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  1. I offered Collins/Cook for Howard/Kupp thought it was pretty even
  2. He already said no to Tyreek..his main need is WR upgrade so he can continue to contend in his division RBs he has Gurley, Howard, AF, McKinnion, DJ (IR), JC
  3. His other WRs are limited....Baldwin, Tyreek, Lockett, Kupp, Rishard Matthews, Ty Williams, Jordan Taylor, Brice Butler,
  4. What about I give Cooks..I get Howard...seems like a straight up deal in value
  5. 10 points for a TD? I go with Lewis, he will be a sleeper in this game. Darkwa will probably get shut down by the Seahawks, I think they have only allowed 3 rushing TDs
  6. I agree cut Snead and grab Davis...he should start producing in the next couple of weeks Help with mine please
  7. I keep Murray over McKinnion
  8. I rank them Doctson, Lee, Ginn......Butler
  9. Is G Allen K Allen at WR? I think I would try to move Pryor if he has a good game and Graham if I could get a good haul for him. Maybe move Kroft on speculation and try and get something for him? So if you could flip ARod for a younger QB plus a little something I would maybe do that...You might be in for a 2 year rebuild Do you own 3 1sts now? Maybe a player plus a 3rd to move up into the 2nd.. Take a look at mine:
  10. I like Doctson over Woods and both over J Thomas...Humphries is a hard on since he is behind Evans, DJAX, Brate, OJ (plus Winston is hurt as well)...Eddie Lacy could be a drop candidate for me as well. Help with mine please
  11. 12 team PPR12 team dynasty PPR start 10, 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE FLEX My team QB Cam, Siemian, CJ Beathard RB Miller, Anderson, Ingram, Collins, Booker WR Cooks, KB, Hilton, Watkins, Garcon, DJAX, Treadwell, Zay Jones, Amendola TE Gronkowski, Njoku, Eifert (IR) Trying to grab another RB Trade A I get AP/Kupp I give Cooks Trade B I get Howard, Kupp I give Cooks, CJA/Booker Trade C I get L Bell, Jeffrey I give Ingram/CJA/Booker/TY/Watkins
  12. I have Eifert on my IR so I have space to hold him and Allen Robinson too
  13. 12 team Dynasty PPR TE bonus Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB/WR/TE) QB Prescott, Kizer, Beathard RB Howard, McCoy, Martin, Gore, Sims, Vereen, Alex Collins WR Mike Thomas, Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitz, Amendola, E Sanders, Funchess, A Robinson (IR) TE Fleener, AJ Derby, Eifert (IR) B Watson I get Landry, Cobb, 2018 early 2nd I give Mike Thomas, 3 18 3rds
  14. I take that deal....Unless you can use him for depth or bye week fill in.
  15. I am assuming it is redraft? I would grab him just to stash him, but your team is pretty solid, to be honest I would possibly drop Lynch over DJ...or maybe Witten as well. But you have a good solid core.