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  1. Lots of people significantly undervaluing a tree ITT (which is why I am sure the neighbor would try and make things right by giving $1000 or whatever). You can probably buy a nice mid-tier luxury car from the payout, we are not talking $200. If all the people saying "who cares" want to leave that money on the table, go ahead.
  2. Made it by 12, starting to cut it close. My 6 WR have a combined 8 games above 15 points, my 3 TE have 10.
  3. This. Mature trees have a surprising amount of value. You can get a pretty big payout if you talk to a lawyer. I can guarantee your neighbor will massively low-ball you on a price if you do it without one. Also, this is a common occurrence, I am sure you can find someone knowledgeable about this kind of stuff.
  4. The parents were often in the house drinking while the kids were in the garage, it was a large group of 20+ or so people that knew each other, not like random kids would stop by off the street and grab a beer, if that was unclear.
  5. So far still alive, I like BUF more this week in a bubble, but going with SF.
  6. Jokes on them, I have no alcohol, otherwise I would look forward to yelling at them for ruining the bottle by filling the difference with water, rather than them drinking it. Growing up a friends dad had a keg-erater in the garage that kids in the neighborhood were given essentially free access too (think about high school aged), with kind of a wink wink nudge nudge "Oh no, don't drink that beer". It never got out of hand, kids would just hangout and play pool or ping pong while drinking whatever pilsner was in the keg, I don't recall anyone getting sloppy drunk. Same with some high school graduation parties, where beer was provided to 17/18 year olds. I feel like restricting something makes it more binge worthy, whether it is soda, sugary cereal, or alcohol. Then again, my kids are pretty far from being old enough for that to be a concern, so I dunno. Also, having kids drinking in your garage would probably not fly now.
  7. I thought I had enough WR depth with AJ Green coming back around week 4 and Antonio Brown, but now I apparently have 2 WR that will play, and the WW is picked bare so he goes out week after week.
  8. Going to laugh if I lose the perfect line-up bonus my league has because Rivers gets less points than Peyton Barber as a super flex (Barber got 28 yards).
  9. I overwrote my windows 7 with windows 10 without formatting and my computer bluescreens 5 times a day but I figure formatting and having to redownload/login to everything is a bigger pain than the blue screens.
  10. Garappalo and the WR are way too weak to be the best team in the NFL.
  11. If I had DAL or BAL left I probably would have gone with them, not sure if the 8 people in your league had those options or not.
  12. So is the child abuse part that the kid is allowed to be transgendered?
  13. Where are the pro child abuse threads? So far it seems like most people are anti child abuse, not sure I can tolerate such an echo chamber. It is not balance to have a two way dialog when there are not two equally valid options.