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  1. Depends on what you need. Safe play is Douglas, but if you've got a solid roster and are wanting to take a chance on a breakout I'd go Bryant at home today.
  2. I'd be hard pressed to bench Ingram. Has a nose for the end zone this year iMO.
  3. Hilton owner needing a flex play from one of these guys.
  4. Like the upside of West better, and Ben Tate can never make it through a season healthy. I'd lean him.
  5. What say the masses? A bit torn on this one going into a draft.
  6. I'm with the previous poster. I'd much rather hang onto Gronk because if he stays healthy he's going to be a huge TD machine playing a position with not a lot of elite fantasy talent.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I've been leaning Bell based on age and Murray's injury history.
  8. Standard scoring league. I initially leaned towards going with Bell but now think I might be nuts passing up on Murray. The injury history with him scares me some though. What do you guys think here?
  9. I don't get why it's so hard for some people to understand. Those yards were all gained during the course of a receiving play, therefore they are receiving yards. If the play had started as an end around to Sanders then all the subsequent laterals and yards would have been during the course of a running play. So it'd be just as "stupid" to say a guy like Marcus Gilbert had 0 rushes for 5 yards as it is to Marcus Gilbert had 0 receptions for 5 yards. It's not a difficult concept; Gilbert doesn't get credit for a reception since he didn't catch a pass, he caught a lateral during a receiving play, but he still gained receiving yards during the course of that reception.
  10. Definitely. Ray Rice looks like he's lost a few steps. I'd take that trade.
  11. Thanks for the honest feedback. And to rephrase, it's actually not a pure dynasty league... just a keeper league. You can keep a maximum of three players from one year to the next. Obviously Charles would be one of those guys for next year, and I've also got DeMarco Murray. I guess part of my thinking was I'd trade Blackmon for C.J. straight up since at this point I didn't see Lacy taking one of those three spots.
  12. Randle sucks IMO... wouldn't consider dropping McGahee for him.
  13. For over a week I've had a trade up to send Eddie Lacy and Justin Blackmon for Calvin Johnson. After this past weekend I might have pulled it considering what Blackmon and Lacy showed, but the guy accepted the trade and it went through. Having some doubts, but I'm thinking CJ will get right at some point this year and put up big numbers, whereas I can't see Blackmon being a big TD producer in Jax and I don't have must trust in Bama RBs turning out to be studs. My team has been struggling this year and I'm trying to set myself up for next year (recently pulled a trade for Jamaal Charles involving Ray Rice and Antonio Brown), but I'm afraid I might have ruined my chances this year. Honest thoughts?
  14. Background: after this week my team will be 1-4. 10 team league with expanded roster spots. Tried selling high on guys like Ray Rice and Antonio Brown since I'm not huge on them going forward. I'm sure some will consider this a bad deal but I'm huge on Charles and worse case I figure he'd be the best piece out of this bunch to retain in dynasty going into next year. I gave up: Ray Rice Victor Cruz Antonio Brown Heath Miller for Jamaal Charles Danny Amendola Eddie Lacy Jermichael Finley Brian Hartline Did I just dig myself into a deeper hole or is this something to feel good about?