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  1. I travel solo and all I really need and want in a room are : clean bed and bathroom , good wifi and AC . so I pick private rooms in hostels or Airbnb it will depend on price hostels are great for meeting new people and finding cheaper ways to get around the city Airbnb is great because I get recommendations from the owner and use of laundry
  2. if you have free time and no one to have beers with , gimme a shout
  3. any recommendations for shanghai ? im headed there for 5 days in a couple of weeks
  4. I may be coming back for the 3rd time in the last 18 months my buddy wants to do the 2 week 3 soccer game road trip again i would explore either the Amalfi coast or Sicily this time before meeting up with him
  5. been in Thailand for 2 weeks so working through the local bottled beer had some draft in babgkok and will find some in chaing mai
  6. just looked that up , would be very cool to jump on that
  7. from what I have read , I can take 2 subway lines right to my hostel I cant wait to try all the food , will be doing some googling before I arrive and hope to get some recommendations from the hostel staff thanks for the tv tower suggestion ill do my best and post the results
  8. FFA has been a great resource for other locations so I thought I would try not the best time for a Canadian to be headed to china but its all ready booked shanghai jan 27 - feb 1 as I don't need a visa for a layover under 144 hrs travel style = solo budget backpacker that uses aribnb or hostels have money just like saving it on accommodations and meeting other travelers got my hostel booked : shanghai mountain youth hostel its on a subway line so will be easy to get around the city I have done a google search and have a lonely planet book so have a decent idea on the main attractions does anyone have some food recommendations or off the beaten path places to visit im into history , photography , beer drinking , hiking , museums , art galleries and food thanks
  9. thanks , I read and booked marked that all ready as it seemed great
  10. giving this a bump as im headed to Thailand(asia) for the 1st time this trip is very different for me as I usually travel solo but going with a small group this time for part of it the 8 of us meet via meetup group for Vancouver travelers and we are headed over for a traditional thai wedding in a small remote village for 1 of the guys in this group 3 guys , 5 women , 7/8 50ish age range 1 lady is about 75 (who backpacks solo still and has been over 140 countries. ) 4 of them 12 days ( all 1st time in asia) groom 2 1/2 weeks (many times as wife is thai) my self 1 month 1 lady 3 months (has been there for a month all ready and her 2nd visit) older lady 3 months (has a 2 bedroom place booked for chiang mai for month starting on the jan 13 and has been and lived in asia ) this part of the itinerary is set Bangkok dec 27 - jan 4 roi et jan 5 and 6 for the wedding Bangkok 7 ( 4 fly home to Vancouver ) now a rough plan for me + older lady and maybe the other lady Bangkok to sukhothai (old village) 7 travel day Sukhothai 8 Pai (via chiang mai ) 9-13 chiang mai/chaing rai area 13 – roughly the 20th ( the older lady said I could stay with her and use it as a home base) 20-26 is open - probably will head to an island or 2 Bangkok 26 as I fly to shanghai on the 27 the older lady is a great source of knowledge for as we travel similar but just looking other ideas , recommendations or hook ups from people with other travel styles im into history , photography , beer drinking , hiking , museums , art galleries and food side note , I have traveled with the older lady before as our paths randomly crossed in cairo for 5 days while both travelling solo . this was after we meet in Vancouver 8 months before and total coincidence as I was Greece and decided on the spur of the moment to go to Egypt and she was in petra heading there
  11. black magic - phillips brewing 3.75/5 mocha porter - Persephone brewing 3.5/5 killer whale pilsner - Vancouver island brewing 4/5 red pilsner - stell and oak brewing 4.5/5 chase my tail pale ale - yellow dog brewing 3.25/5 raspberry wheat - phillips brewing 3/5 midnight phapsody - big rock brewery 3.5/5
  12. wow crazy to see those numbers I knew there was lots of cards but had no idea it was that much now I realize why I don't know any of the fighters when I do watch a card
  13. I think its oversaturation as well I remember throwing ufc parties and having 15-20 guys over and that was about every 6-8 weeks and we were all super pumped for the card now there is at least 1 ufc event a month + the tv show I have bought a ppv in 2 years , miss cards regularly and really don't miss it
  14. I never look for restaurants before a trip what websites does she use and how much time does she spend doing this for a trip