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  1. I agree New England makes the most sense. Any and all above average WRs will probably be linked to New England this offseason.
  2. I have zero sympathy for the Spanos family. One of, if not the worst ownership in the NFL. I wish them nothing but abject failure in Los Angeles.
  3. His friends need to take him to a Neurologist, NOW. This guy is becoming a danger to himself and others. If anyone in AB's inner circle cares about him at all they would do this for him, immediately.
  4. I wonder if there is a more overrated QB in the NFL today. edit : just got done wondering. answer is no.
  5. It was a historic 20 year run for New England, breaking team records which will probably never be touched again in the NFL, but it's over now. Brady is quickly approaching the cliff, his play dropped off significantly last season. This is partly due to the failure of Belichick to replace Gronk, as well providing Brady with other meaningful weapons outside of White and Edelman.
  6. Please people, they were both running in the same direction fer cryin out loud.
  7. I completely agree with this, although I do think Hollister is a better option than anyone on the current NEP roster. Very shortsighted of BB not to have a backup plan at TE.
  8. Izzo, Lacosse and Ben Watson ? Hollister showed more talent and upside than any of these guys. He's proving to be a decent option in Seattle, and could have partially filled the huge void at TE.
  9. Losing Devlin and Andrews has really hurt this team. Not replacing Gronk was short-sighted, I still don't understand why you basically give away Hollister with nothing else at TE. AB with his head on straight would have made a huge difference. It's going to be tough to win at Baltimore with the current roster.
  10. If Eli Manning gets into the HOF, it cheapens the legacy of the Hall as well as its' deserving current members.
  11. Aaron Jones had 150 yards from scrimmage and 1 TD in his first game against Minnesota this year.
  12. Thinking of Engram over Hooper, but I'm not sure, both 1st game back off of injury.