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  1. Her appearance on Jimmy Fallen was much worse
  2. Looks a little thick
  3. I think Ted should host next year
  4. Argo won for one reason, it was a movie where the movie industry plays hero.
  5. One of the ugliest broads in Hollywood
  6. Lawrence will not win
  7. I'd forgotten what an ### hat Haig was in the aftermath of the shooting
  8. Probst's job to stir the pot, he has earned the right at this point to have quite a bit of rope in those types of situations.
  9. Shocking there is a lazy black man this season
  10. I'm not sure where you live, but are you certain about this?I also have to go to the (RI) DMV tomorrow, and much to my surprise, it's open. Yeah, that's weird. Presidents Day isn't a state holiday in RI but it has something called Victory Day in August. WTF is Victory Day? Victory over the Japs, many states used to have it but political correctness pressure saw states get rid of it over the last 20 years except RI.
  11. This thread had a great run, let it rest for a while. At this point, I'd rather see it come back to life perhaps around March Madness
  12. Unfortunately she seems to be on the wrong alliance so her stay might be too short again
  13. Solid episode tonight
  14. She has nice skin.You know, I think I just came up with a way to help solve the deficits states are experiencing. Round up all the hot female prisoners and make them work in a brothel, the gov't keeps the money. Arias should be able to fetch some good money.Love it.I had an idea to put executions on PPV and hold a raffle to let people be the ones who could kill the bad guy. I bet somebody like Jeffery Dahmer would fetch enough money to fund medicare for a year.I had the same idea except I would raffle off rocks and let the winners stone the person to death. You still get the PPV money and would get more revenue as probably the top 10 bidders would get a chance to chuck a stone at the soon to be dead guy.
  15. So Isaac leaves his bar station, heads down to the engine room to smoke a doobie and then flicks the roach on the ground which causes the fire? ####### ######