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  1. Congrats GB enjoy your baby girl. It's the best feeling in the world. That other stuff is a pain and takes time, (I still haven't got all my stuff done after 5 months)
  2. I'm not Crosseyed, but I recently finalized my adoption in Nov of last year. I live in Wisconsin and we had to wait a minimum of 6 months from the time of parental rights termination before we could have the finalization hearing. From what I understand, parents are given the option to appeal (non voluntary terminations). Hope this helps some. Good luck.
  3. Congrats man, it's one of the best feelings in the world.
  4. Yes, it is per kid since we completed last year (11/2009) we got 12,000 and rolled over a huge chuck for next year.
  5. Probably not, I'm in the same boat and I went with the P90 (not P90X) and I couldn't even get past the whole first 1-2 segment with the Power yoga. Damn you downward dog!!
  6. This is why I always have my goodies shipped to the office. Plus whatever carrier they use to ship, if it's going to a business it will require a signature. That way nobody ever makes off with my swag.
  7. I don't necessarily want to hijack, but my adoption was finalized yesterday afternoon. I am now the official proud parent of two lovely girls, ages 4 and 5. It was a relative adoption (my wife's nieces) so the process was not as strenuous as what I've read about. Anyway it's a big relief to finally have that part done. Now on with the tons of paperwork to file for official name changes, insurance, etc. After it all said and done, definitely worth it and have no second thoughts. Just wanted to share with my ifamily fun photo
  8. Just to clarify, we don't get to adopt him yet. We'll be foster parents until he's free for adoption. The county asked for a goal change at the first 3-month hearing, but it was continued until October 30. So it will still probably be another year or so before we can actually adopt him.For those of you who have adopted little ones, have you changed their names? We have no problem with the name Erik, but he is a "Jr." and his dad isn't the nicest guy in the world. So we thought about leaving his middle name the same (Christopher) but changing his first name if the adoption process moves quickly. Thoughts?We're in the same boat but our adoption should be finalized by the end of next month. The girls we are adopting are my wife's nieces 4 and 5 years old. So changing their first names was definitely off the list as they can spell and write them already. Plus we figured they had enough to deal with switching from calling us aunt and uncle to mom and dad. We decided to append to their middle names, each girl's middle name will be changed to add part of one of our mothers names (Dawn-Mae and Mary-Jean) and they will receive my last name. I figure the would have something from their birth mom and we could honor our mothers at the same time. Anyway from what I understand the name changing process doesn't slow things down at all. All we had to do was fill out a form and have it notarized. Then we gave the for to our case worker along with the check that pays for the new birth certificates, filling costs, etc. Just hope you case worker isn't downsized in the middle of the process and changes offices. :lmao:Congratulations and good luck
  9. Ok here's my first contributions to this thread. I was at a football scrimmage last week and a storm rolled in, so I took some shots wide open using aperture priority. These are straight out the camera and they seem under exposed. My first thoughts are that I should have checked my white balance since I'm sure it's still set on the default, but they do capture the mood of that day. The temp dropped, sky darkened, and then the sky opened up for about 15 minutes. warm ups Incoming plane storm brewing I'd appreciate any tips anyone has on shots like these. I love skyscapes especially when a storm is coming through since you get some great cloud formations and colors.
  10. Good luck, and Godspeed, I know what it's like to play the waiting game.
  11. Does this require actual work?No. You do not have to actually play.If I can be as apathetic as I normally am...I in.Not to hijack, but I created a Thread in our facebook group for us FBG's that are looking to grow their mafias. We can post over there and I believe add each other from the thread.
  12. Does this require actual work?No. You do not have to actually play. INWho else wants to join up...we should all ban together Count me in.
  13. I do, I'm stuck because I don't have enough guys in my mob to do some of the jobs.
  14. Girl A+ is your man. So to speak.Go ahead and friend me through the fbg facebook page.Hmm, I must be dumb or something. I can find your post on the fbg membername thread, but I can't send you a friend request. Any other suggestions?
  15. I joined due the the cnn coverage. Let's just say that I'm impressed by all my old friends that have accounts there and added me. Whoever set up facebook did it right. Just about all the people they have suggested to be friends for me I know Anyway, I need some cronies for mob wars. Any fgbs want to hook a brotha up with tips for this game?