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  1. Depends on what you need. Safe play is Douglas, but if you've got a solid roster and are wanting to take a chance on a breakout I'd go Bryant at home today.
  2. I'd be hard pressed to bench Ingram. Has a nose for the end zone this year iMO.
  3. Hilton owner needing a flex play from one of these guys.
  4. Like the upside of West better, and Ben Tate can never make it through a season healthy. I'd lean him.
  5. What say the masses? A bit torn on this one going into a draft.
  6. I'm with the previous poster. I'd much rather hang onto Gronk because if he stays healthy he's going to be a huge TD machine playing a position with not a lot of elite fantasy talent.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I've been leaning Bell based on age and Murray's injury history.
  8. Standard scoring league. I initially leaned towards going with Bell but now think I might be nuts passing up on Murray. The injury history with him scares me some though. What do you guys think here?
  9. I don't get why it's so hard for some people to understand. Those yards were all gained during the course of a receiving play, therefore they are receiving yards. If the play had started as an end around to Sanders then all the subsequent laterals and yards would have been during the course of a running play. So it'd be just as "stupid" to say a guy like Marcus Gilbert had 0 rushes for 5 yards as it is to Marcus Gilbert had 0 receptions for 5 yards. It's not a difficult concept; Gilbert doesn't get credit for a reception since he didn't catch a pass, he caught a lateral during a receiving play, but he still gained receiving yards during the course of that reception.
  10. FWIW he's basically been the star of training camp so far. Really earning the respect of the Steelers D and the local beat writers have been gushing over him. Looks like he's on track to be the opening day starter, but of course that all depends on how the preseason goes as well.
  11. I'm no Keenan Allen fan, but you can't use him in a comparison like this. Maynard was barely D1 quality... any pass beyond 8 yards was an adventure for him. Meanwhile guys like Patterson/Hunter, Hopkins, and Bailey all had legit NFL (and in the case of Boyd and Smith high caliber NFL) talents throwing them the rock and playing in offenses that played to those strengths. It's ike comparing the production and use of Larry Fitzgerald the last couple of years to Marques Colston and Jordy Nelson. Doesn't really speak to the overall value and talent of the player.
  12. Every receiver in Pittsburgh saw a decline in their YPC last year... it was a result of Haley's short-passing offense that was installed. Brown also basically missed a quarter of the season last year. Went down in the first half of the Giants game with a high ankle sprain and then set out of the next three. Had he stayed healthy he would have led the Steelers both in yards and receptions. Brown was the primary receiver in Pittsburgh last year. His 16 game averages last year were: 85 catches, 1024 yards, and 7 TDs. If you think the high ankle sprain last year was a fluke and that he'll stay healthy, I don't see any reason why he won't produce just as good if not better #s than these.
  13. Once all the rookies are signed they should still have over $3 million in space after June 1st. Plenty of room to add a few FAs. I know John Clayton was speculating that we'll be bringing in Steve Breaston once the Steelers get that extra space.
  14. How would Eli Manning have looked had he been playing in the SB when he was 23 years old? Can't hold it against Ben that he was a hell of a lot better player out of the gates than Manning was. Did Ben play poorly in SB XL? No doubt about it. But how many 23 year olds take their teams to the SB to begin with? How many played as Ben did when as a 23 year old he won three straight road playoff games with a QB rating well over 100? I hate when comparisons are painted with such broad strokes. It's all about the big picture to me and considering all the details.....the hows and whys, not just numbers on a sheet of paper.