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  1. I'm starting Conner over Snell. Where I have Snell without Conner and other leagues I'm benching Snell for other options such as Perriman and Antonio Gibson as flex starts.
  2. Crowder out. Anybody seeing Perriman cracking their line-up today against 49ers depleted secondary?
  3. Or maybe that would be Claypool with back shoulder fades.
  4. Moss went 2.09 in our 12 team PPR dynasty league rookie /free agent four round draft last night. 11th year this league is playing. Line-up: Q-R-R-W-W-T-F-D/ST Regular-season rosters carry 25 players and we expand to a 30-man roster during preseason for rookie draft.
  5. Just saw report he is working out and practicing with Whole Lotta Money Mr. Big Chest.
  6. Friw, I am starting Cooper at home v the Bills over Stefon Diggs at Seattle on MNF. Expecting a bounce back performance. Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. What can realistically be expected if Pats sign AB in terms of Commissioners exempt list and the NFL investigation of the assault /rape allegations? Does he really play this year?
  8. He's looking healthy, practicing and playing. Look for Brees to smartly try to feed him as the Falcons D keys on Thomas & Kamara.
  9. Looks like the team is actually throwing shade on Twitter.
  10. Rewind to your draft: You pulled tbe trigger and selected johnson as a starter when he fell a bit to you in the early third round of your PPR draft and as insurance with your last pick in the 16th you grabbed his handcuff Chase Edmonds. Fast forward to the present and it's week 6 & Johnson is questionable with a back injury but expected to play today with wr Christian Kirk out. Always start your studs. Rolling with David Johnson today as the handcuff rides tbe bench.
  11. Excellent post. Who ever would predict that Kurt Warner would do what he did when Trent Green went down?
  12. From FCS Samford where he broke Steve McNair's Alcorn State all-time FCS college career passing yards record to becoming an undrafted, last to be signed free-agent training camp try-out to improbable 3rd stringer and then back-up, and now starter of the Pittsburgh Steelers this week is the start of the Duck Dynasty run as Hodges is slated to start week 6 at the L.A. Chargers. Who's looking to get on board? Would obviously be thrilled to see a second coming of a Kurt Warner or Tony Romo story.