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  1. Summer > Spring > Winter > Fall. Summer is by far the best season for these reasons: It is nice and warm, I am disappointed that my wife made us get air conditioning (first time in my life with AC), I liked sitting around in shorts in the heat. More daylight = do more stuff My birthday No school (maybe more of a fond memory)
  2. I feel like you have an overly broad definition of wealthy where its meaning gets diluted, 1 in 20 is nothing, that is barely a significant P-value and essentially more than 1 person for every elementary school in the country, hardly exclusive. 10x the median income is meaningless because the median income is extremely low (which is a different problem). For the record, I am not saying not to raise taxes on people making that much, but that someone making 400k has way more in common with someone making 60k than the generational wealth that I picture when thinking about "wealthy". It is not like someone making 400k has much use for some offshore bank account in the Caymans. I am thinking Rockerfellers for wealthy and some guy making 2 million from stock when his company gets bought for rich. I am not saying you are wrong, we just have a different interpretation of the word. Paraphrasing the warrior poet Chris Rock "The professional athlete is rich, the owner who signs his checks is wealthy".
  3. I think a number like 400k is very well off, but not wealthy. Numbers like that getting thrown around are making people lose sight of just how much money the ultra rich really have and it is a red herring for tax based discussion. People that make 400k still tend to have to work for their money, whether they are a specialist doctor or lawyer or executive, and generally I do not believe they are the people who are massively under taxed. In my mind, sure, their taxes can go up a bit, but they are very small potatoes compared to the people that make that amount of money per month, per week, per day, per hour etc. Bezos makes that in about 2 minutes for a point of reference. Those are the people that need their taxes massively increased, where they have more money they can spend in 1000 lifetimes, Bezos can drop $200,000 on the ground and it would not be worth the effort to pick it up as if we dropped a quarter.
  4. He probably made the correct choice going with basketball. I have always wondered how many dual sport athletes made the wrong choice though, where they would have been a star if they went with sport A, but they went with B and were a forgettable mediocre to below average player.
  5. Blaming Clinton or Bush seems somewhat short sighted when the elephant in the room for many of societies inequality problems is going unblamed. Who was the first wholly corporately owned president that was the start of this massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich? When did wages stagnate for workers while productivity continued to climb? When did healthcare costs in the US start getting more expensive than other countries?? When did the price of college start skyrocketing past inflation, leaving numerous young people in debt? You can find a million charts of something being level for 50 years, and once it reaches ~ 1980 suddenly it starts looking bad. Reagan and trickle down economics have crippled the US for 40 years. His tax cuts were the equivalent of quitting your job while you still have money in the bank. Sure, before you run out of money it is great, but it has been catching up to us for a while and we are at the equivalent of pawning our TVs to make 1 more month of rent. How does the US get a higher paying job to start paying for things? Tax the rich, nobody else has anything left.
  6. The bolded (bolding mine) is the problem, where he is reassuring rich people that they will still be rich, but the subtext is you are also applying those same words to people who are struggling and getting left behind.
  7. I also did not know who I was at 18-21, but as someone who is not trans (and I assume you are not as well) maybe we were not exposed to the same feeling of "something is wrong" that someone who is trans might. I don't know if that is correct, just my own open speculation. In my mind, if one of my kids came to me as trans, I would try and get them hormone replacement therapy as soon as possible, preferably pre-puberty. I feel like if they do change their mind, you could always fix stuff by going in the opposite direction or just stopping hormone therapy (I am not a hormone expert so maybe this is bad advice), but if they do not change their mind they would probably be happier with their appearance and potentially need less plastic surgery later. Maybe that is more important for M-F rather than F-M, since observationally it seems like testosterone is pretty powerful and sort of a double edged sword for trans people, where it is hard to undo the effect of years of it for M-F, but maybe it allows a F-M to catch up a little better since no one really questions the gender of someone with a full beard, even if they are 5'2". Again, maybe I am incorrect.
  8. Next you will say it does not like food to further question if it is really a Lab...
  9. Didn't they do this after the first SARS in 2003? Once the heat dies down, then the wet market people bribe a local politician, who bribes a regional politician, who bribes a national politician, and we are back to wet markets being open?
  10. I only order directly from restaurants now if possible, too many times getting burned by a door dash driver making 4 stops before delivering our food and having it come out cold. Also, all the shady stuff places like Grubhub do where they make fake websites that mimic the restaurant's real website but increase the price of everything 20%, then they just pocket the difference when you think you are ordering directly from the restaurant.
  11. Everything, my dog is very dumb. She forgets how to use stairs. Eventually she will remember, but there could be a week where she just chirps at me to carry her up the stairs.
  12. Until the person that does those things and goes back to work as an uber driver, or grocery store employee, or hair stylist, and spreads it to someone else, who then spreads it to someone else, who then spreads it to someone being responsible. The whole point of contagious disease is that people being irresponsible can still infect people who are being responsible, kind of the concept of only as strong as your weakest link, and there are many weak links. It just keeps the virus in circulation longer.
  13. Not a guilty pleasure because it is an objectively good movie. It is one of my favorites.
  14. Nah, she is just as big of a phony as he is, and has defended his union busting and donations to Republicans.
  15. 30's 80% Spotify, 20% USB drive for the car (was an ipod but it finally died). Listening through either computer speakers, headphones attached to a computer, or car speakers. Always a playlist of a few thousand songs on random. The only time I listen to a full album now is right when it get released, and even then I skim through songs just trying to find ones to add to my random playlist. I feel like what makes a good album has completely changed due to this, where my favorite albums were ones that had a high floor of song quality across the board, and I would be supremely disappointed buying an album due to one song and then finding out the rest of the songs are terrible. Now I don't even care about "decent" songs, there is so much music that I don't have time for 7/10 songs, only 9 or 10/10 songs allowed where a single good song on an album that makes my playlist is more valuable that a bunch of ok songs on a single album. I had thousands of albums and was a fairly late adopter to mp3s and music from a computer, starting in around 2004. Now I have no idea where my albums are and I don't really care, I have my music backed up across three hard drives for redundancy, and it would probably be the first thing I try to save if my house was burning down once the family/pets were out. One regret I do have is that I did not make an electronic version of every album or song since at the time I was very limited on hard drive space which would not be a problem now. I often find myself downloading stuff that I know I own.