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  1. I guess idk how to reddit bc ive clicked like 20 links & have seen no boxing
  2. Definitely excited, i think itll be entertaining but id be almost shocked if Mikey pulls off the win. Im surprised the odds are as close as they are. I just think its too tough a fight for him to go up 2 weight classes. IMO he shouldve fought another high end/belt holder welter before going right to Spence ETA: and i think Mikey is really, really good
  3. I think his name was Rivera, which yeah, pretty much proves your point on sparring session hah. LSC dominated.
  4. Only caught the 2nd half of Figueroa-Molina but that was a decent fight
  5. Barrios vs Zamora was pretty good, stopped too early, couldve been really good. Barrios looks like 1 to keep an eye on. Hoping this Davis fight is good
  6. Nice KO by my Polish cousin, but my point was im not paying 5, 6, 10 bucks a month for these new channels and such
  7. I want to watch the Munguia fight but i refuse to support dazn or cool with thurman on fox