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  1. Me neither. Unfortunately I have to choose between Fitzmagic or Wentz as my QB. Leaning Fitzy as I think we'll see a lot of short passes to Laird or Fitzy simply taking off and running. The Giants D is atrocious.
  2. Using a quirk in my league's system, I just scooped him up (had to drop someone who did not play this past week). Since Mack went down my RB2 situation has been bleak. Seems like it is worth taking a shot on Edmonds (instead of having to start either Royce Freeman or McKissic next week as my RB2).
  3. Kyle Allen is KILLING his value. Multiple INTs in the red zone destroyed several FG (or extra point) opportunities.
  4. He is my flex this week. So, yes.
  5. For weeks, this article has been pimping Josh Lambo. This week, he is not even in their top 22--despite a dome game against the Colts that are 25th ranked against kickers. I like this article and look at it each week, but they are losing a bit of credibility here. P.S. Lambo has only 1 potential bad weather game for the rest of the season (next week in Tenn.) and with Foles back in the line-up, one would think the Jags offense will be decent enough to get into the red zone enough times to give Lambo a fair amount of attempts.
  6. Oh man is week 12 gonna be a problem for me (and a lot of others I assume with the byes) if Lockett is not OK by then.
  7. I'm sticking with Joey. I think he has some good match-ups ahead and Allen seems to be good enough to get them to the red zone. Still scratching my head as to why Panthers went for 2 down 24-16 early in the 4th quarter against the Pack. Absent an injury (and I have not heard of any) that is about as dumb of a move as you can make.
  8. If you pair the Bills and the Ravens Ds the rest of the year, you get: week 9--Bills home against Redskins; week 10--Ravens at Bengals (Finley making NFL debut); week 11--Bills at Dolphins; week 12--Bills home against Broncos; week 13--tough one, either Bills at Dallas or Ravens home against SF; week 14--they play each other; week 15--Ravens home against Jets; and week 16---Ravens at Browns.
  9. Jason Myers starting to come on big time. Bye week is week 11 however.
  10. I still would have lost this week anyway, but as a fantasy owner who made the mistake of starting him this week (my other options were seemingly worse), I was NOT fine with it. LOL.
  11. 3 scores, my bad. But shouldn't he be leaving Murray in there to gain the experience rather than simply waving the white flag ? The kid was the # 1 pick. Your starter from day 1. It seems highly inconsistent to have pulled him in that spot. Just my 2 cents of course.
  12. Pretty sure they were down 2 scores at the time. How is Murray supposed to develop if he gets pulled from games like that. He wasn't getting beat up. He wasn't turning the ball over. It was Kingsbury's suck a** playcalling that was holding them back. No wonder why his college teams put up numbers but never really won anything. He is a major reach as an NFL coach.
  13. Still not sure why he got pulled late. Clay doesn't get tackled early (inside the 10 I believe) on that bomb, and Murray has a much better day. The play calling was not very good throughout. That is NOT on Murray.
  14. I never quite understood what is a "bad matchup" for a kicker. They play the 49'ers in SF so weather is not going to be an issue. Don't you want your kicker's team to be playing against a good defense--that theoretically doesn't give up as many TDs but which, again theoretically, should lead to more FG attempts ? A "high scoring" game doesn't necessarily translate to points for your kicker. Examples--the Packers rolled last week, scoring 42 points--and Mason Crosby had only 6 points (on 6 extra points). Or, look at last night. A "low scoring" game. Dan Bailey had double digit points (4 FGs and 1 extra point). As far as I am concerned (and I own Slye), barring horrible weather, he starts for me the rest of the season.