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  1. Any thoughts on running a lineup of only 1pm players on the main slate vs the 1pm only slate (for cash games)? My current lineup is all 1pm guys. On the one hand, the same players will have higher ownership at 1pm only vs. the Main slate, but on the other hand, I'm not exposed to blow ups in the 4pm games. I'm trying to pick up a heavier share than normal of 1pm only games as a hedge, given the potential high scoring options in the Seattle/Baltimore game. Another OTOH - it seems like the non-Main Slate games are a bit harder likely due to attracting more difficult competition. Seems like the Thursday and Main Slate are where most casual players go, and the 1pm only / 4pm only / other odd games like Superflex attract more seasoned players.
  2. This was my logic last week. I didn't like the matchup for Malcom Brown against the 49ers, but given his expected ownership percentage, there was more risk in not having him (and him hitting 3x) vs. having him and suffering a dud (as it turned out). And Lazard is in a much better matchup than Brown had last week, so there's greater risk that he hits 3x (which would only require 13.5 points... and he hit 14.5 last week in the 4th quarter). For my current cash its Ridley/Everett/Brieda vs Lazard/Engram/Coleman.
  3. WIth Adams, Allison and MVS looking to be out, is Lazard now a must-play in cash (a la Malcom Brown last week)? If he's confirmed as a starting WR for the Packers, his ownership figures to be high but perhaps not as high as Brown's. Certainly creates a lot of cap room to upgrade at TE / Def, etc., ... only now I'm stuck picking between Fitz and Ridley as WR2.
  4. If your options are Ryan+Hooper vs Murray/Allen+Engram, there's a greater risk/reward for the Falcons stack but a lower volatility of the second option. Arizona/NYG is projected to be a fast paced game just like ATL/LAR. Engram figures to get more targets than Hooper. My vote would be for Engram/Murray. I've got Hooper currently but can't quite work out how to upgrade for Engram....
  5. Haven't seen much anywhere about the bargain and stack potential for either Coleman or Brieda + SF defense against Washington. Excellent run game, weak defense, road favorites. I tend to favor Coleman as he got RZ carries and is the 1a to Brieda's 1b, but both are in a great spot, cheap at 6.2k / 5.6k, and stack well with 49ers Defense. Current cash: Murray Cook, Fournette Cupp, Fitz, [A.Tate? Boyd? Ridley?] Waller / Hooper Coleman / Brieda SF
  6. I see Boyd everywhere, but Marlon Humphrey should shadow including in the slot. Bengals are a garbage pile. Marlon choked out the Browns and ODB. Confidence level in Boyd?
  7. Revised Cash: Watson - safer floor than Murray Ingram / Bell - somewhat scared off of Kamara's mysterious injury, although it's probably nothing Julio / Fitz / Boyd - now that Hollywood is possible out, Boyd seems a better floor anyways. Prefer him to Ridley and Fuller. Hooper Peterson - still concerned about this but hoping for 100+TD. Ravens
  8. Care to share your thoughts on the super-cheap RBs this week? - I like Edmonds the most, if DJ is ruled out before the game. Ideally before the 1 pm games... - AP could be a week-maker or destroyer. I'm a bit nervous given that the game is in Miami and the Dolphins are coming off the bye... they aren't good, but this week may be their best defensive performance of the year (?). - Brown has the toughest matchup against the 49ers. I love plugging in a backup RB that becomes the starter due to injury in the flex, but Brown's matchup is concerning. I probably wouldn't use him except in an emergency (e.g. passed on AP, wanted to use Edmonds but DJ is active). - Tend to favor the cheap RB on the other side of the ball more than Brown -- Coleman is 5k. He's not my first choice, but could be a decent 4pm switch if (i) I don't use AP, (ii) DJ and Gurley are both active. As a result, my thought process is like this: First, decide to use AP or not. If not, plug in Edmonds and hope DJ is inactive. If DJ plays, then it's decision time between Brown and Coleman.
  9. In addition to the QBs you listed, also like Kyler Murray against the atrocious ATL pass defense. On David Johnson, he's looking questionable and his backup Chase Edmonds is just $5200. Difficult to plug in though as that's a 4pm game. I like Ingram and actually have more confidence in him that Lamar, as that game could easily get out of hand (although they both were able to feast against Miami). Julio and Hopkins were also my main targets at WR, although i tend to favor julio due to the matchup being slightly more favorable. I'm still stuck on the chalk plays of Fitz and Hollywood, but they've been very mediocre for several weeks. Locked in on Hooper too, but the Andrews play is intriguing - unfortunately he has some kind of foot injury that will likely keep me away. For Defense I was looking at the Cowboys before Darnold was announced back for the Jets - but it's an easy pivot to Balt. Tentative placeholder for the main slate: Murray Kamara / Ingram Julio / Hollywood / Fitz Hooper Peterson or Chase Edmonds --> I don't love this as Washington is away, and Miami is coming off the bye. OTOH, Edmonds is at 4pm so may not have confirmation that DJ is out until after 1pm kickoffs. Ravens
  10. Any last minute thoughts on Fuller/Bears vs Hollywood/Pats? The matchup and stack are with Fuller, but Hollywood provides diversification. I had thought the Pats were a better option to Bears, but seeing that Oakland is down to 3 healthy WRs, it might be mostly equal now. Still though, Carr > Haskins, right?
  11. Putting finishing touches on my main cash lineup built around Zeke/Cook/DJ: Watson Zeke/Cook/DJ Jeffery Fitz Hollywood --> Fuller is an easy pivot, makes a risky but powerful stack with Watson. Eifert Pats --> Bears required to drop down if pivoting to Fuller. I kind of like the Watson/Fuller stack to blow up this week finally, but its certainly risky for cash. OTOH, Pitt doesn't have a top pass defense but their pass rush is better than the Falcons. For defense, the bears are a solid option but Oakland is more competent than Washington and I think the Pats are more likely to score on defense (while the bears might be more likely to get the most sacks).
  12. Fanduel cash: Lamar Zeke Cook Hollywood Fitz Smokey Agholor Kittle Cowboys/Pats A bit aggressive with the double stack but I want KC/Balt and Cowboys
  13. How much FAAB budget is TyWilliams worth? Thin at WR and planning 40%. I've got John Brown on the bills at 25% as a backup.
  14. Kind of an odd poll since the options are 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20 (with no options for more than 20%) so could easily be higher than 20%. I'm thinking Williams is a solid WR2 - somewhat tempered due to questions about the Raiders offense without AB, but given that the Raiders' defense is not formidable and they play the Chiefs twice he's very intriguing. I have been predisposed to Williams over John Brown on the Bills, but Brown had more air yards (and more targets) than Williams so there's a solid argument that Brown is the better option compared to Williams but Bills WR is typically an unpredictable wasteland. Crowder on the other hand was all targets, no depth and could be second option to Anderson. Williams and John Brown to me seem much better options than Marquise Brown (should be inconsistent rookie on a run-first team) and Ross (WR2 on his own team who just hit his ceiling).
  15. How much FAAB budget is Williams worth? (He was not drafted in my league prior to AB being cut and then was locked until after the game). I am thin at WR3 and am thinking about 50-60%. Most of the discussion for Waiver articles is about Marquise Brown and John Ross bc Williams is probably rostered in most leagues. Also available - John Brown and Crowder. Apologies not trying to turn this into Assistant Coach post but think it's worth discussion for waivers.