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  1. PPR Flex pick one Tre'Quan Smith, Richard, or Marvin Jones? Have Brees & Thomas going as well. Smith is the certainly the ceiling play but what do you think his floor is?
  2. Why wouldn't you drop Gordon? The other guys have already produced a bunch.
  3. It's not crazy at all depending who's available. Probably looking at Fitzgerald, JuJu, and Thielen in round 3 as your WR1. You can hammer WR the rest of the draft, take some high upside guys and hope they hit.
  4. Auction league with a 4 keepers, which 2 would you keep for this year? All are super cheap. Already keeping M Thomas & Gronk. Marvin Jones Dion Lewis Rex Burkhead
  5. PPR Flex, need 1? Tough gauging floor & ceiling on these players for me. Abdullah Burkhead Lewis
  6. PPR Underdog this week with WR troubles. Need to pick up and start one of these guys, any gut feelings about any of them? I know your a Lockett fan Lockett Richardson Anderson Thompson LaFell
  7. Tough one. Looking at playoff schedule, I would hold Martin for sure. I'd have a tough time dropping Hill with his situation. Probably Hyde
  8. PPR A Rob @ BUF or Hopkins v SD
  9. No way I'd start any Bears RB v Vikings and Carey is in the mix and looks good.