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  1. Totally, gangsta gots his bling to pick up. Excited to spectate a bit, I’ll be running long anyway and wanted to get on that trail as I might race 5k in spring on it so it’s all good.
  2. Second time was waaay better. Read that one. I think I have my plan to roll in from the west but had not factored in the 50k route coming that direction with an out and back so I’m looking out a bit farther. Trying to guess where I can park in the lots/neighborhoods.
  3. Wife texted me it’s the 2 yr anniversary of my first marathon. Cue up the way back machine if newer crew want a long painful read
  4. God bless you for trying out a gut and core injury out at a quick care joint, but sounds pretty good with scans and ####. Not sure they will do much for the strain but hopefully they are helpful. Tell me more about the core thing and perhaps refer back some dozens of pages to my numerous installments of PT/groin chronicles. I need a copy/paste for these effing things, they are the worst. My advice that is largely serious. Outsource some of the shoveling work around the house (chopping down a tree almost ruined me this summer when I was healthy), see a PT who can assess your adductors/abductors, lower abs, groin, psoas and try to find the source and relieve the hotspots if identified. You’ll end up doing side walks and clamshells at some point so just start now. I also now do a thing where I put my lower legs flat on the couch, have my back flat, put a ball by my knees - then same time squeeze ball together with knees and press heels down and into the couch. Produces good tension throughout the whole hammy/glute/ab/groin mix down there. Good luck.
  5. My 3 cents. Glad your running this weekend and I like the plan to get a cooler earlier race scheduled. That will provide a big mental boost I think. You say you’ve got 10 weeks from 11/11 but you can perhaps pull that up a week even if you recover next week from the half to not go right into workouts. Not sure what workouts/approach you’re favoring but you can put 8-9 weeks of quality in, assess whether to taper or use Jan 26 as loooong run in favor of a few more weeks quality. You could recover and then repeat the appropriate # of quality weeks until taper for March race. Caveat- It’s a lot in a little time which worries me with your leg so please don’t make short term choice to the detriment of your longer term running. Not sure whether intensity or duration flares it the most but manage/avoid what triggers it and have a big sleep & recovery focus. (We all should) 👆
  6. Give this a read when you’ve got some spare time.
  7. Had a pair of the white ones waiting for me when I returned to the office 👍 - definitely sitting in them now and I feel fast. I’ll use these to see how they go and they seem like a bridge the @JShare87flys that my legs will be more likely to accept than going straight into them. Then it’s a matter of deciding whether a partially crushed gravel path is a smart course to try to VaporFly on or wait till spring.
  8. Banana guy was a ringer
  9. @gianmarco the banana to your gorilla
  10. Whatta about dem new shoes? (Outstanding run btw) 🤠
  11. Lots of arbitrary advice in here. I’d follow the arbor-trary guidance.
  12. Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated.
  13. I am likely picking a Nov marathon early in 2020 and I’ll try NY lottery for ####s as I don’t time qualify. More likely Richmond where I end up or if a marathon meetup springs up I’d consider elsewhere.
  14. Congrats on #13 - if you wouldn’t mind roughing out your progression time-wise at some point over the course of those races, I’d appreciate it. Good luck getting the nagging stuff you’ve managed leading up to the race ironed out. Great performance and execution!