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  1. Im up by 23.28 pts. I have Boone playing tonight. Opponent have Diggs and D.Bailey. Im projected to win without Boone but I sure hope he gets some action tonight lol. Yahoo has my odds of winning 76%
  2. I also pulled Mixon for Boone. I could go Ekeler also. Ekeler or Boone lol?
  3. The thing about mixon is Gio is not that bad lol. Id be looking for another option. Im going with Boone.
  4. Boone over Fournette, Kamara or Mixon? I left Perriman on my bench. I just can't pull the trigger on this lol.
  5. Too close to even enjoy the game much and I am a die hard Saints fan. Only thing I don't like about fantasy football lol. Currently winning 184.90 to 183.18. Barring any stat correction tonight I squeaked into the championship game.
  6. Well my 19 point lead is gone. Kamara was the reason I didn't make the playoffs in my other league and may be the reason I don't make the league championship in my 2nd league tonight.
  7. Im up 19pts with Kamara tonight vs my opponent with Mike Thomas. Under the same circumstances last week I would have lost. Still feel confident that Kamara wont suck that bad again this week.
  8. In redraft is Mixon worth keeping on my bench? I can't imagine ever starting him at this point. He really doesn't have a favorable match up any time soon. It really sucks I don't feel like the Bengals will improve much this season.
  9. do the patriots have to challenge that? that was a def td. I need them points lol.
  10. Best Thursday game I can remember. I have Hill so im not happy. My opponent has Mahomes so kind of offsets.
  11. ESPN is reporting that he was forced out of the game with a right knee injury
  12. As a Conner owner this is about as bad as it gets. Conner seems to be injured. Bell looks like he is going to return. The Steelers will likely need Bell ready ASAP. If Conner can't go next week I think Bell will be on track to slide in as viable option when Conner comes back. We may have watched Conner's last game as the go to guy unfortunately. Hate to be a negative Nancy.
  13. I am a Saints homer so I picked him up with hopes he maybe could fill my 3rd WR spot in a league that starts 3 WR's and a RB/WR/TE flex spot. I'll leave him on my bench and see what happens. People were picking up Tre'quan Smith for the same reason really. Who knows really at this point. Im betting he still has a little gas in his tank and can put up some good numbers. I don't blame Sean Payton for gambling here. I don't know what we paid to get him though lol. Press is eating this stuff up and most are very positive. Hard to find many reports that this is a bad fit.
  14. Don't they review all TD's? Seems like Murray got in on that one.