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  1. Just a thought, was Edelman 100% cleared from injury? 4 game ban might not be the worst for him coming back from injury.
  2. Oh great the Niners are going to draft AJ Jenkins with the 33rd overall pick. I love this trade for KC, smart move for the franchise.
  3. Got my check over the weekend. Thanks FBG's, keep the contests coming
  4. Been taking a break lately with FanDuel for NBA/NHL. Haven't done too well the past couple of weeks. NFL is king what can I say
  5. Wondering if Asik is a good play with Bosh out
  6. two lineups for me tonightParkerIrvingFoyeET MooreDurantJamesSpeightsPattersonHawes-----------RubioBaylessWadeHardenDurantJamesAllenMbah A MouteHawes
  7. Bumping to see if anyone has seen a check yet?
  8. yeah might have to get Taj and Nate Robinson in some lineups now
  9. PG Ricky RubioMIN v LAL (Pre-game)PG Jerryd BaylessMEM v WAS (Pre-game)SG J.J. RedickORL @ BOS (Pre-game)SG O.J. MayoDAL @ PHO (Pre-game)SF Michael BeasleyPHO v DAL (Pre-game)SF Carmelo AnthonyNY v MIL (Pre-game)PF LaMarcus AldridgePOR @ UTA (Pre-game)PF Blake GriffinLAC @ TOR (Pre-game)C DeMarcus CousinsSAC @ PHI (Pre-game------------------------PG Jrue HolidayPHI v SAC (Pre-game)PG Kyle LowryTOR v LAC (Pre-game)SG J.J. RedickORL @ BOS (Pre-game)SG Nick YoungPHI v SAC (Pre-game)SF LeBron JamesMIA @ IND (Pre-game)SF Michael BeasleyPHO v DAL (Pre-game)PF Pau GasolLAL @ MIN (Pre-game)PF Paul MillsapUTA v POR (Pre-game)C DeMarcus CousinsSAC @ PHI (Pre-game)---------------------PG Ricky RubioMIN v LAL (Pre-game)PG Kyle LowryTOR v LAC (Pre-game)SG Randy FoyeUTA v POR (Pre-game)SG Nick YoungPHI v SAC (Pre-game)SF LeBron JamesMIA @ IND (Pre-game)SF Carmelo AnthonyNY v MIL (Pre-game)PF LaMarcus AldridgePOR @ UTA (Pre-game)PF Blake GriffinLAC @ TOR (Pre-game)C Robin LopezNO @ DEN (Pre-game)
  10. Here is my Thur/Fri lineup. Curry is a GTD right now so I have Jack inserted until further notice.PGKyle LowryTOR v LAC (Pre-game) PGJarrett JackGS v DAL (Pre-game) SGJ.J. RedickORL @ BOS (Pre-game) SGNick YoungPHI v SAC (Pre-game) SFLeBron JamesMIA @ IND (Pre-game) SFKevin DurantOKC v MEM (Pre-game) PFLaMarcus AldridgePOR @ UTA (Pre-game) PFAnthony DavisNO @ DEN (Pre-game) CRobin LopezNO @ DEN (Pre-game)
  11. Yeah those were the 2 that put up the lowest numbers. Still hit 21 and 20 each so not all bad. Should have went with the field and took Lowry I guess.
  12. Did well with this lineup last night took 5th place with 275 points in the $2K Dime contest winning $100 and won some money on a few other games. Cashed out $110 today to make sure I don't blow it right away haha
  13. PG Goran DragicPHO v LAL (Pre-game)PG Jeff TeagueATL v TOR (Pre-game)SG J.J. RedickORL @ NY (Pre-game)SG Nick YoungPHI v WAS (Pre-game)SF LeBron JamesMIA @ BKN (Pre-game)SF Danilo GallinariDEN v HOU (Pre-game)PF Amar'e StoudemireNY v ORL (Pre-game)PF Blake GriffinLAC @ MIN (Pre-game)C Joakim NoahCHI @ MIL (Pre-game)
  14. PG Ty LawsonDEN@HOU$6,000PG Brandon KnightDET@CHI$4,900SG Kobe BryantLAL@MEM$9,500SG James HardenDEN@HOU$9,700SF Danilo GallinariDEN@HOU$6,200SF Kevin DurantOKC@GS$9,900PF Derrick WilliamsBKN@MIN$4,800PF Ivan JohnsonATL@CHA$3,500C Omer AsikDEN@HOU$5,500Going against Lebron tonight I guess.
  15. Feeling good about this lineupPG Deron WilliamsATL@BKN$7,000PG Jarrett JackGS@SA$5,200SG James HardenHOU@IND$9,300SG O.J. MayoOKC@DAL$6,300SF Kevin DurantOKC@DAL$9,900SF Brad BealWAS@DEN$5,800PF Ed DavisTOR@PHI$5,600PF Carlos BoozerCHI@BOS$7,400C Marreese SpeightsSAC@MEM$3,500Also like this onePG Deron WilliamsATL@BKN$7,000PG Rajon RondoCHI@BOS$6,900SG Arron AfflaloCHA@ORL$6,600SG O.J. MayoOKC@DAL$6,300SF Kevin DurantOKC@DAL$9,900SF Paul GeorgeHOU@IND$8,300PF Ed DavisTOR@PHI$5,600PF Amir JohnsonTOR@PHI$5,900C Marreese SpeightsSAC@MEM$3,500And anotherPG Jarrett JackGS@SA$5,200PG Rajon RondoCHI@BOS$6,900SG Arron AfflaloCHA@ORL$6,600SG James HardenHOU@IND$9,300SF Kevin DurantOKC@DAL$9,900SF Kawhi LeonardGS@SA$4,500PF Ed DavisTOR@PHI$5,600PF Kevin SeraphinWAS@DEN$4,500C Nikola VucevicCHA@ORL$7,500