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  1. So you own him.... Sell or hold? You don't own him try and buy him cheap?
  2. I highly doubt the 30 year old oft injured RB is the same RB after his Achilles tear 9 months ago...otherwise he would have been signed.
  3. Yeah same owner keeps offering same players.. he sent Eli, Watson, Edelman, Louis i give Flacco, Ajayi, Crabtree
  4. Just got offered these 2 deals trade A i give Perkins/Gates i get Austin/Ervin 3rd rounder trade B i give Dez, Ajayi, Gates, Flacco i get Eli, Edelman, Olsen, Louis, 17 1st i like 1st one rejected 2nd one.
  5. It's probably going to be 1.9-1.12 pick...
  6. True...
  7. Really in regards to Hill....I thought I was deep at RB.....AP, Tenn rbs, Hill, Ajayi, Matthews....then flyers like Perkins, Ferguson, CJ2K
  8. 12 team dynasty PRR, TE Bonus start 1 qb, 2rbs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE flex QB Ryan, Flacco RB AP, D Murray, Hill, Ajayi, Ryan Mathews, Derrick Henry, Josh Ferguson, Daniel Lasco, Morris, CJ2K, Paul Perkins WRs Dez, Allen, Fitzgerald, Crabtree, Lafell, Mike Thomas (Rams), Moritz Boehringer, Kendall Wright TE JT, Gates, Bennett Trade A I get Sanders, 2017 1st i give Ajayi, Lafell, trade B i get Marvin Jones, Smallwood, Henry i give D Murray, D Henry, Crabtree trade C i get Brees, Dorsett, Cameron or hooper i give D Murray, D Henry, Mike Thomas trade D I get B Marsh, woodhead i give Hill, Crabtree, gates
  9. I would keep Lewis and the pick...maybe use the pick mid season to cover for an injured player....too many RBsin New Orleans... Ingram has an injury history IMO
  10. I personally would keep Shepard and Lacy....
  11. 20 team dynasty PPR league start 8 total 14 person roster, 8 Starters 0-1 QB, 1-3 RB, 2-4 WR, 1-3 TE Minimum: 0 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE + 4 Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE) Maximum: 1 Starting QB, 3 Starting RB, 4 Starting WR, 3 Starting TE My team Eli Manning CJA, Doug Martin, Jay Ajayi, Ryan Mathews Allen Robinson, Michael Floyd, Brandon Lafell, Deandre Smelter, Dez Lewis, Braxton Miller, TJ Jones Antonio Gates, Stephan Anderson (Hou) I get AJ Green, Sterling Shepard, Austin Cooper (TE, Atl), Karlos Williams I give Allen Robinson, CJA, Stephan Anderson, Braxton Miller
  12. Trade was offered, just vectoring checking to see which side is short on the offer? 12 team PPR, .15 point per yard carried league Team A gets Jordy Nelson Positives: GB high passing offense, great GB, Nelson has performed awesome! Negatives: Recovering ACL injury Team B gets Brandon Marshall, Gio Bernard Positive Marshall beasted, Gio catches some passes and could run a lot as well (point per yard carried bump) Negatives: Is Fitz coming back to Jets for QB...Or will it be Geno Will Gio be limited with Hue leaving and Hill running more
  13. What if it was Cobb instead of Edelman?
  14. 12. Team Dynasty PPRTeam A getsEli Manning, Jamaal Charles, Ware/West, Edelman, 2017 late 1stTeam B getsJoe Flacco, Jay Ajayi, Dez Bryant
  15. What's Jay Ajayi going for? You buying or selling him?