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  1. very nice deal, from the last team I'd expect to give it. Florida is dumb.
  2. nice pickup for the Avs getting Devon Toews
  3. um, they gave Krug no move years 1-5 and modified no move years 6-7. good thing he’s one year younger though, you wouldn’t want to give that nearly same deal to an actual #1 D man.
  4. he’s one year older than Krug. which was my point. if you’re willing to give Krug 7 you might as well keep your top defenseman who also plays defense for about $2/yr more
  5. Pietrangelo is obviously getting more than $6.5/yr. but if they’re going to give Krug 7 years don’t you just pony up for the much better player? oof
  6. Victor Rask, fifth string center behind the all-star lineup of Johansson, Ek, Bonino, and Bjugstad, is also currently the fifth highest paid forward on the team. depth
  7. Talbot deal makes no sense. Dubnyk obviously on the decline but this is a marginal improvement, if at all. instead of paying $3.6x3 + $2.1 for Dubnyk's retained salary they could have easily just rode out his last year at $4.3 and see where Kappo is at next season. lots of better bridge options out there imo and only needed to go 2 years. Talbot has no leverage here.
  8. bs. league should discipline moves like that. if not, players association should be pissed.
  9. man is it ever the year to be a washed up and/or declining goaler. judging by these deals Markstrom is for sure going to get his 7x7
  10. solid player and the kind of size and power forward they need but man, that’s such an odd and unnecessary risky deal.
  11. how did Lumbus get so cap strapped that they need to do that Wennberg buyout? pretty cheap buyout I guess. decent player though