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  1. He was in and out of our waivers multiple times this season. Ended up trading him for Rb depth. May have been a mistake. Rule 86 seems very legit, but I wouldn't spend a 2nd or 3rd on him, too risky.
  2. I can't trust AJ in a big spot with the championship at stake . I'm probably going with Sanders instead.
  3. Placed a what the heck bid of $5 for him, but winning bid was $31...seems a bit high to me.
  4. So dumb I cut him last week to claim Knile Davis, of course I wouldn't get him back. Winning bid for him was $31. Didn't think someone would go that high on him. Oh well
  5. Moved him for Gio...other owners in the league thought I fleeced the Gio owner, idk
  6. So I'm in a quasi dynasty league (5 keepers). I have $96 left in FAAB. Am I crazy to use it all on West? My thinking is when Charles comes back he may not be an RB1 anymore with his age and 2 ACL injuries. Might be time to pass the torch?
  7. Is the consensus to hold for now. Probably won't see much in the way of return. Where does he finish ROS? Top 30?
  8. Kid is on my Waiver/FA speed dial, especially being a Charles owner. I haven't been too impressed with Knile to bother handcuffing him to Jamaal.
  9. I'm not buying this Chip is racist narrative that's been going on. Sure it raised an eye when he got rid of McCoy and DeSean, they were household names and productive, but they were/are also a little di#$ish and self promoters. Chip has recruited coached and drafted many minority players. I just think it's a matter of finding guys of high character that are coachable regardless of culture or skin color. Though I do think the keeping of Cooper in light of what he said didn't do him any favors.
  10. I have one more keeper spot, picked up Randle last yr as FA, based on our rules he would cost me a 7th right now...even if he jumps up, worse I would give up would be a 6th. Really giving consideration of him as my last keeper. Top 10 upside for whoever gets that starting job
  11. Didn't get as good a deal as I did last year. Was trying to downgrade to just the redzone channel, came back with an offer of $50 off my bill per month for 12 months, new receiver. So with the credits the NFL MAX is costing me a little over $8 a month
  12. As a Mathews owner, if he stays healthy I'm excited by his potential in this offense, Sproles is there as well to take a bit of the load off
  13. Walter Thurmond too? this Philadelphia Ducks ever going to end with Chip...c'mon man!
  14. I'm wondering the same thing. Fox's backfield is always muddled. Picked CJ off waivers if I knew he had the job going forward I would consider him as a keeper
  15. Held onto him waiting for this chance. Just put him in my starting lineup over Ben Tate as my RB 2