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  1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Dansby, Trevathan, Vigil, Schobert, Marshall, D Davis, Bradam
  2. Okay, thanks guys. Sorry
  3. Why is everyone around here a jerk? Honest question
  4. Wrong Thread
  5. And this isn't the wrong thread Slick. All these LBs were mentioned as every down LB's in this article. So it's very related to this article. Who died and made you king?
  6. Wrong thread
  7. Okay message board #####
  8. Rank these....I need to pick up a 4th LB for my team: Dansby, Trevathan, Vigil, Schobert, Marshall, D Davis, Bradam
  9. Taxi means I can promote him and assign him however many years I want at $1, then resign him for $2 for another 2 years. Essentially I can own him for his career if I want to. 45 active roster spots, 75 cap years, and 15 taxi spots in this league. Yes, top DE's could be worth late firsts....but more likely early 2nd rounds picks. Bosa scored as a rookie, about 5-6 points/game more than the low end DE1's, so he's worth it just in point differential. I think he will only improve.
  10. 12 team PPR, Full high scoring IDP lineups, contract dynasty league ($300 cap): Team A GETS: Eli Manning ($11, last year of contract), Quincy Enuwa ($1, 4 year contract), and 2018 2nd round rookie pick Team B GETS: Joey Bosa ($1, taxi) and 2108 3rd round rookie pick
  11. I think the most likely scenario is that this DID happen and the school covered it up! The father stated they immediately brought this situation forward to school authorities and nothing happened. Why you might ask Dr Dan? Well the answer is obvious. They have a star football player playing for their football team. The same thing happened at my high school....athletes that got caught fighting, drinking, cutting class, etc were never punished, while non-athletes were severed suspensions. We had good teams, mostly basketball, and there is no way they were going to suspend or punish these athletes. It's all in the best interests of these high schools to do nothing. It's easier, it's better for press and it's better for their athletic teams. I think it's naive to think that this story is made up. I mean this father isn't looking for compensation, he's just bringing this incident to the forefront in hopes a bad guy isn't rewarded for his actions. This is story #3 about this jerk. It's also obvious that a person who has troubles controlling their anger and has used physical methods to express their anger, has likely done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Basic psych, which you should have had in medical school.
  12. American Matador Association
  13. This is my dilemma. I think Woodhead will get a lot of catches, but play less snaps than DWill. What's the chances DWill sits for Dri Archer in passing downs and when/if PIT falls behind tonight? I don't think it's a clear start DWill.
  14. Need help. DWill or Woodhead? 1 PPR. Thanks for your advice.
  15. You gave way too much for Gronk. I generally like all Gronk deals but this one is over the top looney. It might even be a full AJ Green Heavy Agreed I third this. Minus AJ and it would have been fair. Why can't I get trade offers like this one?!?