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  1. Fenton already considering moving Eriksson Ek for him
  2. when you factor in that Turris has like a million more years at $6 mil cap hit getting healthy scratched and playing 10 bad min a night when he's in the it possible that the Preds were the worst losers out of the Duchene deal even if that Ottawa 1st ends up being #1 overall? that Turris deal looks that bad right now. never mind, it's still Ottawa. but it's getting really close.
  3. Bakersfield Soft Pretzels have a pretty good rooster
  4. if I’m San Jose or Calgary I’m doing everything I can to win that division and avoid Vegas first round. I loved their deadline moves and it’s looking like it’s coming together nicely.
  5. Fiala might have tons of skill and offensive upside but if that guy can't figure out how to play in his own zone he's going to bust. terrible decisions with the puck, turnover machine.
  6. Russo reported through reliable sources that Fenton had a 1st + player for Staal at the deadline and turned it down. all so he could make this push to finish 9th in the West, the absolute worst spot to be. then again if he sells harder he’s doing stuff like Zucker for Frolik + a pick so there’s really no good outcome with this guy. but this team just might be bad enough to lose 8 of the last 11 if goaltending doesn’t screw them into some wins...if you’re a glass half full type. Fenton sucks.
  7. no idea how the Wild won that game, in their own zone all night. Dubnyk stealing games. Fiala looked like the raw player he is tonight, not quite game breaking yet, Fentonsey. Donato is finding a way. shooting his way into the heart of Minnesota. Mike smith and Jake Allen helping that cause. he’s looking good though, great vision.
  8. every time they dip within 10 points of the bottom they go on a streak. madness!
  9. that Kovalchuk contract is hilarious. seems impossible it was signed only 8 months ago.
  10. Fiala showed some flashes last night. he looks even quicker than I thought, out of control at times though. Kunin looked good at center, maybe that will work. Greenway and Ek continue to look better every game. really happy with the progress there.
  11. what the hell happened to him. he was always a steady middle pairing guy.