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  1. Amused to Death

    marijuana winning big at the polls. CO/MASS/wash pass

    Congratulations Canada. Hopefully NJ isn't far behind. Marijuana could be legal in New Jersey by late October During a Facebook live interview, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he is a step closer to making good on a big campaign promise he made. Murphy says legislative leaders may call for a vote to legalize marijuana as soon as Oct. 29. Murphy says there will be several pieces to the legalization bill, including expanding medical marijuana coverage and legalizing some recreational use. "Most importantly this is social justice. We have the largest white/non-white gap of persons incarcerated in America. Low end drug crimes are not the only reason, but it's a big driving part of the reason. We aren't inventing marijuana, it exists right now,” Murphy said. New Jersey Senate President, Steve Sweeney says he wants to add a 12 percent tax to recreational marijuana, but some fellow Democrats say they'd like to see something higher. Many New Jersey Republican lawmakers say they are strongly against legalization. <snip> If the marijuana bill passes on Oct. 29, Governor Murphy didn't say if he will sign it into law that day or soon after.
  2. Holy cow! This man's a (stable) genius!! We can solve the crisis of rising sea levels by dredging the oceans! And we can put all that extra sediment in the deep parts. Problem. Solved.
  3. Its almost like TS Sandy doesn't matter.....
  4. Amused to Death

    Board Software Upgrade

    👍 I'm always afraid my office finally decided to add FBGs website to the "banned site list".
  5. Amused to Death

    TRADE WAR: Dow drops all week, rebounds a little on Friday

    Probably gonna come back off the shelf in summer of 2020.
  6. Amused to Death

    The Trump Years

    Wasn't someone in another thread asking for examples of Trump hypocracy?
  7. Amused to Death

    We're all Americans first.

    Example? You're gonna need a bigger're not going to get an answer that doesn't include him giving a speech one time someplace after his presidency was over. Of course, this complaint will be nonexistent once Trump is out of office and continues his terrible word salads on twitter. Well apparently I'm not going to get an answer of any sort. I was trying to give @jiffy the opportunity to show he's not being a troll, but here we are.
  8. Amused to Death

    We're all Americans first.

  9. Amused to Death

    We're all Americans first.

  10. Some quick words about the Giants: I'm glad they took Barkley instead of a QB in a QB heavy draft. Being a division rival, the future QB would have been a bigger long-term upgrade. A very-early look at the '19 draft doesn't show much in the way of QBs. So, I'm predicting Foles to the Giants as a FA to re-unite with Shurmur as an interim until they can find the next QB. Manning has fallen off a cliff so I don't really see him being back next year.
  11. Amused to Death

    Eagles Backfield Now? - Jay Ajayi to IR

    Just heard Zach Berman (Eagles beat writer) on 97.5 - he feels it will be Clement getting the most snaps in a committee going forward. He would have had the majority last night if he hadn't missed the last 2 weeks. Also the post game crew were on the Clement band wagon, particularly Seth Joyner.
  12. Amused to Death

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    Wouldn't hold your breath on that. As an Eagles fan, I love his recent work. Him and OBJ are fun to watch.
  13. Amused to Death

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    Nice win Eagles! I hope Eli and Odell have many more seasons together.
  14. Amused to Death

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF