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  1. I'm no Keenan Allen fan, but you can't use him in a comparison like this. Maynard was barely D1 quality... any pass beyond 8 yards was an adventure for him. Meanwhile guys like Patterson/Hunter, Hopkins, and Bailey all had legit NFL (and in the case of Boyd and Smith high caliber NFL) talents throwing them the rock and playing in offenses that played to those strengths. It's ike comparing the production and use of Larry Fitzgerald the last couple of years to Marques Colston and Jordy Nelson. Doesn't really speak to the overall value and talent of the player.
  2. Possibly. They like both him and third rounder Emmanuel Sanders out of SMU.Brown will get a hat as a rookie and he's in line to be their primary kick and punt returner on opening day. He looked good enough as a returner and as a receiver for them to cut Stefan Logan, who was a pretty good kick returner for them last season. He's really shifty and has great burst and top end speed. In his first preseason game he took a simple slant over the middle from Dixon, made a quick head fake, then cut it back up the sideline and beat a safety who had the angle on him for a 60+ yard TD. He might get worked onto the field later in the season, and you never know how injuries will play out. If a guy like Ward or Wallace were to go down for a significant period, all bets are off.