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  1. Related to food chat from yesterday or for some lack thereof, I’ve reached the ‘Snickers commercial’ phase of training where if I am not actively eating something I should be for the sake of my colleagues.
  2. Streak runner, sometimes eats a clif bar before racing marathons, races halfs with no water. Wonders why I once affectionately called him a robot.
  3. Was picturing this but more like ammo across chest like Rambo.
  4. On workout mornings I eat some sort of bar like Bobos with coffee when I wake up and then bathroom and go. Easy runs just coffee, bathroom, go. Longer stuff I try to eat something before as well. Later in the day runs I just try to give myself some time after I last ate and if I know I still need to run I don’t put the feed bag on all the way until after.
  5. Good luck. I don’t know anything about bursitis but if you haven’t googled/you tubed ‘Kelly Starett bursitis’ you should. That guys books and videos are tremendous resource for trying to self correct the crap we do to ourselves.
  6. Where is the pain in the hip and what direction is it going, @The Iguana? Get a sports massage if you’re not averse to it.
  7. @gruecd & @Steel Curtain thanks for the literal daily inspiration. Sorry the day dealt a hot, humid hand - thanks for both reporting in ok after pushing it out there. I’ll be much more productive in the office tomorrow.
  8. Guy in my office before me sure af didn’t. I like to stare at 3:10 like it’s going to make me faster. Reality is I avert my state to 3:20 and think it won’t be all bad to turn 45 in 4 years.
  9. Qualifying times on my office wall really talk to me on this day.
  10. Will be following, guys. Have a great night and a great tomorrow.
  11. Update from the couch...Tall glass of beet juice, Race reports from BMFs, Masters on early. Will run later.
  12. Did you see his profile and his 300 mile per week goal? That dude deserves that premium subscription for sure.