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  1. ive have cancelled 3 trips so far since this has started . canada june , germany/portugal sept and tanzania jan 2021 have the DR in october , just bought that last week as i got a deal and an india trip in nov whicj i 90% sure will get cancelled
  2. just more reasons i think your country is screwed Woman shot in the back while trying to remove Nazi flag from garden in Oklahoma i know we have far right wing radicals in canada and other parts of the world but i havent seen or heard of people actually flying nazi flags its getting pretty obvious that the racists are being embolden in the states i would also add its friggen crazy that people pull guns out and shout people for taking down flags i understand there probably was trespassing involved because the woman came on their property to take the flag down but seriously what other country would this be an automatic reaction to this
  3. just another reason why i weep for your country , its like the new dark ages Alabama students attend ‘COVID-19 parties,’ gamble on who gets sick first i know kids do stupid things , as i have done many ridiculous and dumb ### stunts in my 20's but i really think i wouldnt be this reckless and i have not heard of any other students in different countries doing this
  4. Vancouver bc i surprised myself on how i have reacted to different situations that i was in during the covid lockdown Donated blood twice during this Mar 12 this was my 1st time in close contact with anyone in 30/45 days and felt comfortable but uneasy . i wore mask and gloves but they didnt wear masks June 7 2nd time the clinic had way more protections in place for nurses and the donors . temp check at door , masks were mandatory for everyone next appointment is in early aug In june had to make a chiro appointment as my neck was screwed up for 3 weeks and couldnt turn left or sleep properly and couldnt take it anymore Great chiro but he took very few precautions and i dont feel comfortable going back to him during this unless he changes the precautions in his office had a follow up doctors appointment about my neck . the patients are limited and spread out appointments. the doctors doors were locked and had to call to be let in. masks were mandatory and soon as i left they have a cleaner scrub the room. felt really safe In mid march meet 8 guys from hockey at 1 of their shops and had beers with them in the alley . 3 of them were idiots and werent taking covid seriously and havent hung out with any group since. i would consider a smaller group to hang with in a backyard but i would have to know they taking precautions Since the group get together i have met 2 friends separately in their backyards to have beers and felt comfortable . no sharing and lots of hand sanitizer but no masks during all this i have been doing take out and going to beaches and parks to eat and get some fresh air Restaurants just opened up 2 weeks ago last week went downtown with 1 of the backyard friends the was the 1st time eating in a restaurant , felt weird going back was ok with the experience . 1/3 of tables only could be used and waitress wore a mask. i may eat in again but in no rush to and that restaurant must have lots of open space or a patio for me to go in After the restaurant we hit a pub and 3 local breweries pub was ok as we sat on the patio by ourselves , staff werent wearing masks though Craft beer market . great - huge open bar , staff wore mask and lots of space between people Main Street Brewery - ok - medium size bar , staff didnt wear a mask and some space between people Brewhall - ok (would have been great but too busy) - huge open bar , all staff wore masks , plastic partitions separating seats Again not sure if i would do breweries again but if i did it would have to be a huge open bar or a patio Did fathers day ay my brothers with his family and our parents , weirdly i never gave it a thought of not going i know he takes it seriously but must assume because its family i didnt consider it a threat like i would if it would have been just a friends place In the last month , have gone on 4 hikes with meetup groups and have had no problem with this . outside and lots of distance between hikers the last 2 weeks , i have been invited to play ball hockey outside in a lacrosse box and dont feel comfortable to play the 3 guys from the get together from the earlier story play so dont trust them and i know its been shown that being outside reduces the risks but i havent seen anything about contact sports being ok and i know it hasnt been approved by our provincial doctor so not sure when i will play long winded anecdotal stories but op questions made me think on how i approached different situations and my comfort level
  5. i feel sad for your country , the tribal politics is brutal . i really dont think you will ever recover in my lifetime . it really seems like a cesspool of hate
  6. from up here in canada , from people i know and what i can get from news reports the majority of us dont want the border open as we think the us is just a powder keg of covid waiting to explode we were pissed when we found out some Americans used a loop hole at the border and were vacationing in banff and jasper and want it closed
  7. you forgot lock obama up for obamagate , lock her hillary up after another investigation , investigate sleepy joe and his son and we will introduce his replacement to obamacare in 2 weeks
  8. smfh , i know there is racism but before it was mostly subtle and not spoken out load . but wtf on how empowered they are to come out in the open and speak freely of it im torn on the cancel culture , sometimes in my opinion it goes to far but not on this one . i wont feel bad for her at all
  9. from a west coast perspective : doug ford was a poor man trump wanna be and not sure if I could've voted for him but the liberals were in power for so long I understand the reasons for people wanting them out . I would add that doug ford has impressed me on how he has handled the covid crisis and I would say im totally happy on how every premier not matter what political party and the federal parties have been all on the same side of the covid issue and not fighting between themselves and putting the country over party. there has been mistakes made and not everything is perfect but overall I believe the country has handled this very good for the federal election I choose social policies over monetary policies and I don't think I will change on whats more important to me 3 things can happen to make my choice easier : conservatives make better social policy decisions , don't let the religious right have so much say in the party platform and get a good leader . hated scheer and not sure if I like any of the candidates that are running liberals finally figure out how to balance a budget and stop with the entitlement decisions that have plague the party for years green party gets a more established and rounded platform instead of being an environmental party
  10. in 2015 I voted liberal for the 1st time in the federal election . I just couldn't support the conservatives anymore and completely at odds on several of their social stances and climate change in 2019 I voted for liberals again but had a very tough time on this vote . the snc scandal was brutal and turned me off but I couldn't or want a conservative majority so voted for the liberal in my riding until the conservatives change the majority of their social polices , I wont go back
  11. I don't post much but I do read a lot of threads daily and stay out of the pissing matches ive never interacted with you before this post but here are my 2 cents : why bother to respond to every post --> you have made your point a 1000 times before why bother quoting my post to slam football jones , imho there is no point for this unless its trolling or just trying to get a rise out him (im not agreeing or disagreeing with your assertion about him)
  12. @Football Jones just want to say thanks for your patience and your will to answer questions as you outnumbered im a former voter for the conservatives in Canada and it interesting to get insights from conservatives in the states up here its tough not to follow the US political situation as you are our neighbor and #1 trading partner
  13. @The General do they have their own time zone . if so do they have daylight saving time? I might be all in for CHAZ if they get rid of daylight saving times must be pro weed and Canadian beer as well
  14. your idp coverage has gone down hill and seems to be an afterthought for you