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  1. Edit - looks like I misunderstood your original post. Carry on.
  2. Trump broke the paradigm with respect to public officials getting caught doing something bad. It's a new world. Seriously. Ten years ago, he would have definitely stepped away. Now? No way. Trump has shown that you don't have to. I can't stress this enough. It's completely different.
  3. hmmm. Your feelings seem to be pretty hurt. I feel as bad about it as you do about Northam dressing in blackface.
  4. We really have no idea what witnesses saw or what they were willing to testify to, because the “investigation” was a sham that was shoved through. Where’s Kavenaugh’s best friend who wrote the book? Where were all the potential witnesses?
  5. I've known Fairfax for a number of years. I would be shocked if it were true. Shocked.
  6. this situation isn't anything even CLOSE to Ford. I know you love speculating. But good christ, man.
  7. It was poor form. Just embrace it man. I know you want to.
  8. Still no link. I didn’t really expect one. We can agree to disagree that your initial post was poor form. I don’t think we will have a meeting of the minds here.
  9. You posted the initial allegation. From all I can see is a trash website making trash allegations. And a bunch of sites reporting his denial. So I’m curious what you actually believe. You made the allegation, not me. What’s the source you rely on for it? Man up and stand behind your claim.
  10. Dgreen gave me a helpful link. That doesn’t make your post any less trash.
  11. This site has both good and bad discourse. If dgreens response was good, and helpful, this one is equally frustrating. I stand by my position that the first time someone makes an explosive allegation like he did, he should cite a source. It’s common decency.