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  1. Just a thought, was Edelman 100% cleared from injury? 4 game ban might not be the worst for him coming back from injury.
  2. Oh great the Niners are going to draft AJ Jenkins with the 33rd overall pick. I love this trade for KC, smart move for the franchise.
  3. Interested in knowing how much Money the Eagles shelled out here.
  4. If you haven't listened to Celebration Rock by Japandroids yet, you are missing out
  5. Japandroids - Celebration Rock Beach House - Bloom Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams Are my top 3 albums of the year
  6. out, just missed the cut, needed McCoy to get a TD last night.
  7. After making the cut by 1.5 and 0.40 points the past two weeks I sit at 149.30 points this week with McCoy -12.60, Maclin -14.20, and Eagles Defense -8.0. Going to be another close week if I make the cut again.
  8. Squeaked by the last two weeks by making the cut by 1.5 in week 7 and 0.4 in week 8. Feel very lucky and now feel in better shape with both Foster and McCoy off their bye weeks. Just messing around with some stats for my team and wanted to know some unique guys that I have going forward. My Guys owned by under 10% of remaining entries Kellen Davis 3.1% Jeremy Maclin 4.3% Philadelphia Defense 4.7% Joel Dreessen 5.4% Mario Manningham 5.7% Kendall Hunter 7.1% Josh Gordon 7.7% Mike Nugent 8.5% Dwayne Allen 8.7% Jon Baldwin 9.5% Pierre Garcon 9.6% Foster/McCoy Combo 1.5% Gould/Prater/Nugent Combo 0.5% Eagles/Seahawks Defense Combo 0.9% Decent list of guys that have been under performing/injuried/Backup Roll. Will need some luck and need guys like Maclin/Garcon/Hunter to step up. On the other end of it here are the 20%+ guys on my roster Benson 65.2% Prater 43.7% Ryan 37.9% Blackmon 30.2% Seahawks Defense 27.7% Royster 26.5% Gould 24.6% Mendenhall 21.6% T.Smith 20.1% I think other then Benson this year has seen a lot more variety in rosters and players owned.
  9. Sitting at 136.8 with Manningham -9.30 and Hunter -8.90 remaining. Should be a fun game tonight. Good Luck to everyone
  10. I still think Philly lacks a Big Body WR. DJax and Maclin are both nice options but we don't have that big WR that can keep secondaries honest. Gotta think they give Vick one more shot at 3-4, I can see going to the rookie at 3-5 and calling it a year, but getting to 4-4 this week could turn things around quickly and they still have 5 Division games coming up. The problem is the Giants are starting to run away with the division.
  11. Got luck with McCoy's bye week and made the cut by 1 point, now have Foster on bye this week. McCoy/Hunter/Mendenhall/Dwyer/Royster this week for me, don't feel too bad about missing Foster. Glad I grabbed the Steelers RB combo for $8 total