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  1. I may not have the luxury to sit him. Cooks on bye. Sanders on Covid list. Goedert may not be back yet (TE counts as WR in my league). Running out of options (unfortunately).
  2. I believe he is in a dome (or warm weather) every game going forward until week 16.
  3. given Philly's lack of weaponry, I think he is better than a top 10 TE (especially if Ertz is out of the picture).
  4. Surprised Koo was out there on your waiver wire--perhaps he was dropped the week he was hurt. Kicks in a dome for a team with a powerful offense that tends to get bogged down in the red zone. What more could you want ? Besides Blankenship of course. LOL
  5. Just scooped him up off waivers last night. Not expecting him to play this week, but hoping for next week.
  6. wouldn't go crazy on a kicker, but I think he is the real deal. I know people say "it's just a kicker" and that they are "a dime a dozen", but a good solid kicker, that gets you at least 7 points every week (and double digits most weeks), can make the difference between making the playoffs and the loser's pool.
  7. Thanks, Ray. Glad I am not alone on this. This week's game played about as poorly as possible for a kicker, and he still got 7 points. As the weather gets worse, the fact that he does not see bad weather/outdoors until week 16, is a huge plus as far as I am concerned. I am also expecting Rivers to revert back to what he was doing prior to this week.
  8. Have Blankenship (love the 'Wild Thing' glasses) and am considering holding on to him this week while he is on a bye (plays in a dome or warm weather every game until week 16, and until this past week has been double digits every week). Of course, that means I would have to roster two kickers this week (and would have to waive MVS in order to do so--not that I will be using MVS any time soon, as he is garbage). Is it crazy to carry Blankenship through his bye week ?
  9. Unfortunately for me, losing Conner and Henry to the Covid bye means that I have no alternative. If he suits up for Cleveland, he suits up for me.
  10. He is. I believe that after his bye in week 7, he is outdoors only ONCE more (in week 10, at Tenny) and is otherwise in a dome or warm weather until week 16. The Colts have a good, but not great offense. The guy is getting opportunities. He has double digit points the past 2 weeks, and had "only" 8 points in week 1 (his NFL debut).
  11. I have Succop as well. He did OK last week, although I don't believe the blocked FG was his fault. I plan to stick with him for the foreseeable future. The Bucs are going to put up more points, he kicks in warm weather and his bye isn't until week 13. And who doesn't want a suck-up on their team ? LOL
  12. I decided to sit him and go with Emmanuel Sanders on Sunday instead.