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  1. I have no evidence to support this, but to me it has always seemed that Thursday night games are usually sloppy and low scoring due to lack of adequate prep time. So I'm going with low
  2. We have one guy in a work league who always drafts his entire starting lineup in the first 9 rounds. Including K and D/ST.
  3. I am probably taking Zeke at 1.02 this weekend. Zero interest in passing on Zeke for Henry.
  4. I also took Mims over Edwards at 2.04. I regretted it instantly and wound up trading for Edwards later.
  5. Extremely skeptical he's going to play with the Bears not seeming to make any kind of move to bring him in. Been stubbornly holding him in dynasty but I am starting at guys like Duvernay, Cephus, Herndon on the wire and wondering what exactly I'm doing
  6. Not taking this bait again.
  7. Took him 2.04 in a PPR rookie draft last week and having some buyer's remorse. The Jets just do not give me a good feeling at all. Wishing I had gone with my gut and taken Bryan Edwards.
  8. Yes and I thought this was one of the best episodes in years. That's not a high bar because the show has become pretty formulaic and stale recently, but seeing the way both franchises were dealing with covid was really interesting.
  9. Good call not moving up, sitting at 2.04 and Gibson is still there. So are Mims who I’m not crazy about and Bryan Edwards who I love
  10. Lots of good Gibson discussion here, thinking I should hold off trying to move to 1.11 to get him. Would probably take my 2021 1st or 2.04 + 2021 2nd to get it done. Thanks all
  11. Trying to figure out where this guy should go in dynasty rookie drafts right now (PPR). He is still floating out there with 1.11 on the clock and willing to deal, but I can't figure out if I should try to move in and grab him. Trying to avoid an AC thread but I think general Shark Pool input about where you'd be comfortable grabbing him in a rookie draft could be constructive for everyone.
  12. Adding 4 IR spots as that is the max on ESPN. These will only be used for COVID, not going to allow high ankle sprains or concussions or whatever in there
  13. No way I would have him worth 1.5x Jonathan Taylor. Give me Taylor and the extra $ in that scenario for sure.