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  1. David Johnson was the unanimous #1 pick in 2017 in most leagues, Bell was typically 2-3. Just for that I would rank Johnson slightly worse.
  2. Comb-overs 101, you don't go out in the rain.
  3. I mean, he is not wrong about Bill Kristol.
  4. I wonder how many fires PG&E needs to start before they get sued into bankrupcy and nationalized, seems like most big ones have been theirs.
  5. Shanahan's seat is as cool as it can get, even before Mullens had a good game. The team is crippled by injuries and none of the issues they are having are related to coaching. They had a general lack of talent before he joined the team, and at least with a year of review the 2017 draft seems pretty good. I don't know if he is a good coach or not, but there is not enough information to see whether he is a bad coach, outside of click-bait local writers.
  6. huthut

    USA Shootings

    More like last two weeks, unless MAGA shootings don't count as terrorism. An easy start with guns would be giving them similar paperwork and instruction as cars have, both from a training stand point, and with yearly? registration with obvious collector guns exempt.
  7. huthut

    Republicans Pivoting Away from the GOP?

    Kind of like the deficit, it only matters when a democrat is in office.
  8. Evangelicals are pretty far from what Christ was all about as well, so it kind of makes sense. At least a solid majority that is more interested in culture wars than anything relating to Jesus's message.
  9. Gruden is a bad coach that reminds me of the NFL equivalent of Mike Matheny. The game has passed him by. His seat should be hotter than hot outside of 10 years, $100,000,000. The main question is how much money the ownership will write off to get rid of him. I do look forward to Gruden's constant excuses about not having the players/coaches/anything but him when the continue to lose.
  10. Was saving the Bears for this week 6 weeks ago.
  11. It isn't niner fans that are burning his jersey.
  12. Kind of like Trubisky's old tweet about loving to kiss TEs.
  13. Why would you start some guy averaging 6 points a game with 1/3rd of his points in the first week when you could be playing known superstar George Kittle?
  14. Turns out the 49ers have 3 QBs better than any that are on the Bills.