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  1. still really weird that someone in that game of telephone made a leap to career threatening
  2. career maybe over, just kidding let’s get him back out for Detroit so they don’t sweep us this year
  3. so the Rangers are carrying three competent goalies on rooster but are starting Georgiev in road back to back games?
  4. I was referring to two guys definitely performing up to their contracts in their mid 30s being called "anchors" seems a bit harsh even though the drop-off will come eventually. I've done it at times too but these guys get scapegoated so much it's ridiculous. plenty of rumblings about locker room issues and I've never liked how much control Suter has in his usage, but I think the perception is way overblown since there are going to be fractures in nearly every locker room when the pressure is high and you fail. not sure why these guys should have to apologize for signing the deals that they did which were market when they signed them, especially when they are still making good on them later than most probably thought at least Parise would. they had a window and it didn't work out. plenty of places to blame but it seems misdirected when they held up their end of the bargain for the most part. this is the cost of doing business when you don't bottom out or draft way above average.
  5. timing is weird. I don't agree with the move. but it was always likely to happen at some point. every GM is going to bring in their guy, it's inevitable. only reason it didn't happen last year is Leipold blocked it, and it was reported Fenton tried multiple times.
  6. Parise leads the team in goals and Suter having a career year in PPG as 35 year olds. seems pretty harsh.
  7. anything goes in the shootout now I guess. Hartman pushed in overturn iffy as well. rough night for Wild reviews
  8. Fiala will go down as brilliant though regardless of not pulling a 1st along with it. and with the way his trajectory is going the rest of it is whatever too