction I am in the middle of that is 1/2 ppr 12 team $400 (makes a big difference) Zeke went- $101, Allen $80 and Evans is at $88. Some of the issue is position scarcity. How many Rb's do you have faith in a dynasty format? Allen is a guy people like if they have him but are scared to trade for him because of injuries. I agree Allen could have a good season but he has been injured and would need a huge jump in production. So you have Allen as a top 7 WR this year based on how players finished last season? Evans I can agree with your projections more. It comes down to getting a proven player and something else of good value to give up a player that could easily be top 3 at his position for the next 3 years. I like Wr's better than Rb's in general, but Allen just hasn't done enough to be put in the top 10 category and Evans needs to catch better to get there.