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  1. It Mike Thomas, Saints
  2. I like Ingram slightly over Lacy
  3. Do you start 3/4 WRs? And is it PPR? I am not high on Rawls, so I would maybe grab JMatt. I think there are some later RBs you can draft and mix and match to start.
  4. I would keep OBJ and Reed.
  5. I like Henry more than Higbee. I think this might actually be Gates' last year and he has a year to be groomed. Plus SD may run more 2 TE sets.
  6. Thanks for feedback...I have had the following offers I have declined...what are your thoughts on them? Trade A I give Perkins and 4, 2017 3rd rounders I get Stafford Trade B I give 2, 2017 3rd rounders I get Eli Manning Trade C I get Sims and Stills I give Fitzgerald Trade D I give Mike Thomas (Saints) I get Eric Decker Trade E I give Mike Thomas I get Drew Brees, Carroo and a 2017 3rd rounder Trade F I give Flacco, Lacy/Starks, Mike Thomas I get Eli, KC backfield, Edelman
  7. I think I do this deal as. Well... answer mine?
  8. Maybe see if some one will over pay for Cam for a RB upgrade/qb downgrade? help with mine?
  9. I like Nelson and Moncrief... help me with mine
  10. I was feeling pretty good with Gates/JT and McDonald at TE.... i try to mix youth in with win now talent... any other opinions?
  11. I like your WRs Jordy, Floyd, J Matt (injury concerns me a little), and Austin....I think they will all produce. I agree to ditch the Steelers Kicker. Plenty of good FLEX options at RB as well. TEs Olsen and Witten is solid. I assume you are going to stream a QB for ARod's bye week?
  12. I like Boldin, White, then Coates
  13. I like Langford too, seems like he is pulling away from the possible dreaded RBBC
  14. 12 team dynasty PPR, TE Bonus Start 1 qb, 2rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te, 1 RB/WR/TE FLEX QBs Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco RBs AP, Eddie Lacy/Starks, Mathews/Smallwood/Sproles, CJ2K, Alf Morris, Terrence West, Paul Perkins WRs Dez, Keenan Allen, Larry Fitzgerald, Vincent Jackson, Mike Thomas (saints), Anquan Bolden, Mike Thomas (rams), Brandon Lafell TEs Gates/Hunter Henry, Julius Thomas, Vance McDonald
  15. 12 team PPR dynasty Team A got Eddie Lacy, James Stark, 17 3rd/17 5th Team B got Jeremy Hill, Josh Ferguson,17 1st/17 3rd