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  1. Depends on what you need. Safe play is Douglas, but if you've got a solid roster and are wanting to take a chance on a breakout I'd go Bryant at home today.
  2. I'd be hard pressed to bench Ingram. Has a nose for the end zone this year iMO.
  3. Hilton owner needing a flex play from one of these guys.
  4. I'm no Keenan Allen fan, but you can't use him in a comparison like this. Maynard was barely D1 quality... any pass beyond 8 yards was an adventure for him. Meanwhile guys like Patterson/Hunter, Hopkins, and Bailey all had legit NFL (and in the case of Boyd and Smith high caliber NFL) talents throwing them the rock and playing in offenses that played to those strengths. It's ike comparing the production and use of Larry Fitzgerald the last couple of years to Marques Colston and Jordy Nelson. Doesn't really speak to the overall value and talent of the player.
  5. Wallace will sign his tender some time in the next couple of weeks. He might not get a long term deal, but he's not missing Sundays over this. He'll make more money playing on the tender this year than he's made in his first three years combined.
  6. I don't get this stigma that Pittsburgh doesn't pay top dollar for their players. For the last decade+ they've been basically right at the salary cap every year. Every other team in their division can't say that (especially notorious cheapskates like Cincinnati and Cleveland, who have been 30-40 million under the cap at times). They signed Roethlisberger to a $100 million dollar deal. Made Troy the highest paid safety when they signed him. Signed Woodley and Timmons to big contracts last season. The young guys they want to keep, they generally lock up long term. They've let fading vets go in years past (Joey Porter and Alan Faneca come to mind), but those were seen as smart decisions since those guys were clearly on the decline (and in Porter's place they had James Harrison in waiting). The last young guy they could have locked up but didn't was probably Burress back in the '04 offseason, but I don't think they had the room to sign both he and Ward to big deals. Considering the next season Ward finished as the SB MVP, clearly it's hard to say they made a wrong call on that. Signing Brown to an extension was going to happen either way. As someone else just said, all this means is that they're probably going to treat Wallace on a year to year basis now. Maybe they sign him long term still (they have the room under the cap this season to do it), or maybe they just let him play on the tender, but for the time being he's going nowhere.
  7. Good post, and I agree.
  8. Harrison is not as good as Matthews. Chad Clifton didn't even need help with him.And the Steelers back up tight end Matt Spaeth pretty much controlled Matthews on the edges in the run game, so what's your point?
  9. You still aren't getting it... read what is written... Yes Tom and Peyton get rid of the ball quicker and make "snap" decisions... The Jets defense in the playoffs was a bit different than the regular season. They had been covering the short quick routes with bracket coverage basically daring you to try and beat them deep which plays right into the hands of their stellar CBs... Maybe you've heard of Revis and Cromartie? Brady (the master) was unsuccessful against this defense.... why? Because his receivers were reaching the end of their short routes and Brady (master of the quick decisions and short passes) had been unable to "solve" the puzzle. After his initial reads and progressions were finished... what did Brady do? Ummmm.... mostly looked confused and a little paranoid by the pressure from the D-Line that was now "getting home." What does (or did) Ben do when faced with this same defensive scheme? How about running for first downs... How about scrambling around and finding receivers for big time conversions (especially) on the last drive.See... it's easy to SAY that Manning or Brady would have been able to do better against that Defense....... except they didn't. Snap decisions and quick releases don't do much when the initial "planned plays" and "short routes" are disrupted.How have Tom and Peyton dealt with that in the past? How did they deal with it this time? How does Phil deal with that type of situation? How about Drew?Rodgers would be the next best option (possibly the best) but Ben's just done it a little longer.Am I missing anyone? Romo? hahaha... sorryExcept Brady and Manning didn't have the running game to rely on that Ben did...Yeah, and what an unstoppable running game it has been! I'm sure we all remember how dominant the Steelers were on the ground this season (where they were 11th and 17th in yards and YPC respectively) and in 2008 (where they were 23rd and 28th overall respectively) which are their last two SB seasons. Not to mention during the '05 playoffs... I mean, talk about a steamroller! Willie Parker and Jerome Bettis pretty much carried Ben through the AFC playoffs with their ballpark 2.3 YPC. Thank God for them! :rolleyes: I'm really starting to wonder if people actually watch the games or just watch ESPN and digest talking head hyperbole as fact. I'm starting to think it's the latter.
  10. You got this part wrong, If Roethlisberger was the Saints Qb then they do not make playoffs this year or win the Super Bowl last year...If Roethisberger was the Colts QB then they would be 8-8 consistently every year until they get some offensive balance. Ben does not carry teams! He is good but take off the Black and yellow glasses and realize that. He is not a HOF but might get in because ESPN controls everything about sports. I wish Brees only had to make 2 or 3 plays a game then he might have 4 rings.I'm not sure how I got anything wrong. I never made any claims about what Roethlisberger would or would not do as Saints or Colts QB. Perhaps you should try reading the entire thread, or at least the parts applicable to what you quote, before you post foolish commentary?Brees is a better fit for the Saints offense than Roethlisberger, and Manning is a better fit for the Colts offense than Roethlisberger, but (and this was my point), Roethlisberger is a better fit for the Steelers offense than Manning, Brees, Brady, Rivers, Rodgers, etc is. With the Steelers offense (and their underwhelming O-line), to win 2 SBs (and have a shot at a 3rd) a QB would need to be able to withstand hits, make throws after taking hits/escaping pressure, run for yardage when necessary, and be able to throw the ball deep. In the Jets game, a QB without those skills would not have been able to help the Steelers win. Roethlisberger is the best QB with that skill-set in the NFL. HTH. ETA-I'm not a Steelers fan, so there's no homerism here. Unfortunately, I'm a Redskins fan, which has sucked for, oh I don't know, the last decade. That being said, I am also a football fan, and Roethlisberger is a good (and under-rated) football player. Or he could just post a QB rating of 22.6 and hope the running game and the defense bail him out in the Superbowl. But lets face it. If Manning, Montana, Elway, Unitas, Marino, or Superman would have played in that Superbowl then Pittsburgh would have lost.You crack me up. Well, do you have a point. Most 23 year olds tear up the NFL. Play lights out and win three straight games on the road in the playoffs, and then go onto the SB. What was Drew Brees doing when he was 23 again?
  11. Ben Roethlisberger's last 2 seasons: 577-895, 64% completion rate, 7,528 yards, 278.8 yards passing per game, 8.4 YPA, 47 total TDs, 17 INTs, 98.9 QB rating. One win away from his third SB appearance. And he's 28 years old. If only he were elite! And at one point Saturday, they had a guy who was their third string RG in preseason at RT, and another backup guard who was benched earlier this season at LT. Against Suggs, Ngata, and company. No sweat though.
  12. Roethlisberger was 22 years old when he played in SB XL. You can't compare his performance in that game to his peers because 99.9% of QBs are never in his position at that young age. What were Rivers, Eli, Aaron Rodgers, Palmer, Romo, etc... doing when they were 22 years old? How good were they? What level were they playing at? They were either too young or not good enough to be in Big Ben's position or anything close to it. And despite XL, he still finished that playoff run with a QB rating over 100. Three straight playoff wins on the road for a 22 year old QB (a first in NFL history), including outplaying Peyton Manning in Indianapolis against a team many were considering as one of the best of the decade at that point (won their first 13 games), and demolishing a Broncos team in Denver (where they hadn't lost all season and had just defeated the Patriots), completing over 70% of his passes, throwing 275 yards (at 9.5 YPA) and totaling 3 TDs. How many other 22 year old QBs have played like that in the AFC Championship game on the road? Oh, how about none. As far as XLIII goes, did you watch the game? Roethlisberger was pretty much tremendous when he had to be, his only real error coming on a ball that was tipped by a defensive linemen at the LOS that was intercepted. And it's hard to blame a QB for an INT that is batted into the air at the LOS... it's not like it was a dumb decision, more bad luck if anything. The Steelers didn't pass a lot in the second half when they were up 17-7 and then 20-7 entering the fourth, but that's no knock on Ben. When he was backed up against his own end zone after a great Cardinals punt with the game tightened up, he completed a huge third and long from the one yard line out to the 25 yard line that was ruled back by a holding call in the end zone resulting in a safety, and when he got the ball back again he only orchestrated one of the greatest drives in NFL history, culminating in probably the most beautiful pass and catch for a TD you'll ever see in that spot. Finished the game with a completion percentage of 70%, had 8.5 yards per attempt, and a QB rating over 93. I know, completely mediocre, right? All with his #1 receiver basically serving as a decoy during the game with a significant knee injury. Comparatively speaking, I don't think many QBs in NFL history have seen the kind of success and level of play Roethlisberger has been at in terms of performance at the same age. If anything, I think Roethlisberger is sort of underrated because of XL, even though I'm not sure most of the QBs he's compared to would have played better during Ben's playoff run when they were 22. He didn't have the luxury of sitting on the bench for three years like Rodgers, or two years like Rivers, or a year like most others. He was thrust into the spotlight at a very early age, and overall played pretty fantastic. The talking heads are going on about Flacco's road playoff wins in his first few years in the league, when he entered this postseason with a career playoff QB rating right around 40. Whereas a guy like Roethlisberger went on the road not having a guy like Ray Rice going off, but instead had a running game that averaged around 2.5 or lower yards per carry in hostile environments (check out Parker and Bettis' stats during that AFC playoff run, specifically in Indy and in Denver... Ben was the entire offense those games) against great teams and played absolutely lights out. If anything, Roethlisberger still doesn't get enough credit, and I think that's sort of the same point KC Joyner is getting at with his article.
  13. Rex Ryan will help fit the bride into her shoes.
  14. Possibly. They like both him and third rounder Emmanuel Sanders out of SMU.Brown will get a hat as a rookie and he's in line to be their primary kick and punt returner on opening day. He looked good enough as a returner and as a receiver for them to cut Stefan Logan, who was a pretty good kick returner for them last season. He's really shifty and has great burst and top end speed. In his first preseason game he took a simple slant over the middle from Dixon, made a quick head fake, then cut it back up the sideline and beat a safety who had the angle on him for a 60+ yard TD. He might get worked onto the field later in the season, and you never know how injuries will play out. If a guy like Ward or Wallace were to go down for a significant period, all bets are off.