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  1. I know of five people who voted for trump. All five are pretty racist.
  2. I think they won’t answer, but a lot of people do. It’s baffling, but then what isn’t these days.
  3. Yep. Notice the refusal to engage? Instead focus on the questioner rather than the substance. Again, shocking that morality doesn’t come first.
  4. Maybe not as big outside of Cleveland, but I always felt these were good guys: kenny lofton omar vizquel (Jose Mesa aside) jim thome larry nance brad daugherty
  5. Lol yeah I just found out. I’m ok with it though. The 13 days we were there was well worth the expense.
  6. I’m overseas now. AT&T is my carrier. We added overseas coverage for ten dollars per phone for a month. It covers something like 100 different countries.
  7. I’m 48. Beyond my youthful years. I disagree with your premise. I’m pretty well off and I’d be happy to give up more for other people’s needs who aren’t so fortunate.
  8. Love my country. Find it laughable to think it’s so simple to say it’s the “best”. I love France. I love Germany. I haven’t seen many countries yet. So I don’t know whether we are the best. With that said, I’m deeply ashamed at how we’ve dropped the ball on being a leader. As I drove through Germany, I saw solar panels on 200 year old buildings. As i walked through France, I saw beautiful parks with awesome works of art. And people enjoying it all. Can I say we are better than that? No. I am proud of my country but see it as nothing unusual anymore, as we choose to rest on our laurels.
  9. Regardless of whether people think of extermination camps, these camps bear many similarities to concentration camps. I am not addressing the differences - there are some. Regardless, the statement isn’t completely out of left field.
  10. Dachau was the model used to build all future camps. If you don’t like the comparison take it up with the historians that run it.
  11. I spent the day today at Dachau. One of the very first exhibits lays out the various camps around europe - and while dachau was called a work camp, it was no less a concentration camp than any others. In fact it was the model for all camps that followed - Auschwitz 1.1 million killed - etc. The meaning is clear. Parsing the differences between camps isn’t something that the organization running these memorial sites even tries to do. They’re all concentration camps in their eyes. And if you go, the similarities in the factors bringing both Trump to power as well as the national socialists will be very clear. It’s stunning how similar the factors are.
  12. I don’t think your grammar is particularly complex. It’s more that your thoughts are incoherent.
  13. I’ve read that there are no benchmarks at all. That’s the point - claim victory with no intention/way to verify it.