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  1. Slow week. Seems like Pascal is worthy in the deeper leagues.
  2. Really? The 11th or 12th pick in next years draft is somehow going to be worth more than Matt Breida in dynasty? Have you seen this kid play?
  3. If you wait to see if Lazard cracks the starting lineup, he may be snapped up. This is more of a pre-emptive add, before he has broad appeal to the masses.
  4. I thought Jay Ajayi would have been an option in New Orleans.
  5. Really like how this kid is maturing. I'm grabbing him off dynasty wires now while he's free.
  6. Total wins by bottom 3 teams AFC E 209 AFCN 219 AFC S 201 AFC W 234 NFC E 226 NFC N 229 NFC S 227 NFC W 220 Teams from the AFC S have the worst record outside of the top division team during this time frame.
  7. Interesting numbers, nice dig Anarchy. I would like to see the set of numbers in the last 10 years. I think it will look much different, as I am referring to this more recent time frame.
  8. Only if he's looking for trade advice in another unrelated league.
  9. Raiders release Ryan Grant
  10. I see your point, but I'm coming in from a different perspective. I see the patheticness of the 2 teams lacking credibility is unparallelled in the AFC East compared to other divisions.
  11. It's one team outside of NEP that currently has any credibility whatsoever. (BUF) The other 2 teams are bottom of the barrel. AFC East is the weakest division in football.
  12. This guy was languishing on my dynasty team for years. I dropped him, and he remains on the waiver wire. Disappointing.