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  1. The leagues i played in , rules were put in so owners cant start players on bye weeks or listed as IR or OUT . for players that were listed were OUT , they had to be on the Wednesday's injury report for Thursdays games and Fridays injury report for weekend games so not to penalize owners if a player got changed at the last minute as not every owner is 24/7 or follows it every day . The penalties start off with a warning , then fines , if an owner gets 3 illegal lineups in the regular season they can be removed the leagues that i was the commissioner , i didn't email or post when i saw illegal lineups as every owner knew the rules and their responsibilities and i didn't want to make extra work for myself and didn't want any owner to accuse of me bias if i missed a violation and didn't give a warning if an owner wanted to do this every week on their on time , i would've appreciated as a commissioner and as an owner i would be o with it as long as they stick to bye week or players listed as IR or OUT and not give lineup suggestions
  2. if anyone comes across camping gear as im starting from scratch , please let me know looking for a 3-4 man tent , air mattress , yeti coolers are the big purchases
  3. edited was looking for current idp dynasty ranking as FBG ranking are from 28 days ago and only from 2 people so looking for other opinions