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  1. Your statement above is exactly what I attributed to you.
  2. You think it unreasonable that Democrats respond when trump breaks laws, customs, and obfuscates? Victim blame much?
  3. I guess. But I question if people who wear these hats are morally conflicted.
  4. With that said, I think we all know the answer is that he is first and foremost acting in his own interest. I don’t feel this is nearly as important as many other ways to fight him.
  5. I think America has a right to know if this guy is acting in his own interest primarily, or in the interest of the country he purportedly leads.
  6. I agree. The idea of compartmentalizing support of trump makes me wonder - is that a “reasonable” approach, as a thinking moral person? Is expressing admiration for the perceived good things he’s done acceptable in light of the people he has hurt? To me, he has deeply damaged America, and to support him while ignoring this damage is amoral. And I don’t find focusing on positives acceptable. Or intellectually honest.
  7. How is this possible when the IRS indicates that tax refunds have for American citizens have fallen by 6 billion this year compared to last? Not surprisingly, the largest banks have gotten an extra 28 billion.
  8. We went from paying about a grand last year to paying 5,000 this year. But hey - we helped put lots of money in wealthy business owners pockets! Corporate giveaways are not welfare...
  9. If you’re close enough to drive to Canada, fly out of there. The exchange rate is saving us 25% for an upcoming European trip.
  10. Why do you spend so much time whining instead of finding a place where you will be happy? Your complaining is boring.
  11. I hope her family didn’t keep a gun around the house, knowing Sydney’s state of mind. Doing so would be so irresponsible.
  12. Does the right listen to the left?