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  1. Who was it that said Dak was going to be one of the best draft picks in history?? Dak doesn’t need Zeke to be significant? Lol 500+ yards on these clowns by a team who has been lackluster all year and had their best game today. GO EAGLES!!
  2. Ok I can see this conversation is going nowhere. You have your opinion, even if there is zero facts to back it up, and we have ours. Have fun on your world?
  3. I agree Dak is a good QB but saying he will go down as one of the best draft pick of all time is really premature due to the fact this game alone showed he needs a RB of Zeks status to be serviceable
  4. L Murry look dam good the other night running on this DEN D.
  5. Im with all you guys being frustrated about Ingram. I drafted him as my 1rb in a 16 team league, grabbed AJ Green 1st, but I firmly believe that there is something wrong with the relationship between him and Payton because I just can't grasp the concept behind Payton's actions here. I stated before, Ingram averaged approximately 1 fumble per 170 carries where Hightower is 1 fumble per 63 carries. Ingram is obviously the better talent, and if you don't see that your blind or just in denial. I know it was the 49ers but Ingram was averaging 10 yards a carry. Maybe he needed a fire lite under his a$$ but my god, if you don't want him on your team Payton trade him.
  6. Philly homer here and let me just say, they are fasing him out
  7. I'm starting to believe Payton wants to stick it to him for some reason
  8. Philly would love to have him
  9. I was always confused why Payton hates Ingram so much to the extent of punishing him for the slightest mistake his entire career in NO. Not to mention, when he has had great games, he gets pulled in the most inopportune times? I remember a few years back, Ingram was extremely displeased on the play calling where he was concerned, and many game scrips seemed to be focused around him if he did well, to pull him. Again, why did they sign him to that new contract??
  10. Hightower averages 64 touches per fumble whereas Ingram averages 123 per fumble. How does this constitute having a shared backfield?? Peyton is a total ### face.