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  1. Update - the friend's dad dropped them off in dc because of course. ffffffuuuuuck.
  2. Son of a #####. I just dropped my daughter off to go into protest with a friend. God dammit. Looks like I'm going to have to take ANOTHER day off of work to chaperone (for the record, her friend's dad will be with them; but . . . she's my baby girl, so would feel more comfortable being there).
  3. Sure, and if smallpox was as bad as they say, people would get vaccinated.
  4. You want to take a crack at responding to my post three above yours?
  5. I'd love to hear from the "tyranny of the government" Second Amendment folks.
  6. Would you feel the same way if, after this all calms down and COVID numbers start going up, the States decide that in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, they need to implement a mandatory curfew, and if you are caught outside after curfew, the police will violently arrest you? What about no curfew at all, what if to stop the spread of COVID, nobody is allowed outside of their house except to go to "necessary" business. And the police armed with military grade weapons can stop you and ask the purpose for you being outside? We cool with all that too?
  7. I responded and you must have missed it. I went to about 20 HS basketball games this year. At all of our home games, our AD was there. I'm assuming the away team's AD was at their games. Plus the principal was at a bunch of games, as well as the VP. Plus coaches. Plus various other staff, some paid and some volunteer. They played the anthem every time before the game. If someone wanted to sit out the anthem, there is a good chance they'd be noticed. Sometimes I sat out, depending on my mood. Sometimes I just didn't have it in me to stand in unison for a flag as an anthem played. It just feels so . . . . I don't know, communist? It's a weird feeling. Same reason I stopped staying the stupid pledge of allegiance. But anyway, there ARE people in this world who don't like the concept of standing at attention while the National Anthem plays. And sometimes these people are "on the job" when that happens. Hell, even at NFL games, there are hundreds of people paid to be there, not just players. Concessions people, ticket takers, security, whatever. They should have a first amendment right to decline standing at attention, especially if it's not disruptive. (I understand that first amendment generally applies to government; but my con-law days seem to recall that there are some commerce rules that brings businesses into play. But I could be wrong).
  9. He's talking about armed insurrection a la Red Dawn.
  10. I'm fascinated by this type of discussion. I've got a lot of thoughts and not a whole lot of time. The main thrust of my thinking is that the term "racist" is problematic, because we are dealing with a spectrum. There's a whole host of inputs and outputs to our stressors and behaviors in response. A "good" person who would never consider himself a "racist" (he doesn't dislike black people; he doesn't want them hurt, he doesn't want to see them beaten down, etc.) may STILL have a more generalized fear around a spastic black guy vs. a spastic white guy? And he may be more likely to pull the gun out when faced by that black guy than white guy. Why? Who knows! It *could* be racism, sure, but it could also be that he doesn't really have any day-to-day experience with black folk, or his only experience is the media portrayals, or the fear of the unknown, or horrible training, or whatever. My point is, that there IS something you can do. There ARE strategies, however difficult to implement. You slowly turn bad cops into better cops. And the cops that can't get better, you fire.
  11. oh, there are TWITTER accounts! Well, why didn't you say so before! That makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it. I mean, there is no way that a foreign entity would create a false Facebook or Twitter page to stir up violence or sow dissent. It's not like 12 different federal agencies warned us of it and an independent prosecutor brought ALL the receipts for how this happens. But hey, some guy on Twitter and Reddit says so! YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT AND THE MOST SMARTEST PERSON EVER.
  12. If a person had a job that where the playing of the national anthem happened on the regular, and that person doesn't believe in standing for the national anthem, he/she should be allowed to sit, or kneel, or turn away, or whatever. Then he goes back to his job. Let's say a HS athletic director. Or even principal or vice principal. None of them should be "required" to stand for the anthem. And not standing is not "disruptive" to the job. Kaep not standing for the anthem didn't slow down anybody. Didn't get in anybody's way. He doesn't want to wear the button.
  13. This is almost certainly foreign-based disinformation meant to divide us. Why would you play into it by re-posting here?
  14. Police are not heroes. They have a job they are getting paid for. If they can’t keep from abusing the populace, they should find a new job. Police in this country have WAY too much power over citizens. Before cell phones, they had the power to take your life, lie about getting attacked, and there would be. NOTHING you could do about it because courts assume police won’t lie. i don’t “hate” police. But I hate the amount of power over me police has. if 10 random Delta pilots nosedived into the Atlantic Ocean every year, we wouldn’t be like “oh, yeah, you know, there are a few bad apples in the delta ranks. But most are good people.” No, we’d have a lockdown on Delta flights until we knew what the hell is happening.
  15. as far as I can tell, they are saying that Epstein was murdered, and they have proof that Trump was being blackmailed by Russians/Mobsters for his involvement with Epstein and teen girls. The links I clicked on were court documents alleging Trump did stuff with a 13 year old. I have no idea if that is a newly unearthed court doc, or it has been around for a while.