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  1. Gimme Nuk side, he's the best player in the deal. CJA is gonna be a very run heavy O. Gurley is gonna face stacked boxes and I would assume is gonna come out on those 3rd and longs the Rams will likely face often. Maclin is nice but I never trust Alex Smith!
  2. I think it's fair but I would probably go w/ Carr. Not convinced Luck's OL will keep him alive much longer!
  3. I'd keep the picks and try to move Dez for a younger player, especially if you can do it later in the season to a contender.
  4. Evaluating dynasty trades always gives me a headache and I would love some opinions. This is FFPC format dynasty startup (12 teams, TE premium). Give: 7.01, 8.08, 15.01 Get: 11.01, 12.08, 13.06, 2017 1st So far I've been drafting with the concession that I wouldn't be a contender year 1. Am I moving too far back to mainly snag that 2017 1st?
  5. Currently have 1.01 in a ffpc scoring format dynasty startup...really want to move out of it but dynasty trades aren't usually my strong suit. What would you be asking for in return?
  6. Well here are my 3 drafts all together... Team 1: #2 Spot Projected Starters: QB: Colin Kaepernick RB: LeSean McCoy RB: Joique Bell WR: Keenan Allen WR: Michael Crabtree WR: Kendall Wright WR: Torrey Smith TE: Rob Gronkowski PK/DST: Dan Bailey/NYJ (week 1 only) Bench: QB: Alex Smith RBs: Devonta Freeman, Terrance West, Donald Brown, Christine Michael, CJ Anderson WRs: Aaron Dobson, Kenny Stills TE: Heath Miller DST: Cincy Team 2: #11 Spot Project Starters: QB: Colin Kaepernick RB: Joique Bell RB: Frank Gore RB: Ryan Matthews WR: Julio Jones WR: Brandon Marshall WR: Roddy White TE: Heath Miller PK/DST: Phil Dawson/Balty Bench: QB: Andy Dalton RBs: Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, Donald Brown WRs: Marquise Lee, Robert Woods, Marvin Jones TES: Tyler Eifert, Travis Kelce DST: Cincy Team 3: #10 Spot Projected Starters: QB: Matt Ryan RB: Montee Ball RB: DeMarco Murray WR: Roddy White WR: Pierre Garcon WR: Kendall Wright WR: Torrey Smith TE: Dwayne Allen PK/DST: Matt Bryant/HOU Texans Bench: QB: Philip Rivers RB: Devonta Freeman, Lance Dunbar, Chris Ivory, Donald Brown, Jerick McKinnon WR: Kenny Stills, Cody Latimer TE: Tyler Eifert DST: Balty
  7. Honestly every draft is so different that none of this really matters..... Everyone can post teams all day and it still wouldn't help others out very much.... Just saying... I see both sides and this year I decided to interact with others... I agree...I'm finishing up my 3rd draft right now...all 3 have been so different that nothing I read here is was gonna change that.
  8. I don't like it. The only place of strength is WR and you are only 3 deep. Hate the RBs, hate the TE's, Hate the QB. Possibly your projections of them are different but this squad isn't going to compete imo. Please do check back in if it does.... To me this whole draft was strange, when I looked at the final results I thought all the teams were unimpressive
  9. team #2 of 3...11th spot...very strange draft board overall. not super excited about being a big money contender but could make some noise w/i the league: QB: Kaepernick, Dalton RB: Joique, Gore/Hyde, Matthews/Brown, Jeremy Hill WR: Julio, B. Marshall, Roddy, M. Lee, Woods, Marvin Jones TE: Heath Miller, Kelce, Eifert K: Dawson D: Cincy, Balty
  10. thanks...just need a lil luck for a RB injury to make one of my backups really high on Joique tho.
  11. just draft 1 of 3...a bit giddy over it...From the #2 QB: Kaepernick, Alex Smith RB: McCoy, Joique, Freeman, West, Donald Brown, Christine Michael, CJ Anderson WR: Keenan, Crabby, Torrey, Kendall Wright, Dobson, Stills TE: Gronk, Heath K: Bailey D: Cincy, NYJ (just for week 1 vs OAK)