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  1. Both my wife and I are lucky that we are both still getting paid our full salary, I know many people are not as fortunate.
  2. When using Zoom I always have it call my phone, then your computer mic is disabled, and your phone tends to have a much better microphone. I don't think you can do that if you are the host of the meeting though. Also in settings you can set it where you just hold spacebar to unmute, so if you are not talking much that is an easy way to briefly unmute for a comment. Not sure how I can survive kids though, they are already going crazy with boredom, and I would not be surprised if we have 2 more months of this.
  3. Not sure I would recommend Omaha Steaks, we get them every now and then from my inlaws, and you would significantly decrease the cost and increase the quality just going to costco. The steaks all seem to be 0.5 inches thick.
  4. I guess you could go into the push-it (added hyphen due to language filter) and the covers from Salival, album vs studio songs from Opiate etc, not sure if you counted those in the 49.
  5. I mean, once you get rid of the intermission songs Tool barely has 50 songs to begin with, would probably need to include that german recipe from Aenima just to reach 50. Will make a top 20 or so list once the OP is done, just because.
  6. Hopefully, but I also feel like it will not completely go away, there might continue to be flare ups once people go back to work in June or whenever that is. Social distancing for "Flattening the Curve" does not necessarily have less people infected, it just delays some of the infections to keep them within medical care capacity. If 0.66% die even with ventilator access then I don't know how much lower it could get, it just prevents it from going significantly higher due to a lack of medical support.
  7. That is still pretty high when you start working with big numbers. Figure if it infects 45% of Americans that is over 1,000,000 dead.
  8. Re-listened to it, best songs were Fear Inoculum and Descending, but they would still be near the bottom of some ranking system. I guess Tool is not the type of band I seek for 15 minute long songs.
  9. I listened to Fear Inoculum once and that was enough.
  10. Call me a hater, but nothing Lateralus or beyond really caught my ear at all, and would only make my list if I had to go to 50. I guess between 10,000 Days and Lateralus there might be a few ok things that would make the list 40-50 somewhere. Also, having Bottom that low is a crime, it is easily in my top 10 (unless Bootom is some song I am not familiar with). Could we pad the list with Pucifer? Most of that stuff is better than post 2000 Tool. Saw them in 1998, got Aenima in 1996 and quickly worked backwards, Salival was ok (didn't that come with a VHS of their music videos too? that sounds familiar). Last album I bought was Lateralus.
  11. Closer to November, the average person has the memory of a goldfish.
  12. I dislike Biden more than pretty much every dem candidate besides Bloomberg, but there is no way he would be worse or equal to Trump. Even if he himself is not competent, at least his administration will be full of competent people who are not looking to just deregulate their own industries. I feel like there is zero chance to pressure the Democratic party to the left if they lose, they will just take to heart that there is nothing they can do to win over more progressive voters, and try and fight over the single swing voter left in Ohio. Plus, with a 7-2 conservative split SC justices (no way RBG, probably Beyer last through 2024), as well as likely losses in the house, senate, and state governments (assuming Trump wins), even if there is a will to enact progressive legislation, it could likely get outright prohibited by conservatives in power. Recall the fairly conservative Obamacare was a SC decision, now image trying to make any sweeping legislation with a court full of 35 year old Alitos and Scalias. I envision the best way to enact progressive legislation is to keep winning which will give a greater buffer to move left, and every year try and primary out various bad dems (aka Lipinski this year, AOC beating Crowley in 2018 etc). I can't help think of any accelerationist hoping that decades of right wing rule will somehow convert into a socialist revolution as some sort of trust fund kid playing online leftist. There are tons of poor people or various minorities that will be objectively hurt by an additional 4 years of Trump, but that does not mean nearly as much as boosting internet leftist street cred to them since they will not be affected either way.
  13. Seems kind of premature right now to tell, since we are still early in the pandemic. Generally the president gets a favorability boost during a tragedy (9/11, Iran hostage crisis etc), but it is also transient and contingent on a positive outcome. If the bodies pile up it would probably not be beneficial for his election campaign. The ads would write themselves, just show him talking about how it is not a big deal from Jan to Feb.
  14. Yep, he probably thinks it is high because it is 2 digits? "Well, if minimum wage is $8, then $24 must be rich since it is way higher".
  15. Maybe, maybe not, either way Biden is the weakest candidate the DNC could have chose. We probably would not be guessing how many women will not vote for an alleged sexual harasser with Harris, Sanders, or any of the other people that were up on stage during the primaries.
  16. Of course they won't all stay home, but they all don't need to, just a few % in key states.
  17. Look at Al Franken, there is definitely a double standard between the political parties. Just because Trump voters don't care doesn't mean that some number of Democratic voters won't stay home. Think "She deserved it for dressing like that" vs "That could be me".
  18. Well, not like it is mandated by law, season to taste? A sandwich is not as bready as a bagel is as well, so what works on a bagel might be overkill on a piece of bread.
  19. Things like this always remind me of Arrested Development "I mean, it is one banana Michael, how much could it cost? $10?" Like Republicans think that $24/hour (less than 50k a year) is some amount of money that tons of trained professionals would be quitting their jobs in droves to take, and then need to find another job in a few months. Just a complete disconnect from people that work for their wages.
  20. I find it is the opposite, you often need 2 slices of real cheese to taste it over other ingredients, while a thin spread of cream cheese has a more pronounced taste and you barely use any. I don't put the half inch thick spread that some bagel places do though, seems like it would be a bit much. I find that half of one of those single serving tubes (I think they hold 1 oz, so a total of 0.5 oz) is enough for a sandwich. If you have the ingredients available I would recommend trying it.
  21. Oh no, laid off people will get paid 31,200 a year for 4 months? Really living in the lap of luxury here, lobster and caviar as far as the eye can see. The anger should be at the ridiculously low minimum wage that puts individuals significantly below that amount, because 31,200 is as close to the floor of a workable universal basic income as you can get.
  22. The problem is a lot more people hear his message compared to yours, whether part of his church or just what gets reported to the public as "this is what Christians believe". He has plenty of equally loud colleagues that have been spreading a similar message for 40 years.
  23. It feels like it should almost be a requirement. If you love the country you should dislike Trump and the anti-democracy aura he surrounds himself with. You can see the envy on his face that Putin can make critical journalists disappear and he cannot.