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  1. There are so many good prospects; landing with a good team / organization will play a pivotal role in where players land in fantasy.
  2. Sometimes you overpay on perceived value if you're certain of the talent.
  3. I'll be trying to acquire AJ Brown in the off-season where I can. Dude looked electric.
  4. It makes sense since Washington doesn't want to win right now anyway right? LoL
  5. What happened in the second half of the game? Did Washington inexplicably stop targeting McLaurin?
  6. It helps that he's not a) injured and/or fighting an injury b) with Adam Gase
  7. Swift to the Chiefs would be absolutely insane from a fantasy perspective. Jonathan Taylor to the Packers doesn't make much sense.
  8. Oh baby he came through for me today in multiple leagues!
  9. I'd like to remind everyone that he has a single fumble in 126 NFL carries. He's usually very safe with the ball.
  10. That's more an indication of the talent bereft at the RB position for the Bucs recently as well as offensive philosophies from the recent coaching staffs and ineptitude of the front offices.
  11. Still underrated and getting little respect in the fantasy community. I wonder if his rookie year stigma will follow him throughout his career and if/what will change it.
  12. Don't watch the stat sheets. The game says a different story.
  13. Sure, anything can happen. A team like the Panthers drafted DeAngelo Williams with their first round pick in 2006 and then picked Jonathan Stewart with their first round pick in 2008. Teams make decisions and they are not always correct. There are also things that we don't see that go into these decisions. Zac Stacy was a 5th round JAG who was given some play to see how he'd perform. Tre Mason it turns out had mental health issues we found out about post NFL.