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  1. I could not imagine getting Mahomes in the 4th round of any draft. In my league (12 teams, 6 points for passing TDs) he will likely go in the top 15 picks (probably in the 1st round).
  2. Trip-- love your insight. Always look for your opinions. Question about Nick Chubb. How much of a chubby do you have for him ? (pardon the pun). I know his ADP is 21, but I am sure that number will drop as the season approaches. In your mind, is he a late 1st round pick ? Would hate to be waiting on him for early 2nd, only to have someone steal him with the first or second picks of the 2nd round. And assuming he is a late 1st rounder, how critical is it to handcuff him with Hunt ? P.S. "I wanna party with you, cowboy !"
  3. Biden will screw up--it is inevitable. Kamala checks off most of the boxes (black, woman, reasonably young) and because of her background as a prosecutor (forget that she slept her way into that position for the moment) I think she can appeal to the progressives but yet still secure enough support from the moderate Democrats. I absolutely believe she is going to be the Democratic nominee. And the fact that my on-line book has dropped her odds from +635 (before the first debate) to +265 now, tells me so as well.
  4. Long-time Giants fan here. Really think that Engram is the Giants receiver to own this year.
  5. Traded for the Jags D 6 weeks ago (huge mistake), and picked up the Titans 2 weeks ago. Have a 1st round bye in my league's playoffs. Savoring the opportunity to start defenses against Mark Sanchez in week 15 (and hopefully week 16 as well).
  6. Any love for Josh Doctson ? He had TDs two games in a row before last week; all other relevant receivers (other than Reed) are gone in Washington; and apparently McCoy was targeting him big time once he took over., (of course if I hadn't stupidly dropped Coutee last week, I wouldn't even be thinking about crappy Josh Doctson--LOL).
  7. Always appreciate the words of wisdom. Am buried with byes this week in my 0.5 point PPR league. Need a flex. Realistic choices are: Nelson Agholor--great match-up against the Saints who bleed fantasy points to WRs, but with Tate getting more involved, he may only be 4th option for Philly Josh Doctson-- last man standing for the Skins, although they have serious O-line issues and the Texans secondary has performed pretty well against WRs Keke Coutee--I spent a large portion of my FAAB budget to pick him up 5 weeks ago, only to have him get hurt and then the Texans traded for D. Thomas. He is seriously questionable, and if I ride with him and he sits, I will be screwed and have to take a zero for my flex.
  8. Half point PPR. Need a flex. Choices are Crowell, Mike Davis or Duke Johnson. Assuming Carson is out for Seattle, I am leaning to Davis. Thank you in advance.
  9. Yeah but, now that the Browns coaches have seemingly figured things out, coupled with the fact that the Browns figure to be playing from behind in most games (and the Browns favorable schedule for RBs going forward), I think Duke has some decent value. Would he take the place of Gurley if Gurley went down (G_d forbid) ? Of course not. But trading someone I plan to use as my flex going forward for a guy who I hope NEVER gets off my bench, seems a bit much. Plus, I do have John Kelley, who would certainly get some play in the event of a Gurley injury.
  10. I guess it is more about Gurley getting hurt (G_d forbid) than him being rested.
  11. Well, I would use Duke this week coming up. Actually it is Mike Davis I need during bye week in week 11.
  12. 12 team league. Half point PPR. TE counts as WR. 3 divisions of four. I am in 1st place in my division at 7-2. Second place in my division is 6-3. The guy who I am talking with is in third in my division at 4-4-1. Current roster is: Big Ben, Fitzmagic, Gurley, James White, Crowell, Duke, Elijah McGuire, Mike Davis, Juju, Diggs, Gronk, Shepard, Coutee, Jack Doyle, Jags D, Broncos D, Gostkowski and John Kelly.
  13. 6 weeks ago he asked for Juju straight up. Three weeks ago he asked for James White. Needless to say, I rejected those. I have offered him Crowell and he said no. He is somewhat needy at RB--but most people usually are. I could offer Mike Davis, but he will say no and I need him for week 11 when White, Duke, Crowell and McGuire are all on bye for me. I offered Sterling Shepard but he has OBJ, so he turned that down too. I offered Fitzmagic (he has Brady on bye in week 11) and he said no, he would rather roll with Keenum. Meanwhile, it appears that Cleveland has a VERY strong schedule for RBs the rest of the year. Oh the pain....the pain....
  14. Really didn't mean to make it an AC forum question. Apologies in that regard. I was looking for general thoughts---although I do have a specific situation going here. Appreciate the responses. Interestingly they seem to be on both sides of the equation.
  15. So HSG, the question is, how much would you pay, or over-pay, as the case may be ? Personally, I have Diggs, Gronk and Keke all with injury issues, so I definitely plan to use Duke--especially in week 10 against the Falcons.