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  1. I’ll try one if I see one to compare to my beloved Wawa.
  2. Nice. I’m thinking I’ll put a summer/fall schedule together to be able to run a late Nov local marathon that has < 1000 in the half and full field. It’s out and back which is probably a not great to run back into a germ field. But whether that race happens and I run the race or not, I’ll benefit from a cycle and some form of race day whether it’s solo or otherwise.
  3. This has been going on for 4 yrs, you sending the HOA invoices? Fantastic schtick.
  4. Under no pandemic, Chief could have offered to help assemble and steal a cooler.
  5. I’m with you on the above but will say my # in a row and the benefit of an easy day(s) has grown over time and trying to be consistent. Yours has as well and you are a volume junkie. I remember when it was a feat for me to get a 3rd consecutive day so it’s all relative. Those guys (and others) are like paintings in a museum or well tuned machines that you just gotta admire. Very sweaty paintings and machines.
  6. Surprised it’s a dead heat as I post this (48/48). Maybe most of you have not been to OCMD boardwalk.
  7. Yep, noticed that today too. Still can use mapmyrun to sketch out routes but had been remembering to use strava more lately. I’m gonna pay up, but I’m waiting until they allow me to add shoes on the app.
  8. Went Other for ‘Stoned Love’ which was post Ross. Big fan of all the choices and Motown.
  9. The strava 1/2 mile and full mile show even splits which is great work holding on.
  10. Love seeing the miles, boys. I still feel very deflated legs and all over really this week so it was pleasant slog on a warm morn here.