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  1. Procise and Mitchell might be good...I am not a fan of caroo
  2. Better than this year...who would you look to pick at 2.8 and 2.11? Your pick maybe 2.8-2.10 next it may be a wash in the end. If you see your guys out there then do it. But with the hype on this class maybe your 2nd can be added as sweetner in another deal.
  3. QBs...I like Stafford to have a solid year and Brady will as well when he comes back RBs Solid with Ingram/forte...decent depth with Woodhead, Hightower, powell and if Gordon plays like he is supposed to..great depth WRs Brown Marshall, solid 1/2, Desean is a little inconsistent, Shepard should catch some passes Bennett is a sleeper but you have to hope he will be Hernandez 2.0 Solid team , I think it will contend...I would maybe try and upgrade at TE is possible..or scour WW and drop high tower for a deep flyer.. Please take a look at mine
  4. Thanks for the help with mine...I think the talent falls off pretty quick this year...I would keep the 17 2nd myself
  5. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A gets T West, Larry Fitzgerald Team B gets Charles Sims, Desean Jackson
  6. It Mike Thomas, Saints
  7. I like Ingram slightly over Lacy
  8. Do you start 3/4 WRs? And is it PPR? I am not high on Rawls, so I would maybe grab JMatt. I think there are some later RBs you can draft and mix and match to start.
  9. I would keep OBJ and Reed.
  10. I like Henry more than Higbee. I think this might actually be Gates' last year and he has a year to be groomed. Plus SD may run more 2 TE sets.
  11. Thanks for feedback...I have had the following offers I have declined...what are your thoughts on them? Trade A I give Perkins and 4, 2017 3rd rounders I get Stafford Trade B I give 2, 2017 3rd rounders I get Eli Manning Trade C I get Sims and Stills I give Fitzgerald Trade D I give Mike Thomas (Saints) I get Eric Decker Trade E I give Mike Thomas I get Drew Brees, Carroo and a 2017 3rd rounder Trade F I give Flacco, Lacy/Starks, Mike Thomas I get Eli, KC backfield, Edelman
  12. I think I do this deal as. Well... answer mine?
  13. Maybe see if some one will over pay for Cam for a RB upgrade/qb downgrade? help with mine?
  14. I like Nelson and Moncrief... help me with mine
  15. I was feeling pretty good with Gates/JT and McDonald at TE.... i try to mix youth in with win now talent... any other opinions?