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  1. nothing new, but they are atrocious in their own zone. been that way for a while. blue line is weak but it’s all around. they also can’t stay out of the box in this series which is killing them. Bob hasn’t played well this year but the contrast between the Jackets structure and Florida running around chasing is exposing his career numbers and contract for being significantly system based.
  2. it's a shame that Florida is so skilled but plays so dumb
  3. I love that when a guy lays out and blocks a shot now you can hear the bench give them respect. every team
  4. I only saw the 3rd on but that was really good hockey
  5. pretty surprised Ferland didn't get a game for spearing Hartman on the bench. Foligno probably going to pound him again.
  6. well, he was the only player that looked any good other than Lowry so...might as well.
  7. lol couver. get that weak #### out of here. see you for the sweep in game 3, Ferland.
  8. very excited to take Fiala with my first pick in the pool draft