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  1. Yea that's frustrating. Well, here's hoping I have more time on the clock than you do!
  2. How long does it usually take before it's back up?
  3. Well my first year at these MFL 10's was definitely a bit disappointing. 1st place in 2 out of 11 leagues. Barely lost 1st place by less than 5 points in a third league. Main lesson learned was to diversify significantly more. I hate the idea of not drafting a player because I own him in other leagues but implementing an ownership percentage limit would allow me to draft other players I like. I'll try to keep ownership percentages in the 25-35% range next time, though I'm sure I'll find another Andre Johnson/Doug Martin combo that I'll fall in love with next year.
  4. Why? Because it's the "chic" thing to say. He never struck me as a coach who wanted to be in the NFL. He had countless offers and rejected many of them many times before joining Philly. Was a bit "convenient" that he finally left for the NFL once Oregon started getting investigated, not that the investigation amounted to much but either way, it's worth mentioning. He clearly has an NFL mind and I even recall many NFL coaches consulting him when he was in college. He also has that head coach presence about him, from being a disciplinarian to something as simple as being organized. But two things really stand out: His inability to handle the business side of the NFL and players just don't seem to like him (some issues we saw with Saban, Harbaugh, Schiano for example). In terms of the business side, inability is a strong word, it's more like inexperience at the moment but I feel like the writing is already on the wall. Contract situations, trade demands, hold outs, skipping workouts, these are all things a college coach doesn't usually deal with. He will never have the control in the NFL that he had in college. In terms of players not liking him, yes, he's a no-nonsense, straight forward coach but for some reason he doesn't command respect from players the way a BB or Parcels did. His players are complaining the way Schiano, Harbaugh and Saban's players did. Bottom line, there's a constant inflow and outflow of players in college, no one has to deal with him for more than 4-5 years and they are all a bunch of 18-22 year olds anyway. I feel like he'll eventually realize college is where he prefers to be after this NFL coaching experiment is over. Saw this coming a mile away.
  5. I definitely bet on the wrong 30+ year old WR, don't think I drafted Fitzgerald in a single league. Also have a Romo/Brees combo in one league that's going to kill me going forward. Foster, Murray, Spiller, Andre Johnson and Dez are the main players hurting my teams. Somehow ended up being the highest scoring team in 25% of my leagues this week but overall not too happy with the way things are shaking out. Hopefully some of these guys get healthy and produce.
  6. Is this app no longer available? I've been using it on my Android forever, just got a new iPhone and I can't find the app on iTunes, the only one I can find is the draft dominator.
  7. Good posts. I have a feeling the game will come down to Matthews/Beasley vs the nickle cornerbacks. Falcons had some success in the screen game as well and I expect Beasley and/or Dunbar to test the Eagles with some quick passes. We'll definitely miss Scanrdrick, let's see if Patmon can step up. Murray and our o-line should be extra motivated for the game. I can see an early ground and pound game leading to an eventual QB shootout.
  8. Thought my Week 1 was worse than it really was. Considering a majority of my most owned players had bad weeks, this is somewhat encouraging. 50% of my teams finished top 4 in scoring. 41% finished bottom 4. No use in having a bunch of mid-tier teams I guess.
  9. Just finished my last league, here' some analysis and percentage of leagues I own them in. Players I'm Most Confident About: Johnson, Andre IND WR 83% Beasley, Cole DAL WR 75% Johnson, Stevie SDC WR 75% Floyd, Michael ARI WR 67% Martin, Doug TBB RB 67% Rodgers, Richard GBP TE 42% Murray, DeMarco PHI RB 33% Rivers, Philip SDC QB 33% Hill, Jeremy CIN RB 25% Hilton, T.Y. IND WR 25% Jackson, Vincent TBB WR 25% McFadden, Darren DAL RB 25% Watkins, Sammy BUF WR 25% Analysis: The only two players I was consistently taking in the top 7 rounds were Andre Johnson and Doug Martin. Both guys should have been drafted much higher IMO so very happy with their values. Most of the guys I went heavy on were mid/late round fliers, which I'm okay with as they shouldn't break my team if they bust. Floyd is the mid-round guy I was most passionate about. I think the community was completely off base with the John Brown analysis and it's frustrating that the dislocated fingers might make bad analysis into a good pick for John Brown believers. Still think Floyd will finish the year as the best WR in AZ if the hand doesn't have lingering issues. Watkins is another guy I feel the community is 100% snoozing on. Though I admit, I would not touch him in lineup submission leagues. Best-ball, I'm all over him and actually wish I had more. Players I Wish I Had Less Of: Green, Ladarius SDC TE 58% Hill, Josh NOS TE 33% Gordon, Melvin SDC RB 25% White, James NEP RB 17% Analysis: The TEs should be survivable for the most part, as I purposely drafted 3 and sometimes 4TEs in most leagues to make up for waiting longer to take unproven guys. The Gordon pick is the main one that will hurt since it was usually a 3rd round pick but it shouldn't be crippling if he flops. Don't even know how James White snuck in there. Players Who's ADP Tumbled (Injury, Suspensions, etc) Spiller, C.J. NOS RB 17% Bryant, Martavis PIT WR 8% Smith, Geno NYJ QB 8% White, Kevin CHI WR 8% Analysis: I'm fairly happy with this turnout. Kevin White was the most frustrating one, b/c I drafted him a couple hours before the bad news came out. Tried 3 QBs in one league and that was the Geno league, so I'll still be competitive there. WildCards Green, Virgil DEN TE 75% Cameron, Jordan MIA TE 33% Cooper, Amari OAK WR 33% Foster, Arian HOU RB 33% Davis, Vernon SFO TE 25% Ivory, Chris NYJ RB 25% Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR 25% Sankey, Bishop TEN RB 25% Winston, Jameis TBB QB 25% Randle, Joseph DAL RB 17% Analysis: These are basically the guys that have some kind of concern whether it be usage, new teams, injury or rookies with no history. Obviously Virgil Green was one of my favorite late round fliers. Since I have different combinations of 3 TEs I feel this mitigated the risk a bit. Doubled down on my early Foster picks with some 5/6 round picks so we'll see how that goes. Players (Under 25%) I Wish I Had More Of: Bradford, Sam PHI QB 17% Green, A.J. CIN WR 17% Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 17% Janis, Jeff GBP WR 17% Wright, Kendall TEN WR 17% Abdullah, Ameer DET RB 8% Bryant, Dez DAL WR 8% Hurns, Allen JAC WR 8% Robinson, Allen JAC WR 8% Analysis: Ameer was overvalued before the huge preseason game so I never could quite pull the trigger on him. Really regretting I took Antonio Brown and Beckham over Dez in a handful of leagues. Robinson was hands down the one player who kept making me shout F-Bombs at the guys who sniped him in front of me. I could not draft him to save my life.
  10. Anyone know exactly which ADP rankings list is used for Auto-Picks? Whenever the #1 pick times out the pick has been Beckham. Just had a #1 pick time out and Le'Veon Bell was the selection. Also, Is there a specific logic to the Auto-Picks the deeper into the draft we get... or is it always the top player from the specific ADP Rankings list used?
  11. Clowney had "basic" sports hernia surgery last offseason. You can easily argue it may have directly or indirectly caused his Week 1 knee injury that required surgery. Even if Foster comes back this year, direct re-injury or compensation type of injuries are a serious concern. He plays a position that demands way more lateral movements than Clowney's position. Long term is probably a bit less bleak than short-term, though not by much.
  12. Yeah, the WR depth got swallowed up much faster than I'm used to, so in the 7th and 8th I ended up taking my 4th and 5th RBs... Seemed to me like the best value on the board. There were two teams that didn't take their first RB until the 6th, and a few other teams that really waited on RB depth also. As far as team strength, not many really stand out to me right now. Broadway's squad looks strong again, but the QB (with Brady's suspension) and TE situation are question marks as of yet. Bloom looks good, except for RB, where he reached slightly on Abdullah and didn't take a 3rd until Sproles in the 10th. I actually think Marauders could work out really nicely if Randle hits, though I wouldn't have taken either Bennett (with Graham already) or Cruz Where he did, and it would have been better to wait longer on a backup QB, though granted Romo was good value in the 10th, a round below his ADP. Doesn't really seem to stray too far off from most of the MFLs I've been in. The only exception being I haven't seen some of the elite WRs fall that deep into the 2nd round. The rosters are definitely impressive as a whole. Took a quick glance expecting to see one that stands out but saw quite a few that I liked. Should be a competitive league.
  13. Can you post the draft link?
  14. Don't overthink team situation for ELITE Tier players (AJ Green, Sammy Watkins, Amari Cooper) etc. Take the studs no matter what. Prioritize WRs over RBs if you feel their talent is comparable. Don't put too much emphasis on a clear path to a starting gig for your non-elite tiers. Greg Little vs Randall Cobb comes to mind for me. To this day I'll swear by Little's talent, but he was doomed to fail going to an incompetent Browns team. If Cobb and Little traded draft slots in 2011, Little would be going in the top 2 rounds of redrafts this year. Anyway, that year I had Little as my #3 and Cobb as my #4 in WR rankings. Cobb had Jennings, Driver, James Jones and Jordy Nelson (pre-breakout) in front of him in 2011. Little was the clear-cut #1 in Cleveland. Not many people took Cobb over Little because even in dynasty, they were thinking short term. Jonathan Baldwin was another guy everyone was taking over Cobb. Just b/c he was expected to slide right into the #2 slot and dominate right away while Cobb had 4 WRs ahead of him. Moral of the story, 2011 wasn't that long ago. Dynasty teams that drafted Cobb didn't do so hot in 2011, but were rewarded in 2012 and are still sitting pretty today.
  15. Is the site down?