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  1. No, don't do it! You can get by with west and Murray for now....don't give up 2 of the top 5 wrs for a banged up RB (Ellington)....stay tuned in to waiver wire.....or try to move 1 of wr (Marshall) for team with rb depth that needs top flight WR
  2. 12 team .5 ppr. Start QB 2rb 3wr TE 1flex My team M.ryan Calvin V.jax B.cooks Gio Gerhart Kielce/j.reed CJ?K Bench. R.mathews, jeremyhill, devontafreeman, Baldwin, p.rivers His team Brady D.thomas Wayne Hawkins Arian foster Vereen Gronk Pitta Bench. Amendola, Boykin, Dobson, quick, josh Gordon, Cam He has offered me Demaryius Thomas and Pitta for V.Jackson and Ryan Mathews....I should rush to the ACcept button right?! I am not strong at RB now but after I would be Gio, Toby, and CJ?K, but Calvin and D.Thomas should offset that I would think, thoughts? Thanks
  3. I know this isn't the AC forum, was just offered my choice of L.Bell or Lacy for Fitz (and I need a rb) so..would you make that move straight up and which one would you think has higher ceiling for rest of the year ppr redraft, lacy or bell?