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  1. I really dislike Loeffler. She’s the exact reason people are so fed up with our government. She’s a crook who should probably be in jail. Worth over $100 million. Why even go into government? Anyways, runoffs don’t go well for democrats typically. Also, I think somebody got in Trump’s ear and he is actually going down to Georgia and campaign for them. Best case scenario is the runoffs being split. No way democrats take both those seats.
  2. This. Everything else is just grandstanding.
  3. Obama became president during the rise of social media. Back in 2008 it was mostly college students on Facebook. Twitter wasn’t a thing until 2009. By the end of his first term Facebook and Twitter turned into a complete dumpster fire because a ton of older people joined and started sharing their political opinions. Misinformation and conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on social media. No other First Lady (with the exception of maybe Hillary) has been attacked like Michelle Obama. They call her a man and a lot of other disgusting things. The fact of the matter is that people are people. We fight, kill and harm each other. Social media just highlights the division. America is a divided country, we always have been. Obama was very naive to the division in this country. He was young and idealistic, but I think he knows better now. Trump simply plays into it all. He laid the foundation for “election fraud” months ago when he deliberately started attacking absentee ballots. Think about how crazy that is. Now you have people saying that mail in voting should be illegal. I guarantee nobody had much of an opinion about absentee ballots until Trump started attacking it. It just goes to show how much of a cult it is. People are brainwashed by the guy. Craziness. But it doesn’t surprise me.