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  1. It's been a long time since I've checked in with the FFA. Heading back Wednesday afternoon for a 5-night stay. YWIA.
  2. Very few would consider Ozark the best in Arkansas. In the central part of the state, Lost 40, Flyway, and even Stone's Throw are better overall breweries. And like you, I prefer Core to Ozark.
  3. Noob question: I have money sitting in an account that is not yet invested....just rolled over. Should I go ahead and invest now with market down or should I wait for it to drop further?
  4. Need some advice. I know very little about investing. I have about 50k that I'm rolling over into a Fidelity IRA from an old employer 401k. I'm 42 and have about 25 more years of active work years left. If I continue on the path I'm on, I'll have a government "pension" of sorts that will be my primary retirement income. I'm ok with some risk and don't want to have to monitor things everyday. I'm not looking for total "autopilot," but I don't want to worry about it all the time. How should I invest that 50k in Fidelity funds? TIA.
  5. Good recall. Get a net...and a pink softball helmet.
  6. I need to get a better idea of what these might actually sell for on eBay. I drafted a listing, and it was going to charge me a $40 listing fee to set a reserve at $999.
  7. Amazingly, this post has more likes.
  8. That's the rub...I'm not letting him wear them to school...there would be a riot at the elementary school. Can't sport those down at the church house either. Think the compromise may be a small, discrete strip of blue tape over the words.
  9. I've seriously considered this.
  10. I agree. My wife's first reaction was to send them back and get the right pair. There is no way I'm sending those shoes back!
  11. My two teen/preteen boys are shoe-obsessed. Pretty much the only thing on their Christmas lists was shoes. One of the big asks on my 10-year-old's list was a custom pair of NikeID shoes. He convinced his grandma to get those for him, so earlier in December he started designing them to get them ordered before Christmas. On a Sunday afternoon in mid-December we were eating lunch at my mom's house when he finally decided to place the order. He was designing them on her laptop, so she gave him the credit card info to put in and place the order. I briefly glanced at what he designed, and generally approved, so I wasn't paying that close attention. About 45 minutes after he placed the order, he came running into the kitchen saying there was a problem. Son: "Dad, we need to cancel that order...we need to cancel it...I ordered the wrong pair." Me: "What do you is it the wrong pair?" Son: "Well, I was just messing around and made a few different pairs. I accidentally put the wrong pair in the cart when I ordered." Me: "Ok...???" Son: "I made one pair as a said 'deez nuts' on the back." At which point various reactions erupt around the room. My corruptive dad...hysterical laughter. Mrs. K...embarrassed anger. Me...very much straddling the fence of irritation and bemusement. To move this along...I get on the customer service line with Nike to cancel the order. I tell the guy I need to cancel an order and give him the order number. "I'm sorry, orders have to be cancelled in the first 30 minutes...this was about an hour ago...what's the problem?" I tell him the "deez nuts" story and he breaks into maniacal laughter...he tells me to hang on, and I can hear him doing the "hey, listen to this..." as he puts me on hold. After a minute or two, he gets back on and tells me it's not a problem. It seems the phrase would not have been approved anyway because it violates the customer ID policy. So he confirms the order will be canceled and tells me to simply get on and place a new order. My mom got an email confirming the cancellation a few minutes later, and we proceeded to reorder the shoes without any customization on the back. Pretty funny little story even if it ends there. Fast forward to a few days ago...the shoes finally arrive. Open the box...and...GOT 'EM!!!
  12. Barred in Arkansas...have never done online CLE. My first 12 years of practice was spent trying to leverage my firm's CLE stipend into a mini-vacation...I went to Chicago, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, and Puerto Vallarta.
  13. Negative...a little shoot she did a few weeks before as a gift for me.