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  1. Here they put things 20% or so under market rate to get a ton of interest, so every house goes for 20-50% above asking. At least 5 years ago every house we placed a bid on had like 50 others.
  2. I thought prices were cooling somewhat here, but they still seem pretty hot. We got a house 5 years ago when the market was somewhat recovered already, and it is still worth about 70% more today averaging the imaginary cost zillow and redfin give it. My wife really wants to look for something a little bigger once our kids are too old to share a room, but I am afraid between interest rate changes and tax stuff it will be disproportionately pricey. I suppose there is always remodeling, but we just looked at getting a bathroom done and it was insane, I cannot imagine how much it would cost to substantially change a house's size and layout, though that might be what we need to do anyway in a few years. Just browsing this thread makes me super jealous of what people are getting for what price.
  3. How many 6 year olds can someone kill with a hammer? I bet it is a smaller number than with a gun. Plus it is great cardio!
  4. Banning multishot rifles will not prevent every death, so why do anything, says country where there are numerous instances per year of school children getting gunned down with them.
  5. Kind of feel like a jerk for voting for Jurassic Park over Schindler's List, did not even notice it there. "Holocaust Schmallocaust, have you seen these kicking rad dinosaurs??"
  6. Republicans literally crafted gun control laws and anti carry laws because black panthers were open carrying in public. Have a bunch of black guys carry around rifles in public like overweight white guys do and you will start seeing laws get crafted (assuming they don't just get gunned down by the police).
  7. It does not really match the demographics of the board. I would guess that the education and income levels are significantly higher here than they are from a random population of 95% white men. Edit: I guess the religious breakdown could also contribute to the disparity.
  8. I am confused, are we not in agreement? I don't need the numbers when I am agreeing with you!
  9. I will accept American's working 30.5 hours per week to have parity with Finland, while also having the same social programs that Finland has.
  10. <Looks at military budget, then looks at paid maternity leave> "possibly".
  11. No, but it can fund programs that make people happy such as not dying from preventable diseases and having maternity/paternity leave and state funded daycare for small children etc.
  12. The US has a higher GDP per capita than Finland, how does the number of people matter when the US still has more money per person.
  13. A 9-0 means you are wrong, a 5-4 means the court is partisan when it should not be.
  14. I think this is essentially true, the combination of outsourcing labor, more automation, and higher populations are going to make it so that there are not nearly enough jobs to go around, especially ones that actually pay a living wage. We are already there in many parts of the country, and I feel like most people living now will see that spread to the majority of the US and other developed nations. It is essentially a continuation of a wealth disparity argument, outsourcing and automating are generating more income for the executives in charge of the company, at the cost of who would be the workers in the middle and bottom tiers of the company. It is only fair that their taxes go up to support a universal basic income, unless they want to wait too long and get dragged out of their house by a mob who are starving because there is no work left in the country.
  15. Every gun is registered. Specific purpose "sane" guns: shotgun, hunting rifle - Have a similar process as getting a drivers license, written test, maybe a small renewal every 5 years or so for your license. Handguns - Same as above, but a yearly to biannual registration where you confirm it is still within your possession. Other guns - essentially not for public use unless you have a very strong justification that is approved by some regulatory body