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  1. Why wasn't Hoyer included in the deal if he's going to end up in NE? The roster spot is vacated by the trade so he should have been able to slide right in on the 53.
  2. I'm going to have a zero at RB unless Powell plays. Also a zero at TE with byes/Clay injury. Wentz and the Eagles D put up decent numbers, and Agholor came through with a respectable WR number. I have an uphill climb but a punchers chance. I'm hoping this week will be the lowest cutline of the year.
  3. This is so true. My secretly favorite moment of the Andy Reid era was after the 2002 NFC Championship Game loss to the greatest show on turf. We gave them a hell of a scare and everyone knew we were going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next decade.
  4. I never really believed in last years team, even with the 3-1 start. Our receivers were terrible, the RBs were not good, and we were running a lot of misdirection to get guys space in the first four games. The playcalling was intriguing, but I find when you have to resort to that it's very smoke and mirror-ish. The defense never gave me confidence it would hold up, and the Steelers game just felt like an anomaly. This team can beat you running conventional stuff and executing with talent on both offense and defense. Not much trickery required. It's just solid.
  5. I'm all in. This team is legitimately good. The only weak unit we have is the secondary and even elite teams have at least one unit that's weak. When Cox comes back, the DL is elite and Wentz's play is trending that way. To me, this is the best overall Eagles team since 04. If we get some injury luck this squad has Super Bowl ceiling.
  6. Thank you Jimmy Graham for showing up. Hiding from the Turk for another week.
  7. My cheap WRs came through so far today. Goodwin, Hogan, and Agholor. Seems like I may survive this week, but I'm not going to survive the Clay injury. I only took 2 TEs, and Jimmy Graham has been mostly garbage so far this year and I don't expect that to change.
  8. As an Eagles fan all I can say is thank goodness Dallas didn't take him. Elliott is obviously a good RB but Ramsey is the type of guy you can build a truly elite defense around with modest talent around him. He's an absolute nightmare to gameplan for.
  9. Very underrated point. I hate having to deal with my fantasy squads every single day. I suppose that's why I've whittled down my leagues over the past couple years even though I hadn't thought of the angle.
  10. I haven't yet counted Zay Jones, Marquise Goodwin, and the Titans D. That's not bad on the non-injury dead weight in terms of dollars. Hunt, Thielen, and Clay (thank goodness for Clay!) have counted all 4 weeks.
  11. I've beat the cutline by a cumulative 40 points, week 1 excepted. That's not good. My two highest paid guys are DJ and Amari. Oops.
  12. Wentz if QBs are eligible. Donald if not. I am a little surprised the league doesn't have any youngish slamdunk HOF OTs. It seemed like we always have seen one or two over the last 25 years.
  13. My interest is different now. I'd much rather spend my Sunday daytime doing something with my young kids. But I still DVR the Eagles game and never miss a snap, usually watched after the kids are asleep or when they are doing something they'd rather do alone. Then I'll watch the Sunday night game DVRed after I finish the Eagles game. The Monday night game I might or might not watch depending on if it's a good game. If it's involving an NFCE team I'll probably watch, otherwise 50-50. But I pretty much don't watch live Sunday day games, rarely watch Thursdays unless the Eagles are playing, and never watch London games. When the kids were too young to be out and about football would always be on during the day Sunday. I can't watch live NFL because of the commercials. I think the advent of Red Zone has allowed the NFL to sell more commercial time because the hardcore fans will tolerate the commercials for their home team and flip to Red Zone when the local team isn't on. I don't care about the politics, commissioner, or other stuff. The NFL is a diversion/hobby for me and I keep it that way.
  14. Is this an aberration in terms of targets or is he actually startable going forward in PPR leagues?