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  1. They are solid but not jaw drop in any way through about 40 miles. The new foam does not feel any more peppy but also not heavier feel than the 10s. Not sure if I’ve given them a fair shake as I think most runs in them have been cold easy runs so I’ll use them this coming week for something up tempo. I find myself drawn more to the 10s and will prob get another pair of them on the cheap before I consider more 11s. In other Saucony shoe dork news, I’ll be paying attention to the Endorphin line that is to come this year.
  2. Thanks. Only heard of it from non US folks. Didn’t know it spread and had a easy site. Got a flat one not too far from me in College Park MD.
  3. Saw that somewhere, maybe Shark Tank. I would try, my flip belt is too loose. Would worry it would smell as bad as my HR strap though. I’ve been trying various shorts with a proper center phone pocket and good waistband/drawstring get as light as I can with tunes until I upgrade to music on watch.
  4. Glad about your butt! Mileage obsession worries me so please forgive the following... I take mileage total as a soft target/goal and more of an outcome of training. Near term focus on mileage over long term success is bad math and personally if I add stress (training and life) going from 40 miles to 50 miles in February I think it’s a bad trade for spring & summer. You’ve got an ultra upcoming, yes, so packing in volume now is great for that goal. But recovery from that will be way more important than weekly mileage/where you stand vs annual mileage goal.
  5. Didn’t think we were allowed to discuss dots anymore.
  6. Hadn’t seen that, thanks. Not sure if it shows the HM pr for the folks who qualified using the marathon standard.
  7. Not finding a list of HM PRs of the qualifiers but pretty sure plenty have faster halfs. As you mentioned, I too wonder if he’ll try to break earlier than ‘conventional wisdom’ of the road runners that are faster on paper.
  8. Good site with runner stuff and the course, I’m irrationally interested in this. On February 29, 2020, the race will be broadcast live on NBC across the country. The broadcast will be live at 12:00 p.m. EST, with coverage concluding at 3:00 p.m.
  9. Absolutely. Was just ready this one on him.
  10. You’ll have pain to keep you company, maybe some eye candy and some tunes if you want. More outside runs will help.
  11. I just popped a gel to read this thread.