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  1. Hey EBF, Where would you slot Josh Jacobs in as far as overall dynasty RB rankings if you had to today? Could you go into further detail player analysis on Josh as to explain why what you saw on film cemented him as the clear #1 fantasy prospect in this draft?
  2. Those are the only two injuries that I can find on record. I can't even find anything dating back to high school for him. I agree, injury prone seems like a bad label to give him in this case.
  3. Oh it looks very bad. I would expect a quick response from the NFL considering the backlash over the Ray rice video
  4. That's a pretty good list of names. Where does Gurley lie on those rankings I wonder
  5. Offenses needs to evolve and adapt with the NFL rule changes and the Offensive coordinators that fail/refuse to do so are the ones that will find themselves in the unemployment line.
  6. This. Kerryon has been a game changer for Detroit and provided them with a run game for the first time in what seems like over a decade. He's a 3 down back and looks like a stud out there.
  7. DK Metcalf declared for the NFL draft Future Stud incoming..
  9. I'm on the same page as you regarding this 100%. I'm holding on to a few mid round 2019's just for him.
  10. Rodney Anderson. If he shows he's healthy, he has the highest potential of any RB in this class.
  11. Rodney Anderson looked incredible but obviously can't catch a break health wise.
  12. I don't know what he said but I damn well love it. I wish the English broadcasters brought the fire like this guy.
  13. ZWK, the majority of sites have NKeal Harry as the 1.1 in 2019 fantasy drafts. What are your thoughts on this? Is he far and away the best receiver in the draft and worthy of the 1.1?