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  1. Im planning on doing the theater thing for $20 for the first time, pretty stoked. I havent even looked at the undercard yet, anything good?!
  2. What size pot do i need? I made this 5+ yrs ago and the pot almost wasnt large enough. Biggest pot i currently have is 8qts, i feel like thats smaller than the one i used previously but not sure. Maybe ill just need to cook the onion, garlic, meat etc in a deep skillet first then throw it in the crock pot to cook/simmer?
  3. In over Shepard & Mclaurin...this is a big game for HOU. i dont think hes just going out there as a decoy
  4. Wow I feel like an idiot, ive had AJ & Tyreek rotting on my bench all season, didnt think i could IR either of them but i guess all they need to be is OUT in this league. Just tried & worked. Thx Pinky!
  5. I was liking him as a bench hold/flex if im in a pinch but with injury & gordon back im dropping him for ingrams cuff (which i believe is gus edwards)
  6. KD was the difference id say too but 2 of them had it 116-111 which is crazy... first 2 rds are split, spence wins 11th with kd, he won 12th...but i thought porter won every rd 3-10, which is crazy but he controlled the ring.for dang near the whole fight
  7. Wow...porter is dominating almost i think after 4...spence going for low blows more than head shots
  8. Wheres all our regular interwebbers...starting to get worried on this link :nervous: