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  1. I like Jameis here.
  2. Maclin and Wallace for me. Think both games will have a lot of throwing.
  3. I think I go Stafford....more healthy weapons, better O line...think game may be a shootout.
  4. Marshall and Davis for me
  5. I like Rogers here answer mine please
  6. I go with Coleman answer mine please
  7. I think if Eifert is active he will be better than Hogan answer mine please
  8. McCoy....he is looking good in practice, Jonathan Williams inactive.... answer mine please
  9. Murray for me... help with mine
  10. PPR Start McCoy (warming up looks good) Edelman (due to bounce back....but Brady has lots of options)
  11. So if he is active what's your comfort level to start him?
  12. PPR Need to start 1 RB of these guys and 1 TE Sproles vs Minny Mathews vs Minny Dwayne Washington vs Washington Mike Davis vs Bucs Rainey vs Rams in Jolly old England TE Julius Thomas vs Raiders Vernon Davis vs Lions (if Reed is out)
  13. Huh? You are saying Derrick Henry or Shep is worth Fitzgerald and Edelman?
  14. 12 team PPR Team A trades Fitzgerald, Edelman Team B trades Henry (RB), DJax, Shepard, Jesse James
  15. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A gets Jonathan Stewart (Competing) Team B gets Jamison Crowder (rebuilding)