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  1. of those guys, I would jump at Jefferson after the breakout.
  2. DH is an absolute beast. No one is taking his starting job away from him. Patience now rewarded for those who drafted and held onto him.
  3. I'll take the Ridley side rather easily.
  4. Would have liked to see a spread offense 5 wide at the goallline on that last play. Would have given Newton more room to run, plus the passing option.
  5. Darrell Freaking Henderson. Looks like the real deal.
  6. Fangio was an absolute bozo managing the clock at the end of last night's game. He's in way over his head. FANGIO 33-1, book it.
  7. I think Julian Edelman will be the go to guy in this Cam offense, very underrated in fantasy circles this season.
  8. I like MVS over St Brown. Lots of options through the air for the GBP