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  1. Heard it was pretty hot in some places, weird. Huh, look at that, 77-82 for the next week, and the last week, and the week after.
  2. We will be able to answer this question once we have the results from the 2020 election. I can give people a pass on 2016 for falling for the "he is not a politician, he will drain the swamp etc" type of talk. I would say anyone who would vote for him after these last few years has to be far right by definition, because there is nothing behind their voting other than a (R) after someones name (which is probably more favorable to these people than the other obvious answer which will probably lead me to another weekend suspension if typed out).
  3. I think the only way I could sleep until 11am is if I went to bed at 8am.
  4. Voter fraud is not a concern of mine, but election fraud is. If there was a time for a foreign power to cripple the USA globally and you had one shot at it, there is no better chance than 2020. Countless instances of foreign governments hacking into various county voter databases (testing the waters?), and both state and federal politicians in power that would either outright help them or look the other way. All it takes is a few % votes shifted in a few select states.
  5. I only visit the east coast, but how can people tolerate football starting at 1, or baseball games ending at 2am. I go stir crazy waiting for football to start at 10 as it is. Plus you have a football game for every meal of the day. Also, for more oldness: I felt like I had a hair on my face because I kept getting a glint of sunlight off of it, but then I was never able to grab it. Turns out I just had a random 2 inch long hair growing out of the side of the bridge of my nose now. It is super fine and silvery and stuff, but still, never thought I would need to remember to shave the side of my nose every few months.
  6. Unless you teach college you are getting to the point where your students parents will have the same response.
  7. Telesur is the Venezuela state run media and is no more reputable than Russia Today when it comes to its anti-democracy, pro-dictatorship agenda. I mean, it is definitely plausible that Glennwald is being threatened by Brazil for exposing corruption, but that does not tie into the second thought at all. It was the only the beginning of this year when Putin sent Russian mercenaries to guard Maduro from the threat of a coup, probably so they could keep looting the country in peace. Him being boosted by Telesur increases the chances he is a Russian agent/useful idiot, it does not decrease it.
  8. 5. It is a cudgel to be used against their opponents, and they do not actually care about anti-semitism at all.
  9. So far no issues, will let you know if it happens again.
  10. CNN is dumb sensationalism. Every day they are praying for a plane crash or other disaster so they have something to cover 24 hours a day. The epitome of the truth is in the middle thoughtless garbage. "Here is a noble prize winning scientist discussing X, in which he spent 40 years becoming an expert on. Here is some guy we found behind 7-11 who disagrees with him. I guess the answer is somewhere in the middle!".
  11. This rule would be terrible for fantasy football, but also terrible for people who want to go to live games. "Oh, you bought tickets 3 months ago hoping to see star players, now you get to watch their backups get blown up by some top tier team". At least if I am watching the game at home I can watch something else if that is the case.
  12. Don't forget that all of my quality posts come from California, one of the most valuable exports.
  13. It depends where you live and what industry. There are really only 3 metropolitan areas I would consider living in because that is where 95% of the jobs in my industry are. Sure, other areas have a sprinkling of companies, but if you get laid off there, you are guaranteed to be moving because nothing else is around. It is a volatile industry, so companies going under is pretty common.
  14. There are definitely mosquitoes in California, just not an overwhelming amount compared to some other places. Edit: Could not find anything detailed, but apparently nothing in CA is ranked too high in mosquito density, probably too dry.