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  1. Reminds me of the time CJ Craig was out sick and Josh had to do the presser: Secret plan to fight inflation
  2. Every time things can't get any more insane, it gets taken up a notch. You heard we bombed our own headquarters in Turkey, right? That's some Milo-from-Catch-22 level stuff.
  3. Can someone confirm that these three things have happened? 1. Trump sent an insane letter, ending with "don't be a fool." 2. He invited the parents of a young man that got hit by a car to the white house, so that he could ambush them for a photo op with the woman who drove the car. 3. We bombed our own military base in Turkey because we pulled out so quickly that we had no plan for how it would go. So we bombed. Our own. Military Base.
  4. One more serious thought about the letter: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  5. Seriously, it's been a good run. 250 or so years is respectable. Time to turn the lights off, close the blinds, and give the steering wheel to another country. We might as well be, I don't know, India at this point: Lots of people, a big economy, and some nukes. But not in any way a world leader.
  6. Loved the finale. I too wonder if Shiv knew that Kendall would do that, or if they conspired a bit. It's also possible that Logan knew, I guess. His pride wouldn't want him getting ousted by a hostile takeover, so if this was indeed the only way around it, he could have been the blood sacrifice. Actually, now that I see it written, that doesn't work -- he clearly was working with Kendall for Kendall to take the hit -- But I do think that he was a little proud of Kendall. They showed a SLIGHT smile come to Logan's lips at the very last shot.
  7. It could be interesting if enough Republican senators decide not to show up for the day of the vote.
  8. This is the article. I don't know how this guy lives with himself. Probably all the money I guess.
  9. No, that's not it. It was a long, in-depth story. I'll try and dig it up. It was sometime after this interview: "I think Trump is in White House because of me."
  10. There was an incredible newspaper article written about a year ago or so. I think WaPo, but can't remember. Anyway, they profiled a guy and his wife who are making a killing writing Facebook pages containing fake news articles attacking Democrats/Hillary. Just making things up out of thin air, and posting them as if they were news. Conservative grandmas in Texas, Florida, Virginia, etc., are eating it up. Even when a reporter points out that they are made up stories, the readers don't believe them. The couple justifies this behavior by saying it's just satire. But . . . I don't know, man.
  11. It’s absolutely a great read. I’d almost say it should be required reading.