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  1. Yeah. That’s how it works to change it teams.
  2. Hedberg: "Someone told me 'this is a picture of me when I was younger.' Every picture of you is when you were younger."
  3. fascinating case. Just marking it for easy access later.
  4. I dunno. I was involved in a case at DOJ back in my practicing days where an entire team was switched out. A huge class action case. It started in the Environmental division at DOJ, and after a few big losses (and a contempt citation or two for the client Agency), the case was transferred to Civil. It could be that DOJ leadership thinks that the lawyers in Civil are more able to defend this particular issue. That's my guess.
  5. Holy crap, this is awesome. I just sent that clip to my budget guy and asked him if this is how he learned to speak in terms I can understand.
  6. Sure. There is a pretty big difference between "of the 200 finalists in the world chess tournament, 7 were women," and "women score better in intelligence tests than men." I agree that we have to be careful in reporting findings.
  7. The research should show what the research shows (although we have to be careful that research is done right - for example, does "intelligence" testing really measure intelligence, or merely the ability to take that particular test). But even if the data were correct, I'm more interested in the why.
  8. My guess is that there is a LOT going on with our brains that we don't really know much about. There are clear things happening that you and Tim describe (i.e., why is poker/chess/bridge dominated by men?). But I'm not ready to say that the reasons for the disparity are genetic vs. environmental. But it's a fascinating topic for discussion.
  9. Yeah. I'm not sure any of it is possible. This would be a massive undertaking that middle and upper-middle class people don't really seem to care a lot about. Edit: we can't even get rid of crappy teachers. I doubt we are going to get rid of crappy police.
  10. I'll add to the above, that putting a check on police power, and reforming criminal justice in America, is probably the thing I think is MOST important to this country right now. MAYBE with the exception of checking the environmental damage being done in our country. (nothing else matters if our water is too polluted to drink, I guess). But we can't live in a society where a significant portion of our population is afraid of our government-sponsored police force. The power of the state over my body is a HUGE issue in my opinion. It justifies almost any expense. If the only way to get a good, safe, competent police force is to double or triple their salary, then so be it. I'd almost argue that good police are more important to this country than good teachers. If worse comes to worse, I can teach my kid what he needs to know at home. But I can't do much if my kid is killed by a poorly trained and poorly paid police officer.
  11. I'm glad you asked the question. It may not seem so, but I'm not against police as people. I'm against the government having power over me in general. It makes me uncomfortable. It should make all citizens uncomfortable. I have relatives who are police. Those relatives are good people. They shouldn't have to live with the reputation that the few bad ones create. The first thing we should do is openly admit and discuss just how much power police have. And openly admit that *some* have wielded that power in improper ways. And the conservatives and the liberals should discuss *real* criminal justice reform. Including reform of police practices. Off the top of my head: More professionalize police force. This includes: - Spending money on better training for police. Much, much, much better training. - Better pay and benefits for police. We only want the best, most capable officers. And we should pay them accordingly. We are quite literally putting our lives their hands. We can't afford to have bad police anymore. - get rid of the bad ones. ZERO TOLERANCE. I don't know how we get rid of the bad ones. But the right to act as a state approved power over me is a GOD DAMMED PRIVILEGE, not a right. If someone thinks you are bad, you are gone. If you sneezed at a citizen the wrong way, you are gone. I mean it. We need to set an example - Only the best should be left to have that kind of power. - More training. - Real investigations to allegations of improper police behavior. I guess I'd then work on other criminal justice reforms, such as decriminalizing many things. And having less people in prison. Getting rid of the bail system as we know it.
  12. Police. The police match the bolded. You want me to name all the people in the last 3 or 4 years that police have killed when they shouldn't have? Do we really need to go through that exercise?
  13. I put the caveat on, because that's the difference between police and citizens. Even in situation where citizens are big bad scary guys. So the answer to your question is no. Even if you were referring to brown people. Which you obviously aren't, because you aren't racist. There are a TON of white guys who walk around with gang colors.
  14. If you want to name another stereotype where the person being stereotyped has the legal authority to restrict me or anyone else they have a "reasonable suspicion" about) in my movement, and (potentially) the legal authority to inflict harm against my person. Who, as a group, has been shown to have killed citizens and gotten away with it, even when those citizens weren't threatening the person's life. Sure -- I'm ok with stereotyping the group described above. If you want to suggest another group for possibly stereotyping, I'm all ears. I'd be happy to vote on it.
  15. There aren't enough facepalms in the world.