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  1. Good talk on the lower tier RBs... I've sold Robinson for a later 1st, and have him in my weekly lineup for contending teams. I have no problem turning a quick profit. And almost had one owner accept a straight Robinson for Akers trade. Robinson has a high floor in PPR. I don't know what kind of competition or coaching staff he will have in 2021, but he's making a case for Jax to spend resources elsewhere. I'd buy for a late first if i was a contender, maybe high second if not if i had lots of draft capital (down on RBs in 2021, but WRs, TEs and QBs will fall to the 2nd and 3rd next year) I sold Montgomery early this year in a rebuild (late 1st and 2nd), and targeted him in a couple leagues when I lost McCaffrey. Had to "settle" for Jones for a devy depleted 1st round rookie pick. Liking that trade since he has performed well and is still young enough to get better.
  2. 12 team SF Devy league (4 round devy draft so lots of college players rostered) start 11 players with no K or D Gave: Bo Nix, S Williams WR Aub and 2021 1st round rookie Got: Golladay Just wanted another weekly starter for the next 3 years. I am high on Williams as a 2nd Tier 2021 rookie, can afford to trade Nix since Herbert looks to be a good pro qb
  3. made another week by a whopping 2.25. i should feel good knowing the only injuries i have had are Goedert and Bryan Edwards (and a K was cut preseason), but i'm barely scraping by with a healthy roster... so not so much
  4. didn't think i would make it, but did by a whole 0.25. Not optimistic with my WRs and losing Goeddart
  5. went with a no studs roster and 3 QB/TE/DEF/K I think i will regret my QB room of Roth, Burrow and Minshew
  6. after the big three, lots of good cheap options. like Herndon, Hurst and Smith outside the top 15 (in dynasty ranks for this year and beyond)
  7. Appreciate the write up and forthcoming approach EBF! We all have "our guys" in rookie drafts, and end up with them in multiple leagues. I agree this is a draft to load up on WRs early an often. I've done 8 rookie drafts so far and have three starting today. Not a single QB taken so far. A couple late fliers at TE (Asiasi and Trautman). My favorite later RB has been Kelley, so a few shares. I'll edit the post for my WRs after this weekend's drafts
  8. was able to trade back from the 1.07 so this is the net results: Sent Kupp, 3.06 and 4.06 Got Ruggs, Higgins, Edwards (plus Washington and Cohen). Plus my 1.06/2.06 netted Lamb and Shenault
  9. some how i got Akers here after passing on him at 1.03 and 1.06 (Dobbins n Swift)
  10. trying to consolidate picks: gave 2.03 and 2.10 got 1.09 should get a good WR there, so many WRs in that 2nd and 3rd tier
  11. i do like Kupp, but my team is a couple years out so i need to stock pile youth. Winning in 2020 is a bad thing on a rebuild. I will say that my opinion on this draft class has gone from high, to average, to high again with the landing spots on day 2. Prior to the draft, i saw a top 18-20. Now it might be a top 26-8 that i like
  12. took over a rebuild with only two pieces (Jackson and Kupp) and somehow finished well enough to get 1.06, etc. 12 team graded PPR (0.5, 1.0, 1.5) Sent Kupp Got 1.07. 2.07, Washington (Pit) and Cohen (i have Montgomery)
  13. 9 of the top 24 picks are WRs is a bold mock
  14. i'm interested, let me know what you need from me
  15. i'll take it, just shoot me the info. TIA