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  1. I bought two 100oz silver bars for just under $1800 each about one year ago. It's been dead money, but a good long term hold. Pretty cool conversation piece as well.
  2. Love the popping blue and yellow color scheme, not a fan of the split horns on the helmet, or the gradient number nonsense. No shoulder numbers is strange, not a fan. They could have done worse, the Bone Unis are interesting, and will probably look good with 11 on the field. It looks like they just tried to hard to become cutting edge, at the expense of tradition. 6.5 out of 10.
  3. Hitler was spot on with his Cutler assessment.
  4. Wow, that's really saying something. Hitler was pretty bad.
  5. The infamous Sophia Loren / Jayne Mansfield photo. (thread hijack over)
  6. Dec 6th Los Angeles Chargers Dec 10th Los Angeles Rams a short week spent in Southern California, 2 games in the new SOFI Stadium.
  7. I immediately thought of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Total 100% heaven, and 99.9% Heaven. ❤️
  8. [Per Schefter] New England Patriots signing former Jaguars’ WR Marqise Lee to a one-year contract.
  9. Love the Los Angeles Chargers new look. Classy.... doesn't fit with ownership, but classy.
  10. I would have asked for Cameron Brate along with the 4th. He's a decent, underrated TE. Instant plug in starter for Belichick.
  11. I really like the new Patriots uniforms. When I saw them unveiled as the color rush, I really liked the stripes, it gives them more of a classic streamlined look. Much better than the look of the last 20 years imo, but nothing can replace Pat Patriot.
  12. Agreed, Belichick is looking for Brady light, while McDaniels would be more open to a mobile QB like Kyler or Lamar.
  13. It's weird, but Diggs was somewhat disgruntled, and as you say Beckham is an upgrade, albeit with some emotional instability.