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  1. Spend as much as necessary but as little as possible - Operations 101 Creativity before capital
  2. What happens today with him considering Mariota doesn’t start? Does Indy gear up to stop the run and see if Gabbert can beat them?
  3. Derrick Henry (projected as a low scoring affair) David Johnson (will he even play in the second half after the rams are up by 20?) Jaylen Samuels (Roethlisberger and juju hurt, but that saints rush d is strong) Damien Williams (should be a high scoring game) pick two
  4. Sutton or Godwin as WR3? Sutton lost Sanders and is now the #1 but I expect a ton of rushing plays and a CB1 on him. Godwin has a much better QB throwing to him and I expect this game to be high scoring. Thoughts?
  5. This is upsetting from the league that he would get fined for this fantastic play. Hunt Video
  6. Bri - Just a suggestion that we change the title of this thread to Titans 2018 or something because a new coach means a new year. I think someone else started a Titans 2018 thread but there is no reason to lose all this back data by starting a new thread. Keep this one alive. As a Nashvillian, I love the thread.
  7. At least he had 2 TDs tonight. Saved his best for last.
  8. Gore is still fast. Or Tennessee is that slow. One or the other.
  9. Line is 7 at 46 total. Tennessee covers with the under. Thoughts?
  10. His belly looks a little pudgy in that video. Ripped everywhere else. He also states he hasn't 'trained' in 2 months in that video. You can't just fall into NFL shape, I don't care who you are. He used to have 'it' but I'm not convinced based on that video he still does.