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  1. 4-20 is the perfect line for Callaway.
  2. Well, he's now grabbing it by the horns, rather, than grabbing his n#^'s, so his game is moving up.
  3. I've gotten exactly what I expected so far from drafting Ingram.
  4. Tate > Golladay > Jones But the gaps are not huge.
  5. 2014. Percy Harvin gained around 450 yards for the Jets after Being acquired at the end of October. In general however I think you're right most of these do not work out very well.
  6. No, not even close. Just citing Marcus As an example of a guy whose body type would have indicated he should have been injured all the time. To the contrary the guy knew how to turn his body to avoid big hits and was healthy the majority of his career
  7. Don't think there is much data to support this. Injury is more a function of running style (and bad luck). Go back and look at Marcus Allen. He had the frame of an NBA shooting guard, But he knew how to position his body to avoid big hits and was rarely injured.
  8. If every guy in your league passed up Brady a few weeks ago In your draft, why would they deal a 1st/2nd rounder for him now?
  9. Was riding in my buddies boat on pretty well trafficked part of the lake. We cruised past what appeared to be the top of a 2 piece bikini floating in the water. I had him circle around so I could snatch this thing out of the water. Had to lean waaaaay out of the boat to get my hand in position to reach it as he circled around. Just as we got close, the boat was pounded with a big wake, side of the boat lurched up into me. Broke 2 ribs. Bikini top remained in the water.
  10. His mom drafted him in her league with her book club members.
  11. You can't simply adjust your strategy when your skill players are locked up on teams that are 3 games up in their division and your opponent in Week 17 has players that are on a team fighting for wildcard spot. Legitimate leagues don't put the championship in NFL Week 17.
  12. Hansen will only be on that roster for as long as it takes Bellicheat and the other coaches to pick his brain about the Jets playbook. Then they will dump him like a week old bucket of soup out on to the street. This is an old patriots move they have been doing for years
  13. Latest cut by the Panthers was WR Bug Howard surely you guys can do something with that