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  1. Luck played 8 seasons, right? This will be Wentz’s 5th. If this theory is correct and Wentz bounces to become a youth minister or whatever in 3 years would that justify the Hurts pick?
  2. We trotted out the worse receiving corps in the nfl last year. I do like additions. We should have gotten Jefferson tho.
  3. I would have accepted a LB or DB in the first round and then a WR in the second over the Hurts decision. Just...why? Why Hurts? Are we gonna keep Sudfeld? Don’t we have huge holes at LB? OL could use some work too.
  4. Beginning to think having a dead parent is a requirement to play in the NFL
  5. Dead dad who drowned saving him. Okey dokey then. Soo many sob stories.
  6. Maria is a tall glass of water. If I were into women she’d definitely be my type.
  7. I don’t know how you guys can stomach Booger. I’m on ABC.
  8. Goddell doing his best Joe Biden impression.