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  1. No answer to actual question but were you alternating shoes or running daily in same pair? The former will extend foam life.
  2. Howdy @Cowboy Dan 🤠 Have you seen any sample workouts to tell how much time the coach has Mrs at MP and faster? I run on the wider range of easy (agree that easy is a feel more so than pace) particularly on first few miles and let progression happen. Also, any HR guidance/observation from Coach or is this pace based? Lastly, does the coach know you frequent a running thread with multiple doctors?
  3. With all due respect to your left knee and right cheek, I am most concerned you’re being stalked by paparazzi @-OZ- @FUBAR
  4. FKT with stroller is probably a thing.
  5. Obvious stuff but the child will create some significant changes to your schedule and sleep and training. I’m about 10 years into adjusting.
  6. @xulf helped me with the headphones bit. I had to the ‘forget device’ the headphones in my Bluetooth, then the watch and headphones paired. Syncing music is not smooth for me yet, I use Runcasts for pods and haven’t tried to get music as Apple Music seems to be doable wired in and I don’t have premium Spotify.
  7. Maybe there is some motivation in me somewhere. Just pulled up a good old race equivalency site for some wishful thinking.
  8. Props. I get derailed from all the things I should be doing like push-ups/pull-ups/lunges/core so easily. I can’t get them to stick even with ridiculously low daily expectations. Morning routine is shot presently, been holding on with miles during soccer practice and weekends.
  9. Try rolling out calf and lower legs with a stick or something similar. Lax ball or similar size ball to roll out the foot. Google Kelly Starrett vids and articles, he’s my first go to for searches on overuse injuries.
  10. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan and can be flexible about Feb. I forgot about J&J, I will let Mrs Bushdoc know about 2021 date as we still have friends to visit in Seattle and late July is as good of a time as any.
  11. Have you put together any goals/timelines for your desired 2021 training and calendar? For example, do you want to be ramping up for something in the spring as opposed to recoverering from Mesa.
  12. Was looking around for Aftershockz on a deal but no dice. I keep destroying headphones.
  13. About 4 miles in this morning I was first on the scene to a bike pretzel job with a tandem bike older couple and a teen girl (in a group of like 6 more kids and 2 adults) that went head on. Girl was saying she lost visibility due to sun in eyes, her front tire looked like impact was high. The tandem couple were older and strewn on the side of the trail. Got the bikes and kids out of the way of trail traffic that might fly around curve and then was able to get the man off to the side, his helmet was cracked and he was shook. Both there glasses/sunglasses were off in the grass. Wife was on the back of bike when they passed me about 5 minute prior. She seemed to land on her right side and was pretty pained & upset as she had knee surgery few weeks prior. Got her off the trail and and they were calming down pretty well. No tension to deal with or anger so that was good. Offered to run back a few miles to bring their car but another adult offered a ride to the man who was now much more with it. Conversation shifted to ambulance y/n and other folks had it under control. Being more of an internet nice guy than an internet medical professional, I headed off and heard a siren a few mins later. Good call. Be safe crew.