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  1. Actually, there is one area where it may be reasonable to compare Stafford and Brees: Mrs Brees Mrs Stafford
  2. We fine the owner. Then the following year at the draft, we remove several toenails . . slowly
  3. the flags were all over the field, similar to confetti, last night. Hard NOT to spot them
  4. Yet another reason to discontinue these nonsense games in Mexico and the UK. Unless the NFL is serious about moving the Jaguars to London (which they seem to be), 2 to 3 games in London is ridiculous and total slap in the face to the season ticket holders of the teams that are awarded a "home" game in London each year. Game in Mexico City on a sh&# field? Why? What is the point of this other than simple $ grab. The NFL needs to cut this crap out, if they want to be international then drop an expansion team in Toronto and be done with it.
  5. interested to see if this offer gets a nibble. Is this redraft?
  6. facing same decision. I'm going to start them both, and sit ADP to create a spot in my lineup this week. I think CC has a good chance to bust a long run on a wet field tonight with defenders unable to pivot and chase as quickly as normal, and am ok sitting Peterson as 'skins will be playing from behind yet again, which means AP watching from sidelines.
  7. Kelce was not going 2 rounds later than Gronk in competitive leagues. He went 2 picks later in my main $ draft.
  8. Spot on. He did this on a punt return as well, but it is a learning process. He probably left 60 yards or more on the field, including the return yards, by zigging when he should have zagged. It's not really a negative unless he doesn't continue to improve. Still very impressive for an URFA
  9. 4-20 is the perfect line for Callaway.