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  1. my 5 would be in no order 1. NYC - only place on the lisy I have been to 2. Chicago 3. new orleans 4. Nashville 5. boston
  2. that's true , there has been great weed here for decades and has been tolerated for many years before it became legal
  3. meth is pure evil and usually just a mash of #### chemicals . its dirt cheap an keeps you up for days with an euphoric feeling . if you keep doing it say good bye to your teeth , your mind , your complexion/skin as all you do you scratch and pick your skin and sadly your life and friends
  4. I love Vancouver and wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Canada as I don't want to deal with snow anymore. The 3 issues here are : cost , traffic and 3-4 months of grey and rain .
  5. I totally agree if calls and texts are needed switching sims would be a mistake and also agree there are so many options just like travelling there is no right way or wrong way , there is just what you prefer and works for you if calls and texts are critical and 2nd phone will a local sim is an option and just use your personal phone for calls and texts on a side note , its interesting that WhatsApp is used more in Europe and Asia then north America
  6. its an app for maps same as google maps but I prefer it when walking around a city way more detailed imho - it has shown me water refill stations in Italy , back alleys/shortcuts and I use it for hiking download the area before hand so you can use it off line if you don't have unlimited data
  7. unlock your phone , its free to do in Canada but not sure for the states then buy a sim there : I paid 600 baht (24 CDN) for unlimited data for a month when I got to shanghai bought a sim there that was a little more expensive get these apps for travelling (download the maps ahead of time so you can use offline) google translate ( download the language ahead of time so you can use offline) WhatsApp , great for communication when traveling overseas expressvpn for china so you can use gmail ,facebook , twitter and Instagram
  8. I'm from Canada USA , Mexico , Cuba , dominion republic , England , Ireland , northern Ireland , Scotland , France , Germany , Austria , Switzerland , Greece , Spain , Egypt , Italy , san marino , Vatican city , Thailand , china ,
  9. for july , the biggest issue will be getting campsites . hopefully you all ready have them booked. if you do have them booked , whats your route
  10. very envious , you are very lucky and fortunate to have the ability to do this excited to follow along your process
  11. I have had it happen to me twice -early 2000's and about 4 years I live in Vancouver and the early one had charges in the states and the other was in the Philippines . was never in either place . both were immediately flagged by the cc and I was out nothing I know have my cc and debit cards set up for an automatic email for any transaction over 50$
  12. ive only spent 4 days in munich and loved it ill confirm in a couple of weeks if im going back for oktobefest this year