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  1. Decided to blow up my team after a slow start. Sum of a few trades (12 team, Supeflex, Contracts, Full IDP): Gave: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Devonta Freeman, Robert Woods, Larry Fitzgerald, Josh Lambo, Justin Houston Got: 2020 1st (Mid), 2020 1st (Late), 2020 2nd (very early), 2020 2nd (early), 2021 2nd, 2020 5th. Brady and Woods would have cost me to retain due to being on expiring contracts.
  2. Gave a late ‘20 1st and early ‘20 2nd for Hooper. Small TE premium. I’m 8-0 and felt TE was my weakest spot (Olsen/Fells)
  3. Yeah I thought it was a fair deal, maybe a slight overpay but I think it sets me up nicely. My only real hole right now IMO is my QB2 (Baker), but even there is hopefully some potential for a rebound. I have Watson/Baker/Cook/Carson/Adams/Godwin/Allen/Edelman/Hooper as my starting lineup so I’d think it had a good a chance as anyone of being a late pick.
  4. 12 team superflex 0.5 PPR. Gave McLaurin, Montgomery, and ‘20 1st for Davante Adams and ‘20 3rd
  5. Made a few trades yesterday. 12 team, SF, TE Premium, full IDP, Contracts 1) Gave 1.10, 4.11, Got Kenny Golladay 2) Gave: Ian Thomas, Got 2.08
  6. 12 team SF, PPR, IDP, TE premium. Not involved. Team A gave: Saquon Barkley Team B gave: Sony Michel, Kenny Golloday, Eric Ebron, Josh Rosen, Roquan Smith, 1.07
  7. 12 team PPR league Gave: '19 1st (early, probably 1.02-1.04), Valdez-Scantling, Hooper Got: Diggs, Reed
  8. It's a combination of standings and All Play record. We have a system to ensure that everyone sets their best lineup each week so it works.
  9. 2 teams are just so much worse than the rest of the league. I don't see any way they don't finish in the bottom 2 spots
  10. 12 team, PPR, Superflex, Full IDP Team A: Corey Davis, Allen Robinson Team B: Doug Baldwin, '19 1st (top 2)
  11. Gave: Devante Parker, '19 2nd Got: Emmanual Sanders, '19 1st