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  1. Stick to sports. And the flip side, keep the politics out of sports. I don't want to see the White House tweeting/commenting on what the leagues need to do or how athletes need to act. Just put a wall up between the two.
  2. "Grease 2 has a higher approval rating than you" Ancient Aliens Guy 49%, Trump 39%
  3. Just another dog whistle for "becoming not white enough".
  4. Totally agree. The under-30 voters are the ones saddled with 6-figure college debt. They have a very hard time buying a new car, saving/buying a house or start a family. And they're the ones furthest away from realizing any benefit from an increase in their 401K.
  5. This should work better in the correct thread.... Hammer him on his record. Our health insurance is worse now then when he took office with no plan to move forward No progress on infrastructure His foreign policies are an utter failure (southern border, North Korea, Iran) His trade wars have been a huge failure His record on the environment His destruction of democratic norms The coddling of dictators and enemies of the country while alienating our allies His lack of willingness to confront meaningful, bipartisan, immigration reform. And most of all, stop the damned in-fighting. There is only 1 opponent. If the Dems can't win running against that record, they don't deserve to win.
  6. I bet they didn't have to look up money laundering in a dictionary.
  7. I agree with this, I just have a hard time believing after this 2 year investigation they all just shrugged their shoulders. Again IMO, they've read it - they just deny it for the reasons you stated. Assuming they have read it, I can only think of one reason they would have to deny it.
  8. Orders that the info be unredacted Can someone unpack this for us laymen? I'd like to be clear this says what I think it does. Also, what are the odds the Government actually abides by this order and submits the unredacted status report? I mean, given their recent history on following court orders.
  9. I know the Republican Senators and Congressmen have mostly claimed they have not read the report, I very much doubt it. IMO, there's no way they didn't all rush to read it the minute it was available to them. The fact that they deny reading it indicates to me that they know its bad for Trump. They're relying on Barr to establish the narrative and handle the media. If you haven't read it, you can't answer questions. But I find it very hard to believe they haven't read it. I also don't believe Barr when he claims to have not reviewed the underlying evidence.
  10. I don't think this video shows anything other than Trump knew Epstein. And since this is now the he second time he's been photographed with him, it's hard to claim Trump hardly knew him.
  11. Why should only the rich and powerful be given this courtesy? I'm sure he extended that same courtesy to Hillary. And was very disappointed when Trump and his campaign didn't.
  12. Dude, couldn't you find a rugby game or an Australian football game? At least watch a Soul game.