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  1. Played majority of the snaps with Garcon, good to see. Could see him getting loose across the middle v Dallas in a hopeful shootout. Desean v Cobb for me, and I'm leaning old man DJax.
  2. Someone cut Palmer last week so I scooped him up. v Niners they should be able to run at will, but hey, maybe Palmer gets some love too. Seems like an easy 250 and 2 if the Niners can put up a fight?
  3. I just traded Julio & Yeldon for Ajayi, Rob Kelley, Randall Cobb. Just to give you an idea of what I gave up for him. My RBs were trash. TRASH. And I had Julio, TY, and Cooper. So...WR stud for RB stud, I suppose.
  4. Shopping him around right now as I'm in a must-win-out situation. Owner has great RB depth with Freeman, Forte, Howard, Ingram, and I'm targetting one of them, hopefully in a RB/WR for RB/WR deal. We'll see.
  5. Ground game will be tough, but hopefully Cutler goes checkdown city and gets him 6-8+ targets. The Rams D is tough all the way around, and I could see them having to settle for that kind of stuff all game, without much actual production. Which for PPR, is just fine with me.
  6. Trading Lamar Miller for Eddie Lacy in week 5, with a huge ####-eating grin on my face, might have sunk my fantasy season. That's just great.
  7. Assuming you need WR help and can spare Lacy? All of them. John Brown the only one I'd hesitate on even a bit.
  8. Traded him heads up for Gio Bernard in a 12 team PPR.
  9. What you think Blount will do really should not have anything to do with Dion Lewis. He's #6 in PPR among RBs, and that's with a bye week already in there. He's scored 16, 26, 18, and 23. Blount can have 100 and 3 TDs, and Lewis can still easily hit 20 PPR points. He is as sure a thing as there is at RB, and an every week RB1 in PPR. I would trade him for about 4 Running Backs.
  10. He actually played in the 2nd half as the game was getting out of hand, something you couldn't say the last 3 weeks when it turned into the Sims show. Stayed in the game, they kept running, and even got some checkdowns. I wouldn't plan on it happening again necessarily, and I'm guessing nobody was starting his ### either.
  11. Well that sucked. Barely targeted when he was on the field, and not on the field near enough.
  12. We're gonna do this again? Everyone said the same thing after week 1, and then cussed him out week 2. Here we are week 3 and everyone's happy. Now go start him and then be pissed off again next week.
  13. Gano got me my first kicker points of the year (Thanks Vinatieri!) so I'll probably ride him for awhile (although his bye is week 5, so....) I like the way things like up for Gano. Strong leg, reliable, and on a team that is about the defense first, with an offense devoid of playmakers outside of Cam and Olsen. Ideally it means short fields, close games, and stalling out in the RedZone. They did punt on the 37 yesterday in the first quarter, which disappointed me, and they seem to go for 4th and short plays A LOT due to Cam. But for now I guess he's my guy.
  14. Frankly, I'm tired of wasting my RB2 spot on the likes of Doug Martin or Lamar Miller. I'm starting Lewis till he burns me, gamescript or not.