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  1. This year has reinforced two of my long-time rules (load up on RB early and wait on QB) and made me re-think one (stream TE).
  2. I was working with a guy who has Waller/Ertz but he eventually remembered that NE D/ST is a defense and lost interest.
  3. Has anyone tried selling this week? Trying to upgrade TE with no luck at all.
  4. Hoping for another big week against CLE and then I'm going to start sending ridiculous sell offers to see if I can get anyone to bite
  5. Traded for this dip#### and OJ Howard in a dynasty this past offseason. I used to be good at this.
  6. Imagine it lasts for hours (or days) instead of 15 minutes. That's a a sudden/severe turf toe injury
  7. Hi Bloom, I have more of a general question - how often and when are your weekly projections updated? I've noticed that Dodds' are updated occasionally, and the site indicates when they were last updated (EG right now they show as "Last updated: Fri Sep 27 7:24 PM.") Your projections don't mention when they were last updated so I'm curious about how that works. Thanks!
  8. Thought I was a genius trading for this guy in dynasty last offseason. Guess not
  9. The concern is that Jameis seems to have regressed, Evans was bad against CAR in their last meeting, and he wasn't much better in week 1.
  10. Debating sitting for Gio Bernard but sounds like Mixon looked good on rehab field today.
  11. Thursday night division game in a survivor pool? You're a braver man than I