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  1. I've made plenty of bad takes around here, and I certainly am not so insecure that I delete them after the fact. The Packers are a running team now, Rodgers has had plenty of subpar games this year but he's also had games (like today) where he looks like the Rodgers he has always been. Take your nonsense elsewhere, it ain't working.
  2. dude anyone that calls Aaron Rodgers "terrible" has already lost his argument.
  3. Rodgers or Brady? Going crazy. 6 pt all TDs...
  4. Brady or Rodgers? 1 pt every 20 yards passing, 6 points all TDs, 3 point bonus at 300 yards.
  5. I'm holding on the Panthers even with the bye, been super thrilled with them. Going forward though not sure who else to pick up, I can't talk myself into the Jets. I mean besides their schedule later in the year, they haven't done too much.
  6. 16 from Rodgers. Am I in good shape?? I can't get a read on him.
  7. I’m now somehow in 9th place! Crazyyy!