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  1. 16 team 2 keepr espn head to head 1 point ppr you get 2 keepers and pay auction cost of the keepers out of the 200 budget. I need q owner will pay league fees year 1 adn email me at If you play baseball I also need owner to take over and I will pay your league fees for next year.
  2. $25 head to head PPR 16 team 2 keeper league on espn. Let me know if you want this team. email me at
  3. Please check out this league: I promise you that you will enjoy it. This is what Shane P. Hallam said about the league from draft tv "Out of the Box Leagues is the most unique and immersive dynasty fantasy football experience today. The ability to not only draft and own players but to handle day to day operations like stadium upgrades, scouting, and the other intricacies of the NFL is unmatched by any other league that exists today. Having to deal with real issues that coaches. GMs, and owners have to deal with make you feel like you are operating a real NFL team. Players holding out, dealing with agents, marketing your team, and more all become the focus in this new fantasy league. The development of not only fielding a good team of players but how to gain advantages for your team and make real money is a must for any fantasy fanatic". Shane P. Hallam email me at if interested