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  1. down goes brown did a worst July 1st signings in the cap era not too long ago: Lucic - Gomez - David Clarkson Loui Eriksson - Briere - Ladd Jason Blake - Drury - Backes Beleskey - Bolland - Leino Redden - Jovanovski Wisniewski - Ehrhoff Jeff Finger - Komisarek Huet Khabibulin
  2. pajama related imo. can’t wait for Isles fans to throw stuff at the Masterton winner when he comes back to the island
  3. just when you thought Bergevin was on the upswing, he goes and really Bergevins it
  4. I'm surprised he took a one year deal. he was expected to get a term deal around that range.
  5. yeah, you'd think the organization would have learned their lesson after being hamstrung by NMC for Pomminville, Suter, Parise, and Koivu in the last expansion draft which led to that awful trade to Buffalo and Tuch/Haula to Vegas in order to protect Dumba
  6. when Skinner got $9 mil I think it was always assumed Lee would get in that range
  7. so they didn’t want to pay Granlund $7-8 mil/yr when he comes due after this year so they move him. which is fine, that whole offense ran through him and the last month of the year they are getting shut out every other night but whatever. now they are going to pay basically a smaller, worse version of the same player and is 5 years older at a cap hit a little over $6 mil that runs into likely buyout age? wtf are they doing