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  1. There hasn't been any actual news lately, but the drumbeat is getting a bit louder from fantasy owners. Check out Dr. Dan's awesome Shark Pool post and read this Dynasty Nerds article "Forget Foreman…It’s Swanson Time"
  2. Thank you for posting this. I hadn't heard about him, and he's the kind of player you want on your radar while the rest of your league isn't paying attention.
  3. I love Zero RB more this year as a contrarian strategy because its brand has gotten sullied, but only employing it sparingly in a few home leagues. You're still banking on RBs like Dion Lewis and Kerryon Johnson to have a year approaching Alvin Kamara's last year. If they hit, you're sitting pretty with top Tier WRs like OBJ and Julio as your first two picks. Add a top 3 TE in the third round and you have a potential winning lineup. But know that you're just as likely to find yourself at the bottom of the standings as the top.
  4. Hi again, Just found IDP Fantasy Empire. At most times it is like listening to two IDP professors thoughtfully sharing ideas with each other in a quiet library, then they'll throw some offbeat humor your way to mix things up. They're shilling their paid content too much for my liking. Definitely worth a listen for their takes. Also, I'm moving Individual Defensive Podcast up to the top of Tier II because they're been cranking out great content (news takes + overall strategy) with good sound quality. Tier I *None* Tier II Individual Defensive Podcast Fantasy Sharks Read and React Fantasy Guru IDP Fantasy Empire Football Guys Tier III IDP Guys' EDGE CRUSHERS
  5. If you really need a WR and you think Wilson could give you reliable WR2 numbers all year I'd bid around $150. Just know there is a wide range and you have to gauge what other teams might bid, how desperate you are for your team, and the likelihood of Wilson performing up to what your team needs. During last year's first waiver wire run, Chris Hogan went for an average of $408 FAAB, but with a range of $1-$995. Not a typo.
  6. The interface is so 1990's so it takes a little digging. Go to Stats and then filter by Available players. They're working on an app so I hope we can start getting better usability soon.
  7. If you're playing in a real life money >$500 league then you've got to subscribe to fantasymojo . As far as FAAB goes, you'll see some >$700 FAAB money getting spent on a high profile waiver wire add in the first 1-2 weeks in dynasty leagues. Go big or go home - or save your FAAB for the playoff run to box out your opponents when it is time to pick guys (or team defenses) and put on your bench who you do not want to face. There are many other strategies to employ depending on your needs and the strength of your opponents.
  8. Here is a speculative and highly optimistic but well-researched article that speaks to Webb's upside. Would he really have been drafted as the #2 QB in this year's draft?
  9. It's a "make" year if he gets traded to the Cowboys within a few weeks, a "break" year if he languishes as the Browns' WR4.
  10. Thank you for adding back a quick link to MyFBG. I was starting to shake uncontrollably.
  11. The psychologist Angela Duckworth's famous equation describing how folks get from talent to achievement includes "effort" twice and "skill" just once. Davis Webb might be one of the hardest workers in this business. I would be happy if he carved out a Nick Foles or Case Keenum career with the talents he has.
  12. Add 5 points to the defense if the actual team wins.
  13. If you are an old adherent of "The Curse of 370" then pick up James Conner and John Kelly. Co-sign on Chris Carson above. Terry Swanson on the Texans is a very deep sleeper for rosters with 35+ players. Someone will get 8-12 carries for the Saints for the first four games. Jonathan Williams? The crystal ball is hazy. Also, pick up Tavon Austin if you can tolerate the guffaws from the other managers in your league.
  14. Be sure to listen to the new Individual Defensive Podcast featuring Gary Davenport. Just listened to the second of two pods and there are lots of hot takes. Would love to hear more data-based analysis in the future, but right now this is now a must-listen in Tier II based. Here is an updated list: Tier I *None* Tier II Fantasy Sharks Read and React Individual Defensive Podcast Fantasy Guru Football Guys Tier III IDP Guys' EDGE CRUSHERS
  15. As someone who's just starting 60 man roster IDP leagues for a second consecutive year, I've been looking for great IDP pods to get me to and from work. Would love to hear what others think: Tier I *None* I prioritize pods that have one or more contributors who have actually earned a dollar covering the NFL or have been employed by a NFL team; think Cecil Lammey actively covering the Broncos, Matt Williamson the former Browns scout, and Greg Cosell as a film analyst on NFL networks. Where are our IDP gurus with first-hand knowledge of the industry? Tier II High-quality content with actionable insight and advice. Fantasy Sharks This is my go-to when I want to hear the reasoning behind MFL projections. Read and React Probably the most entertaining, well-produced, and best sound quality Fantasy Guru Football Guys As a FBG subscriber, I listen to the IDP Roundtables the least because I’m already getting better bang for my buck by reading the articles on the site. Tier III These are dudes who can be entertaining but are just trying to have fun making a few extra dollars for beer or diapers depending on what stage of their life they're in. I do not listen to them very often because actionable info is not always easy to get. Caveat Emptor. IDP Guys' EDGE CRUSHERS R.I.P. Keep these in your feed in case they revive. TheStickyCast. See Read and React above. DFW IDP Blitz The Dynasty Playbook. This was the first podcast with IDP content I heard and always fun (i.e., NSFW)