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  1. Ended up with him on several FF teams and the FBG contest. Drafted him in 1 QB leagues at 2.02 and 2.08. In Super Flex at 1.05 and the 4th QB right after Rosen, who i wanted more.... of course i took Rosen before him in one, but traded for him before this season (Roth and 2020 devy depleted 1st for Jackson and Samuel CAR WR)
  2. took over a rebuild a few years ago and still rebuilding. 12 team ppr start 2rb/2wr/te/2 Flex Gave: Chubb Got: 2020 1st playoff team, 2020 2nd non playoff, 2020 3rd playoff and Goedert Reason: tracking for 1.01 have Jacobs and Jackson and nothing else. Need lots of help. Sold a little lite but this league doesn't trade much at all
  3. somehow still alive with a very boring team. One scare in Week 4 by two points. Every other week by at least 20, but only broke 200 once. So i got no expectations the players that have not contributed Jackson SD RB at $9, Thompson KC RB at $5, Herndon at $8.
  4. one of my favorite threads every year! Thanks for sharing this ZWK!!
  5. 12 team ppr, start 2RB/3WR/TE/Flex, trying to shore up roster for a repeat run: gave 2020 2nd and 3rd got Herndon and J Williams (have Engram at TE and Jones at RB) gave Rivers, Oliver and 2020 4th got Cam and Allen (Rivers same bye as Mahomes) draft is a combo devy rookie, once 12 devy players rostered no more picked. Guessing my late 2nd is like a mid 2nd in a straight rookie draft. Still have my 1st and Jeudy is my devy
  6. Ignoring the QBs and TEs for now, my "top" eligible players RB: Taylor, Swift, Hubbard and Etienne... tier break then Akers, Benjamin, Dobbins... tier break and half dozen more WR: Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs... tier break then Shenault, Reagor, Higgins, Wallace, Smith, Johnson (MIN), Edwards... tier break and half dozen more Right now, i would take any of the Tier 1 RB/WR over any player in the 2019 rookie draft.
  7. price check on Ingram. Took over a rebuild and only getting offers for a 2nd + scrub.
  8. 12 Team graded PPR (0 for RB, 0.5 for WR/TE). Traded: Brady Got: Samuel and 2020 2nd (mid to late) Don't "need" Brady with Jackson and Samuel is just young WR depth. Traded M Williams before the season for 2020 1st that "should be" Top 6 (was 1.01 this year) in this league so have a pair of 1sts and 2nds for 2020
  9. Thanks! I was "planning" on finding a pair of cheaper options at QB but Cam came up early and i was "price enforcing", and same thing happened with ARod. Still happy with them for $11 (FTR Mahomes $26, Mayfield $9, Watson $7, Wentz $7, Goff $5... all were after my two QBs)
  10. had our draft last night, roughly same group for a decade now and they all pretty much go by Yahoo's estimated value (more so than actual prices). So i nominated Tier 1 players to wash out $ and ended up with in a start 2 RB 3WR TE + flex ARod ($6) and Cam ($5) Mixon ($38) Jacobs ($23) Duke ($14) Guice ($7) Hill ($40) Allen ($33) Moore ($15) Samuel ($11) T Williams OAK ($1) Hopper ($1) Andrews ($2) Jax ($2) Tucker ($2) Didn't expect to pair up CAR WRs, got Samuel early and surprised to get Moore (who was in the Westbrook, M Williams, Landry, Gordon price range) Like, but don't love the results. The AB84 news certainly helps
  11. i'm definitely more comfortable with auctions having done a few leagues every year (basket case at first) I never get the Top Tier player, but i also spend 90-95% on my starting lineup since benches are small and can round out roster with $1 fliers. I budget a dollar amount for each position and adjust on the fly. Got caught price enforcing Brady last year, so hopefully learned that lesson (wouldn't be so bad for RB/WR and maybe TE for Top 6). It helps to familiarize the web sites expected $ for players you want to target and be willing to go a little over if those players get nominated early. The leagues i'm in are Yahoo and rarely do they go over the expected
  12. I would love to have Samuel as my WR3 with WR2 upside. in PPR from Week 7-17 he was 22nd WR, which is WR2 (Moore was WR 24) there is enough Samuel hype all over the place from camp that i don't need to regurgitate. No one ever doubted Samuel's athletic ability (4.31 40). DLF had them as their WR6 in front of Goodwin and Kupp. He's just finally healthy and learning how to be a WR instead of a gadget player
  13. in existing leagues, i define cheap as 3rd round rookie or worse RB: Murray, in PPR Lewis, Gio and Duke WR: Moncrief (#2 in Pit is wide open), Lee (never know which WR a new QB will click with), Snead TE: Walker, Olsen, Eifert... not sure you can get Rudolph that cheaply
  14. Think Hock would be gone at 12, but would love him. So OL or front 7 D at 12 Fav receiver at 30 (Brown/Harry for me)