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  1. Yep. Right now a candidate like Charlie Baker would win the presidential election in an absolute landslide and would simultaneously be demolished in a red state primary to someone who ran on a creationist climate change denial platform.
  2. Yep. The two most popular governors in the country are Republicans in blue states. Showing that the message of limited fiscal interference and social liberalism is what the majority of Americans want; but we let a few million crazies in Iowa and NH decide who will be the nominee every few years.
  3. How do you pull that off without sounding incredibly condescending?
  4. I would assume there are a lot of poor students (who are probably disproportionately minority) who might not have access to transportation once they turn 18, but do have access to school buses. I have no idea how widespread (or not) that is, but I don't see a negative to allowing pre-registration, and the only potential "gain" that I can see is fewer registered voters.
  5. Has anyone defended the other provisions of the law, like shortening early voting periods, preventing pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds etc.? Because while I think reasonable people can disagree about the propriety of requiring a photo ID to vote as a means of combating fraud that may or may not exist, how do you defend all of the other restrictions that tend to go hand-in-hand with these types of laws which seem to serve no purpose other than making it harder for minorities to vote?
  6. Live video here of Fox Turkey. There were just a few explosions followed by yelling. I have no idea what they're saying.
  7. I think there are absolutely good cops and bad cops. The good cops are the ones that tip off media members about things like the Laquan McDonald shooting. The vast majority of cops are good cops. The majority of police shoootings involve police officers who have prior complaints of excessive force that are dismissed, which ties into the real problem, which is that we have a system that makes it almost impossible to punish even egregiously bad cops, both because of police unions that have gotten all kinds of concessions for all officers involved in shootings, and people who mindlessly accept any narrative that a police officer puts forth.
  8. And then there are the anecdotal accounts vs. peer-reviewed journal articles. I'm sure there are some people who would waste money no matter what. I'm just saying that there's actual, empirical evidence which contradicts the narrative that if we gave poor people enough money to live on, they would immediately blow it on luxury items.
  9. I recently read a very good book called Evicted, and in it the author discussed the poorest of the poor making objectively unreasonable purchases with limited funds. One of the things I found interesting was his discussion of social science literature which indicates that when poor individuals get more significant income (generally in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit) they tend not to blow the money right away, and they actually manage it in a way that is objectively better. I didn't follow up and read some of the other cited articles, and I'm sure the author has his own biases, but I thought it was interesting.
  10. Considering your avatar, I'm curious: would you say any judge who's a member of this organization shouldn't be allowed to hear a case in which an Irish person was involved?
  11. A lot of things mentioned here are great. One note on Capital Bikeshare is to understand how it works. A lot of people just rent the bike and apparently don't return it until the end of the day. Check out angry Yelp reviews about it! But as long as you don't have the bikes out for more than 30 minutes at a stretch, it's a great service. Also if you want to go full tourist, you could take a segway tour.
  12. Yep. He'll be taking over for Reed in the 8th before too long.
  13. You're right. I also liked that his changeup was a lot faster than Young's fastball yesterday. On another note, it's very nice to have a second baseman who doesn't inspire terror on every ground ball hit to him.