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  1. I traded CJ2k for DMC yesterday. I'm optimistic dmc can turn it around coming out of the bye. I was really glad to get rid of cj2k!
  2. Tried the numbers - 4 8 15 16 23 42That did not work. Anyone look at the other sections of this website? Joop is an orangatan that has supposedly lived 105 years?
  3. Yeah, that hardly ever happens on the island? I was thinking that the Others did in fact hear Jack, and therefore they released Michael to Jack to stir things up. I think that Mike just happens to be stumbling around in the exact same location and then passes out upon arrival is far too coincidental. The Others probably had him captive and drugged (ala Claire) and just conveniently let him escape to Jack to further their 'experiments' against the tailies. Did Michael still have his gun whn he came back?
  4. kinda resembles him but I'm pretty sure it's not the same guy. Looks like the same guy to me
  5. In general I'd agree, but on that island? I don't know if you can make that assumption. He did hit water
  6. Agreed - She is exhibiting many stalker signs (not that I'd know anything about that).She clearly gravitated towards Hurley after the tailies merged with the other survivors. Her look as they walked away from the cliff seemed very evil to me. Funny thing is - my wife is addicted to "The Guiding Light". Years ago, the woman that plays Libby was on that soap opera and played a Psycho Nurse. Guess she has graduated to a Psycho Doctor now.
  7. What about the whole Sayid/Ana Lucia interrogation of Henry? I couldn't help but think that it was an act on their part. Mess with Henry's mind to make him think that Sayid WILL kill him - then Ana Lucia steps in at the last minute playing the good cop role to "T".