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  1. 12 team PPR Team A gets Jordan Reed, Jarod McKinnion, pick 2.13 Team B gets Keanan Allen, pick 2.8
  2. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A got TJ Yeldon, Doctson, pick 1.8, 2.11 Team B got Devante Adams, Isiaah Crowell, pick 4.1
  3. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A got OBJ, Stephan Anderson (TE Hou), pick 2.8, 2.10 Team B gets Jordan Howard, Stephan Diggs, Cameron Brate, pick 1.11 Team C got Aaron Rodgers, pick 4.11 Team D got Dak Prescott, 2018 1st (mid to late)
  4. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A got Lamar Miller Team B got Eddie Lacy, Tyreek Hill
  5. I like Winston side too...
  6. What are your starting requirements? Really deep, solid WRs....RBs not so much....even in if you get LF....maybe move perriman to a believer or move Lee....
  7. So sign Jeffrey, Restructure Peters, Draft Cook in 1st then Defense rest of the way out?
  8. I try to move Olsen and see what you can get.... or Brate, but he isn't fetching much right now.....but if you kept Olsen, Eifart in the end......
  9. I rejected this one and he countered with I get Yeldon, Doctson, pick 1.8 i give Adams, Crow, pick 3,1
  10. Yea the offers are getting worse got offered 3.6, 3.8, 3.10 for My Maclin then got offered 1.4, Lacy, Mike Floyd for Adams.Crowell Then finally i get J Matthews, Cobb, 3 3rds i give Adams, pick 1.10
  11. What about this offer, I am leaning towards no i get TJ Yeldon, Dorsett, Snead, pick 1.8 i give Adams, Crowell, pick 3.1
  12. 12 team dynasty PPR Team A gets Cam Newton,Julio Jones, Devante Parker, pick 3.6, 5.6 Team B gets Russell Wilson, Spencer Ware, Chandrick West, Jordy Nelson, picks 1.3, 2.6, 2.12 Team B owns pick 1.2, 1.3
  13. 12 team dynasty PPR, TE premium Team A got Greg Olsen, Cameron Meredith, pick, 1.12 Team B got Zach Ertz, Jordy Nelson, 2018 2nd ---------------------- Team C got Theo Riddick pick 3.12, pick 5.4 Team D got CJ Fiedorowicz, pick 3.4
  14. 20 TEAM league dynasty PPR roster get cut from 14 to 10, so it is a rookie/FA draft with a decent amount of talent Team got A Jay Ajayi, Dontrelle Inman, pick 4.11 Team B got Alshon Jeffrey, pick 3.15
  15. Oops Hunter Henry not the RB Henry...should have been clearer