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  1. Any other thoughts QB scoring in Superflex league? Looking like I'm going 4 per TD, -1 INT, 1 per 25yds, + bonus for long TD's and 300 yds passing -1 per sack? Not sure if I will like that or not
  2. Adding superflex to my PPR league and trying to figure out optimal scoring setup so QB's don't completely dominate the position. Whats the best format? Thinking passing TD's 4pts instead of 6pts INT -2pts Yardage - 1 per 30yds? (From 1/25yds) TE premium 1.5 per rec ( doesn't have option, which site does?)
  3. PPR Flex pick one Tre'Quan Smith, Richard, or Marvin Jones? Have Brees & Thomas going as well. Smith is the certainly the ceiling play but what do you think his floor is?
  4. Why wouldn't you drop Gordon? The other guys have already produced a bunch.
  5. It's not crazy at all depending who's available. Probably looking at Fitzgerald, JuJu, and Thielen in round 3 as your WR1. You can hammer WR the rest of the draft, take some high upside guys and hope they hit.
  6. Auction league with a 4 keepers, which 2 would you keep for this year? All are super cheap. Already keeping M Thomas & Gronk. Marvin Jones Dion Lewis Rex Burkhead
  7. PPR Flex, need 1? Tough gauging floor & ceiling on these players for me. Abdullah Burkhead Lewis
  8. PPR Underdog this week with WR troubles. Need to pick up and start one of these guys, any gut feelings about any of them? I know your a Lockett fan Lockett Richardson Anderson Thompson LaFell
  9. What do you expect from any of these DAL RB's without Romo leading the charge? @NYG, SEA, WAS x 2, @GB, NYJ, @ BUF left on the schedule. Not great matchups for the running game. I hope C Michael catapults to RB1 status too but it's really a lottery ticket.
  10. What's his upside this season? John Brown is the ascending player of that WR core.
  11. Woodhead was used all over yesterday on all downs, very likely the most valuable SD RB this season. Gordon didn't look like he is going to make defenders miss much but ran very hard falling forward on a few of those runs, constantly churning his legs after contact. I think it was Phil Simms commenting during the game about the stutter steps and a touch of hesitation, needing to plant a foot and be decisive. Noticeable on a few runs. SEA defense is a tough assignment to get your running game going all things considered. Maybe it will just take him until week 9 to break out against the Bears on MNF. My takeaway from the Chargers game yesterday is get Stevie Johnson as a great value in the draft, he will easily be a top 30 WR and a fantastic WR3.