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  1. Corruption in North Jersey politics?! The hell you say! Its certainly a problem though. Its also in one city, for a city council election.
  2. I would certainly hope at least Chauvin is charged with 1st degree and faces life in prison (or worse). He knelt there, with hands in pockets, and watched a man die. It wasn't a quick reaction or taken by surprise. He kept the pressure on until he felt the life run out of a man. Lock him away. Or fry him. I couldn't care less.
  3. I would characterize it as sometimes. The looting makes the news and grabs the headlines. I believe most of these white-cop-kills-unarmed-black-man do not trigger widespread looting. I believe the police stand down when it becomes too large to control; trying to avoid further loss of life and violence. I don't know when an incident of violence and looting occurred after a white person was murdered. I do know white people, throughout history, have not been persecuted nearly as much as black people nor to the extent. Not speaking for any group of people, just my opinion. And you could have ended your post at "nobody agrees with looting and violent protests".
  4. Oh I certainly understand that. But it was the president of the United States calling peaceful protesters sons of #####es. Just out of curiosity, has he called Chauvin a son of a ##### yet? It seems the message being sent by some is please don't protest where it will upset white people.
  5. A small group of people tried a very peaceful protest and Donald Trump called them sons of #####es.
  6. Not everyone who was protesting was looting. And no one is condoning the looting. But the sad fact is, this is going to continue to escalate as more proof comes to light of bad cops killing people such as this.
  7. People forget our medical advisors were dealing with an unknown. Nobody knows how many dead we would have if we only "strongly suggested" people stay home and wear masks. He repeatedly told us it was under control. We were told “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero”. Early on our president was telling us it would magically disappear in April and that people get better "by sitting around and even going to work" while other countries were doing large-scale testing and contact tracing. Trump was downplaying this from the start and telling people not to take it too seriously. Even now, he's encouraging people to ignore his own administration's advice. He needs the appearance of normal.
  8. Testing and contact tracing. Its what many countries did starting in February while our president was telling us it was nothing to worry about. Its what we still need to be focusing on now.
  9. Yes, which is why Trump was pushing states to open in direct defiance of his own re-opening guidelines. Also, its the reason he's drawing a line between people who wear a mask and those who don't. He needs the appearance of normalcy.
  10. Maybe the Black Panthers should stage an armed protest at the State House. That'd be fine with the right wing media, right?
  11. I wonder if Donald cared about the people giving their money to Trump University? Or when he was illegally using foundation money meant for cancer charities, who was he doing that for? Ya know, the same guy who ran a casino that was hit with the largest fine in history for laundering money. Who was he doing that for? Such a swell guy.
  12. What is this about? Michael Cohen's sentencing memo. It says he “acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1”.
  13. I believe Individual-1 may have an indictment waiting.