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  1. Actual. But now I just rely on the little klimat man in my phone. Pre happy hour plan is early up and out for 90 minutes in be morning. We’ll see what post plan is.
  2. Already looking at Tuesday high of 81* for next go at some better 400s than I had yesterday. Today/tomorrow/Sunday are 97*, 99*, 100* so likely taking to the mill for weekend easy miles at least once. Funny bit on the radio this morning while I drove my car to the shop about people who dislike/won’t/don’t drink water. People stating no water (just soda etc) for day and weeks on end. Drink up the H2O my friends!
  3. Hadn’t seen that one. I’ve compared potential courses using the converter here:
  4. Yeah no experience with Rolfing except I had a person talk up as head to toe awesome. Seems pretty involved over a sequence of sessions and $$. I’ve been loosely alternating PT and massage like 6 weeks between each. Helps me at least feel like I’m not ingraining bad stuff all the time.
  5. Oy. Glad it’s not looking like arthritis. Have you ever had regular body work like sports massage every couple weeks or something like rolfing? Good plan to get on softer surfaces and more frequent shoes. Good luck!
  6. I’m at whatever level of commitment a hotel, a plan and knowledge of the next price increase date is.
  7. Ah then I’ll lottery it. Thanks.
  8. Oh man that’s a lot lower than the ~3:3x I was noodling for goal in Dec marathon. Thank for the info and motor-vation.
  9. Chicago is still a lottery but with better hit rate than the others? Would very much consider that next fall. Oh hey, y’all notice it’s been hot out almost like it’s summer??
  10. If it helps the SOS stuff in the half plan is really only for 12 or 13 weeks of the 18 as the first few are still base mileage easy unless you use the advanced. You could do the speed workout on a mill to avoid the heat as an option perhaps then you’re left with the strength SOS at 10 seconds faster than goal HM pace once a week and a long run that’s not as long as the marathon plan. 😃
  11. No amount of clamshells had me ready for this morning. I’ve had most PT modalities including cups, needles, electro needles to the groin. Have been feeling good and almost cancelled but I always at least get my hips/sacrum assessed/adjusted since running and desk life crest some recurring funkiness so went anyway. She checks my hamstrings and hones in on a hot spot just above my left knee on the inside of my hamstring. Things get heavy when she starts with the scraping thing and then cups it then more scraping. I was seeing spots and lightheaded and that was my restday today.
  12. Gotta push back here, GB (gravy boat). That drop isn’t ‘cray cray’, maybe just cray. And we can do cray round these parts.
  13. Freaking nuts. I ate it at least thrice last summer on a tame trail half with rocks that grab human feet. That race reminds me of the one in Europe where people chase the wheel of cheese down the hill.