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  1. WAIT on QB. I didn’t do it nearly enough this year and there were so many options throughout the season. Wait. Wait. Wait.
  2. My team put up 190+ in consecutive weeks to win me my 4th title in our big league. Never had a stress free title game ever, still can’t believe it!
  3. I'm rolling him out there, very limited options. I dropped the ball big time at TE this year but somehow find myself in a title game in-spite of it. LFG!
  4. I'm down to him and Brady so I think I'm leaning Rodgers at the moment. Fun fun.
  5. I've made plenty of bad takes around here, and I certainly am not so insecure that I delete them after the fact. The Packers are a running team now, Rodgers has had plenty of subpar games this year but he's also had games (like today) where he looks like the Rodgers he has always been. Take your nonsense elsewhere, it ain't working.
  6. dude anyone that calls Aaron Rodgers "terrible" has already lost his argument.
  7. Good thing you deleted all those comments you made before this game.
  8. Rodgers or Brady? Going crazy. 6 pt all TDs...